In defense of Jaehee’s route- Mystic Messenger

Hey, Gamers! I think you guys liked my last Mystic Messenger post (and with the recent release of Ray’s after ending) so I thought I would go ahead and start talking more in detail about the characters and their routes and what’s special about each of them. Since I assume a lot of my followers haven’t played this game, I thought I would start with a common route character before jumping in the deep end with all the issues I had with Another Story and Ray’s route. The character we are going to be discussing today is Jaehee Kang. I thought I’d start with Jaehee because I know a lot of people have a not so good opinion of her route. From what I understand, it’s because you cannot romance her like you can with the other (male) characters. This blog post is going to explain why that isn’t a bad thing (apart from the obvious homophobic connotations of having a romance gaming but not being able to romance the only female character that has a route), and how Jaehee’s route is actually pretty damn good. We all know this blog is here to spread some positivity and break down the stigma that surrounds gaming, so I thought this was the perfect place to start with Mystic Messenger.

The main point of Jaehee’s route is that what she really needs is a friend, and I feel like a lot of people miss that point. There is justification for each of the boys to have a relationship- Zen and Yoosung are both practically desperate, and Seven and Jumin both do better with MC than without (let’s not talk about Another Story in this post. I want to keep this positive). Jaehee, however, stated time and time again that she did not want a relationship, and that she did not have time for a relationship. To dig into this a little deeper, let’s take a little detour and look at Jaehee and her background.

Jaehee Kang is a 25-year-old who works as Chief Assistant to Jumin Han, heir to C&R (a very large company in the Mystic Messenger universe, one that owns several other companies). Jaehee grew up, from what we can tell, without much of a father figure. Her mother also died when she was around 15 (9th grade in Korea), her mother passed away after getting into a car accident. She then moved in with family, her uncle and aunt. Her aunt thought that she was a burden on the family, but her uncle felt like he had to take care of Jaehee for his sister’s sake. From flashbacks in Jaehee’s route, we see that her aunt had strong objections to anything she did, such as living with them and going to college instead of getting a job. This is important as this likely made Jaehee feel like a burden. This feeling is one she will likely hold for the rest of her life. Nonetheless, Jaehee gets a scholarship to go to university. She actually got into a top university and graduated a whole year early. From there, she was immediately employed by Jumin Han, who was looking for an assistant after being let down by his last one. He picked Jaehee after his best friend, V, made the suggestion after looking at her CV.

Jaehee has worked hard her whole life so that she did not have to burden anyone. Something you see in pretty much every single route is Jaehee working late. She doesn’t have time to look after herself, because she has to work so that she is not a burden on the company like she was made to feel like a burden to her family. She makes herself sick just to not feel like a burden.

I believe that the fear of being a burden is what stops Jaehee from getting into a stable relationship. It’s the reason I feel like she would not be in a position to be in a relationship with MC. In relationships, you need to be able to rely on the other person without constantly feeling like a burden. I don’t think Jaehee has the ability to do that. Even in the after ending, and probably after, when Jaehee and MC have a café together… I think Jaehee would already feel like she was burdening MC by asking her to give up her life to start a café with her. Even after working on herself, I really don’t think it would be enough. I think she will always have this issue, of feeling like she is a burden.

Now that I’ve covered why Jaehee cannot be in a successful romantic relationship, let’s look at what she actually needs to help her, and how that can be successful: friendship.

See, sometimes people just need a friend. Jaehee is so busy, regardless of the route, she needs someone to check up on her from time to time without the feeling of her being a burden. MC can do that regardless of the route, but in Jaehee’s route… they clearly have a special kind of friendship. In Jaehee’s route, she won’t have to worry about whether she is taking MC away from another character, or if she’s taking her away from something else. MC makes it clear how much she cares for Jaehee and Jaehee’s happiness in her route, which is different from the other routes because she’s much more on the guidelines as she is focused on the other characters.

The right kind of friendship could help Jaehee not only overcome the feeling of being a burden that was inflicted on her by her aunt but also – I believe – could help her overcome the trauma that came with the death of her mother. A good friend could encourage her to go to therapy without making it a requirement of their friendship. A good friend could be a shoulder to cry on when Jaehee feels comfortable enough to, but there’s the option to leave if she feels like it is too much. A good friend knows how to install boundaries for both parties, and that is the one thing that will help Jaehee in the long run, more than anything.

Jaehee’s route is easily the best because it is the most different. There’s no rushed romance, no worrying if you’re going to say the wrong thing and they end up killing you and themselves (yeah, I’m looking at you, Yoosung). It is just… chill. It’s lovely.

So, my dear readers, I urge you to give Jaehee’s route another chance while keeping all of this in mind. It’s different because you can’t date her, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad because you can’t date her (other than the blatant homophobia previously mentioned). I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments, and don’t forget to like for me to do a little happy dance, and follow for more content like this!

