What is a ‘Bunny Day’ and where are my fossils?!

QUICK NOTE: This post was meant to go up yesterday evening but I needed pictures from the switch that I was only able to get today, so sorry guys.

Hey, Gamers! So I have mentioned before that I recently got Animal Crossing New Horizons (in January this year). Now, our island is 4 stars so you can probably tell that we spend a decent amount of time with Tom Nook but it’s no where near the majority of people who got the game way back when it came out in March last year. They all got to experience the first ever ‘Bunny Day’, which took place (I think) less than a month after the game came out. I’ve heard many things about Bunny Day and Zipper… most of it negative. But I was excited to experience it for myself…

This year, Bunny Day was shorter. I think last year it was two weeks long, but this year it’s just been one week. The first day was… awful. All three of us have autism and at least two of us hate change. We had a vendetta against Bunny Day and we wanted our fossils back.

For those who don’t know, the time around Bunny Day is for collecting eggs. There are six kinds: sky, water, earth, wood, stone and leaf. You get these eggs by going fishing, hitting rocks, chopping wood, digging up the stars and all the things you would normally do on the island. The initial problem that we had was that we take it in turns to dig up the fossils… but we all wanted eggs. It was frustrating digging up eggs when you wanted fossils and digging up fossils when you wanted eggs.

We just wanted things to go back to normal…

And then today – Bunny Day – happened and things completely flipped. Suddenly we loved it. We got all the eggs, even went looking for more eggs on Nook Miles Ticket Islands, did so much DIY. We were living for it. We went from getting annoyed that it was an egg instead of a fossil to getting disappointed that it was a fossil instead of an egg.

During the leadup to Bunny Day, Zipper informed us that we had to collect a bunch of Bunny Day themed DIY recipes that he had hidden around the island. The main ways (and only ways I can think of) of finding these recipes were bottles that were scattered on the beach that were different to the usual bottle that you find everyday because they were wrapped in a rainbow strip; the other way was shooting colourful balloons with a slingshot.

For Bunny Day, we have to find and create of the Bunny Day DIY recipes… and as tedious as it sounds… it was fun. It was actually really fun.

Overall, I think I enjoyed it. I don’t like that I’ll look forward to it next year… but it was pretty cool. Definitely an experience. I think because of how fun the festival was… it was just too similar too soon. But then again, Bunny Day is for Easter and I know that you can’t just change Easter.

But anyway, Gamers, that is it for this post. Have you experienced Bunny Day? How was it for you? Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments; check out my Instagram; if you are looking for a stream channel to follow, Josh and I stream almost every day @2nerds_1game on Twitch. See you next time!

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