Gaming Progress: February

Hey, Gamers! Some big things happened this month, and I did not keep track so I am crossing my fingers hoping that I remember everything. This post will mainly focus on Pokemon because… my life has become nothing but Pokemon. But I did play other games too, so I’ll talk about them as well!

First off, Persona. I beat Floor 10 of Tartarus in Persona 3 FES, but the following days were filled with people being sick. As annoying as that mechanic is, I hope they bring it back in Persona 6 because I think it humanises the characters more. I think I’m just struggling because of the PS3 controls, but there’s not much we can do about that unless Atlus remakes the game (which I am doubting at this point). While everyone is sick or tired, I’ve been working on social stats and confidants.
As for my AI-run of Persona 5 Royal, I’m at a standstill. I’m at the awkward part of being in-between palaces. I am trying my best to stock up on items ready for the Okumura boss fight because I genuinely have no idea how I’m going to do that. Usually, I have a good idea about how it’s going to go but I just don’t with Okumura. I know I have Futaba’s palace to get through first, but just the idea of Okumura being there is putting me off.

Now for a quick Witcher book update: I’ve finished Lady of the Lake. That’s the last one of the main series. My mum got me Season of Storms for my birthday, so I’ve been reading that and I’ve decided I’m going to wait until I’ve finished that before playing The Witcher 3 again because I’m going to make a video for our YouTube channel where I tell cool stories about the books when they’re referenced in the games. I don’t think it’ll work as good as a stream so yeah, it’ll be the first video I make as a video so I’m excited! As for Lady of the Lake… it was meh. As expected, it was much more conclusive than the previous books but riddled with inconsistencies and characters acting out of character. It does show some good characterisation and progress, particularly of Ciri.

I think I did a post pretty recently about how Stardew Valley helped me through a really rough patch. I haven’t played it in months because I was constantly on it, but after writing that post, I felt the urge to go on it again. I felt my blood pressure rise almost as soon as it loaded in. Oh my gosh, my farm was so stressful. I had so many animals and plants and a greenhouse and oh my goodness it was so much. So I quit that game, started a new one and it just didn’t feel the same to me. I guess it’s because my life isn’t completely falling apart anymore, but I liked that I was able to go on the game and realise and appreciate that it just isn’t for me right now. I still have so much love for that game, it’s just so much more stressful than I ever realised.

I played Yakuza 3. I’m not having much trouble with it. I did a couple of bosses, a couple of really long cutscenes and now I’m going back to Okinawa. I really do like the Okinawa map, so I’m excited for that (and to see the kids again because they’re super cute).

“He’s clearly guilty… because his name… is Akechi”

Another game that I briefly played was one that I was looking forward to playing and have been for a while: Planet Coaster (console edition). My family and I used to go to theme parks every year when I was growing up (my mum booked a coach and a bunch of people would go and I have the best memories from those times), and when I was a kid, I remember playing games on my mum’s computer where I could build my own park. This game, however, seemed unplayable. I was going through the tutorial to make sure I understood everything, and I couldn’t do something that I was instructed. I went on the sandbox mode and I couldn’t do it there, either. The thing I couldn’t do was building a roller-coaster. You know, the entire point of the game? So the game got swiftly deleted and I am left feeling disappointed.

Animal Crossing time! Again, we’re just trying to get our island to be okay. We are shifting a row of houses back a bit to have a 4 tile wide path to put a bridge in between Ione’s and Kody’s houses. I’ve also made a little plaza area that I can put stuff down on. It’s actually a really cute area and I’m hoping it sticks to the final island. I’ve also decided to get rid of our little flower garden area and spread out our farm area to the two tiers. I haven’t started working on this yet because I want it to be organised and I would really like to have carrots and tomatoes before we start moving everything (I think it’s just the two things that we’re missing). More importantly, though, is that I got Croque’s photo! Finally! It felt so good when he gave it to me, and I think it was after I gave him something not worth very much too, so I was really surprised. I want to work on getting Ione’s photo but I don’t want to give her too much because I love her house as it is! I think I might just have to give her some clothes.

So, for this month, the special game (I try a new game each month for at least 5 hours to try to expand my world) was Jedi: Fallen Order! This was a game Josh got for me either last year or the year before. I was super sick when we got it so I couldn’t play it at the time… and I just never really picked it up again. Until now, that is! I was able to parry more in this game than I ever could in Dark Souls or Bloodborne (or other games you’re meant to parry in). That made me feel… powerful. However, despite the story being good enough to draw me in, the maps, menus and objective layout were just… confusing to me. I get that if I really, really tried, I would probably like this game. But as for right now, I am not in a position where I can put time and effort into understanding the complicated maps and menus. The droid was cute though.

We also got Cyberpunk 2077. I like it. It’s a bit weird for me because I am so used to playing ‘good guys’ rather than… well, mercenaries. I like the familiarity in the HUD and the menu navigation. I didn’t get too far; it’s another game I am streaming and we got it just before Elden Ring and that’s been a priority. With Uni finally coming to a close soon, I’m actually hoping to put it on hold until after I’m done with all my assignments and we sort out a place to live because then I can just spend some time enjoying the game, getting used to the mechanics and everything like that.

Josh played a ton of Yugioh Master Duel in February. Josh has always been super into Yugioh, so it wasn’t surprising at all when he started putting a lot of time and energy into this game. I was actually super excited for him. We used to duel a lot early on in our relationship, and life just gets in the way sometimes and he doesn’t really have anyone else to duel with, so it was nice seeing him being able to duel his way up to Gold Rank 5 (I think… I mean, I do get him to fact check these posts so if it’s in, it’s right) (Josh’s edit: They got it wrong, I got to Gold Rank 3, what a hack). I did start Master Duel on the Switch but Yugioh has just always been Josh’s thing and I can never think about how to build a deck that would be anything close to meta. I don’t think I even got round to making an actual deck, to be honest. Sadly, Yugioh has become one of those things that I always intend on participating in… but life gets in the way. It’s hard to just have one duel with Josh when it’s his favourite thing, so it’s always three or four and he’s usually the one who builds all the decks so I have no chance and it’s demoralising. Maybe when university is over, we’ll have more time to spend dueling. I’d like that a lot.

Okay, so, uh, Pokemon now?


Okay so before I get too hyped about Gen 9, I should probably explain why. Not only did I finish Pokemon Shining Pearl this month, but I also beat Cynthia first try and I caught Mewtwo in Let’s Go! These were huge accomplishments for me. I always thought ‘catching em all’ was something only die-hard fans did. Now I know it’s something I want to do. Even though saving the world from Team Badguy and defeating the Elite 4 and the campion are the goals of the game, I now think that loving your pokemon and creating a unique bond with them is. Especially when you’re hunting a specific pokemon for a specific role in your team. You have to work so hard for some pokemon that you can’t help but love them…

 I wrote in my bullet journal for January that my gaming highlight was ‘falling in love with Pokemon’ and that is exactly what happened. In February, not only did I continue to love Pokemon but I felt worthy of loving Pokemon. I got into gaming pretty late, and because of that, I tend to stay away from older series because I don’t think I deserve them. It’s different with Pokemon. It’s so different. Like, so a lot of you guys know I love Persona 5, right? But I don’t watch other people’s videos on it, or even watch other people stream it because to me and my autistic brain, they’re doing it wrong. It makes me feel… for lack of a better word, icky. And it’s been like that my whole life with most of my special interests. Oh, you read The Hunger Games? Cool but my theories and opinions are the only ones allowed to exist in my brain so don’t talk to me about the thing, even though I really really like it and would love to talk to you about it. That’s how my brain has always worked. Even at the start with Pokemon, I was so mad at myself for falling in love with it because it’s not meant to be my thing, it’s meant to be Josh’s. But wow our conversations are great and MandJTV is now my favourite YouTube channel and I have a theory that all Squirtles are dyslexic (which technically cannot be disproven) and if someone says they’re not then I’d probably just laugh. It’s taking up so much of my thoughts and my time and my energy… but I’m not bitter or hateful or… protective. I think Josh and I have spoken about this. Like, a lot of my special interests have been there to help me through a lot of trauma (because I’ve been through so much trauma that it seemed neverending), but Pokemon is just there and I am safe and… is this what it feels like to love something so much just because it’s great? Not because you need to, not because it’s who you have to become, not because you need to survive but because it’s so cool and awesome and this is what my childhood should have been full of? I’ve never had this before. I am cherishing every single second of it.

And that’s why I was so excited about Pokemon Presents. It was my first one since getting into Pokemon and feeling so contented with something I love so much. And for the first time, Josh and I get to experience it together. I can’t ask him for tricks or hints or where to go because he’s not going to know either. It’s going to be so different and new but at the same time, it’s going to be the same and safe and I know that I am going to absolutely adore every single second of it. I am 95% sure it’s going to come out like a week or two before my birthday, so I’m hoping that I can use any birthday money I get to get one copy and hopefully we’ll have enough to get Josh the other one. I want Violet, by the way. While purple is Josh’s favourite colour, I think he wants Scarlet because it sounds cooler. I already know I’m picking Quaxly and calling him Josuke.

So on that same day, I started a game that Josh finished this month: Pokemon Sword. It feels a bit weird because my gut is telling me to wait to be able to afford Shield but at the same time, I just want to play more Pokemon. I didn’t get very far because it’s on our big switch and I’ve been using our small one mostly, and our curtains are broken in our room which means there’s a glare on the TV but we need to use the TV because we need to use the big controller because of joycon drift. I actually plan on taking Sword with me when I go on a trip next week, so I’ll be playing it on the small switch (instead of pearl).
Josh did not catch a super cool Rattata in either Pokemon Sword or Legends Arceus, so if you’re as disappointed as I am, let me know in the comments. What he did do is complete Pokemon Sword, and he seemed to like it. I asked him if he liked it more than he liked X or Y because I know that is his least favourite, and he replied “I think I’d like passing a kidney stone more than X and Y” so take that for what you will. But then he said he did like it more than X and Y. He also liked it more than red and blue. He said it’s kinda in the middle. Like, it’s not the best but it’s not as bad as people feel it is. I think he’s just salty because he can’t get his best boi Gliscor.

So, from finishing 2 Pokemon games I can now update you on my favourite Pokemon. As usual, my favourites are in categories. So, my favourite starter is Squirtle, and I have an overall preference for water type starters. My favourite pokemon for symbolic reasons is Eevee because I highly value growth and becoming who you need/ want to be (also, I have DID sooo). My favourite pokemon overall, in terms of usability and you know, my actual likeliness to use it, is Luxray. I like its design and it’s currently the highest level pokemon in my party. In terms of design and like, what a pokemon is based on, I think it’s a tie between Arcanine and Girafarig. My favourite Eeveelution is Espeon, I like the friendship evolution method (controversial opinion, I know) and I think its typing is good.
On the back end of that, my least favourite pokemon is Steelix. I would leave it at that, but there’s more so I specifically hate Steelix’s with sturdy. Similarly, I dislike Onix’s with sturdy. Another pokemon I very much dislike is Lickitung and Lickilicky. I just don’t like tongues. I don’t like Buizel or Floatzel. I don’t know why, I just have a grudge against them and I can’t remember the reason if I’m being completely honest.

I’ve also tried my hand in the Pokemon TCG. I am enjoying it so far. I’m still very new and don’t understand everything, but I’ll get there eventually. It kinda sucks because I downloaded PTCGO and that’s getting shut down soon in favour of PTCGL, which makes me feel like there’s no point trying to start out on the original platform in the first place. Between that and the game always crashing, I think I’m just going to wait a bit longer until the new one comes out everywhere and maybe in the meantime, I’ll just watch some YouTube videos to explain it better.

Josh also finished Legends Arceus this month. I have barely played it because I was meant to be streaming it and it’s a lot for a dyslexic person to read out loud so we’ve decided it’s going to be a video series instead. Josh, however, thinks this game is the best thing to ever happen to Pokemon (or to him, I’m sure), and he loves it so much. He actually caught all of the Pokemon, which is an achievement he has never completed before. He got a shiny Bidoof (funny story- I was actually at uni when this happened and Josh was streaming it. I had the stream on in an extra tab to support him – on silent – and it happened just as my break happened, so I clicked on the tab and saw his reaction and it was super cute). He got a few more shiny pokemon since then. There’s more than this, but the ones he remembers are Ursaring, Stantler, Sliggoo and Vulpix (which he evolved to have a shiny Ninetales). I think the only thing he loves more than Legends Arceus right now is Elden Ring.

Speaking of Elden Ring… it came out. Josh and I preordered it because he loves the previous games by FromSoftware and he was so excited for Elden Ring that he literally went to bed early, woke up at 11:30 pm just so he was ready when it was available at midnight. This game has taken up most of his time since then. He hated the first boss (all his homies hate Margit). He did manage to beat it, though. He also beat Godrick. He’s been streaming Elden Ring, but he’s mainly been playing it off-stream so he could really take in how great the game was.
On a similar note, he played Sekiro in the lead up to Elden Ring. He beat the “punk-ass lil b*tch, Genichiro Ashina” (and he’s playing the game in Japanese purely because Genichiro is voiced by the same person who voiced Seto Kaiba). He’s doing a lot better in Sekiro than he did originally, a few months ago, so it’s nice to see his progress. All that progress has probably gone out of the window because of Elden Ring, though.

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! I hope you enjoyed this post, it took me a while to write because I keep forgetting to keep track of things and had to rely on my memory and Josh hasn’t said much to me about his gaming opinions this month. Are you excited for Gen 9 and all the future pokemon posts? I am so hyped (for both of those things). Make sure to check out 2nerds_1game on Twitch, where you can find Josh and me streaming pretty often; hit the like button if you liked this post; give this blog a follow for more gaming content like this. See you next post, Gamers!

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2 thoughts on “Gaming Progress: February

  1. Hope you’re having fun with Yakuza 3!

    Being the oldest gen when it comes to the Remastered versions, it seems to lack some polish, especially during combat.
    The story’s pacing is much slower than other Yakuza games, giving even small moments proper attention.

    But, I guess playing golf and singing karaoke cancels the flaws out 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! I am loving Yakuza 3! Honestly, I am one to get frustrated pretty easily so I expected to hate the combat but it’s honestly not that bad in my opinion. I am in the end game now, and I think this is my favourite in terms of how it’s ‘tying up loose ends’. I am loving the series as a whole, but this game in particular (probably because I thought I would dislike it so much!)


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