Real quick personal note: this week, my blog has hit 100 likes and 50 followers! This is a huge accomplishment, and I want to thank each and every one of you. I was unmotivated and scared before coming back off my break, but you guys have blown me away with the love and support I’ve received. I hope to keep posting cool stuff that you guys like and/or find helpful. Thanks, Gamers 🙂

Gaming quote of the Week #5

“The darkness may destroy my body, but it can’t touch my heart. My heart will stay with my friends. It’ll never die!”- Sora, Kingdom Hearts (2002)

There’s no funny quote this time, no jokes or a funny story to tell. The heartless in Kingdom Hearts equate, for me at least, to depression. The darkness that comes with it, sweeping your brain and making you feel not enough. I thought this was a nice quote in case you guys needed reminding that mental illness can’t touch your heart (no matter how much you may think it can and is). Remember that you have friends and family that love you, that you have people who are worth fighting for. Please seek help if you’re able to, reach out and talk to friends.

I hope you’re all okay, or at least as okay as you can be.

My Top 10 Favourite Confidant Arcs in Persona 5 Royal

Now, I have done posts on the best confidants, and I have done posts on my favourite personas… so I decided to let you guys know my favourite confidant arcs in Persona 5 Royal. It is different from the original game, so please be aware of that if you haven’t managed to play Royal yet. Also, there will be spoilers for all of these confidants, so if you don’t want to know about a particular one, just skip over!

10) Ann
This is one that was not going to include on the list. I don’t like Ann’s confidant arc as much as I probably would like to. However, I do like the passion in her heart that – while it is sometimes seen in the story – is mainly seen throughout her confidant. Ann’s confidant arc shows her jumping from one thing to the next while trying to better herself. It is a typical teenage thing to do. She just wants to be a better version of herself, as do most teenagers, and is struggling with how to express that or make that happen. I do enjoy this particular aspect of her confidant as it is probably one of the most relatable. I don’t like how she doesn’t seem to change much, a lot of it is centred around someone else (Shiho) who doesn’t appear a lot and she’s a model, which is something that relies on her looks. I think at the beginning of the game, it was made clear that all people saw in Ann was her looks and I think that they really did her a disservice by enforcing that in her part-time job.

9) Makoto
Makoto is probably my favourite original Phantom Thief. I love her, I love her persona and I love her perceptive. If only her arc was about her development more than saving her friend. Of course, this is purely my interpretation and thoughts on the arc and if you think differently, please leave a comment! I feel like the arc started off pretty strong, and I liked how Makoto quickly made a friend. The way she made a friend was believable and I could envision it happening in real life. However, she seemed to put her own personal development on hold just so she could ‘save’ her friend. Yes, her friend needed saving. There is no denying that she was in danger. However, the main thing I am not happy within the arc is how much time is taken up by Eiko’s issues. I feel like that time could have possibly been better spent exploring Makoto’s self-worth or even her relationship with her sister. Makoto was someone who wanted to please others and was willing to do anything to do so. When she became a Phantom Thief, that changed. I feel like that they had great potential to show what lack of praise can do for someone like that emotionally; she would have needed a friend and Joker was there. Although we did see Makoto quite vulnerable in parts of her arc, I don’t think it was as much a part of her character development but more about establishing her character.

8) Ohya
Keep in mind that I’m rating this on the arc, not the abilities. I actually adore Ohya’s arc. I love how she comes across as a selfish drunk when really she is someone who cares more about her friend than herself and is desperate to find her. So desperate, in fact, that she turns to alcohol to ease the pain. I am by no means saying that Ohya is a good person. Using Joker, pretending that she was in a relationship to try and get her boss off her back, that’s not something that a good person does. What I am saying is that her story was written amazingly. They clearly put a lot of thought and effort into a character that… I mean, they must have known how awful her abilities are! Not a lot of people get to rank 10 with Ohya, she’s probably one of the most ‘left out’ confidants. Yet she has this amazing story.

7) Akechi
So, this is based on Royal for obvious reasons (Morgana would be on this list if I was including automatic confidants). Let me preface this by saying that before going into Royal, I hated Akechi. I have this thing where I get way too invested into fictional stories, more so than my own life, and I feel a real, emotional connection to characters. I felt this with Akechi in the original Persona 5 game… but the emotion was rage. I genuinely have never hated a character more in my entire life (and that’s saying something because I read Mockingjay and literally could not stand Coin). Playing Royal (which would be my third time playing the story), I really wanted to at least try to give him another chance since at this point I had a fan account and everyone loved Akechi. By the second confidant rank, I was obsessed. I loved him too. It really made the whole betrayal thing that much harder to deal with. I have always said that the writing behind Akechi as a villain is phenomenal. I have never once had an issue with the writing. As a writer myself, I commended the writers purely for Akechi. I have spoken about Akechi’s writing in writer support groups, I have even thought about it while writing my own book. So, you could probably imagine my surprise when the writing for Akechi was so much better in Royal. I was taken on such an emotional roller coaster. Even though I roughly knew what was going to happen, I was still blown away. So why, I assume you’re asking, is Akechi’s arc so far up this list? Well, my lovely reader, that is because it wasn’t… satisfying. I felt like there needed to be more. It was probably the intention of the writers; they were probably trying to keep the suspense. In a game about social justice, can there be a satisfying answer in the world we live in? No. Not really. And I really think that this hit hard for me with Akechi’s arc. I do think, however, that things could have been done differently to make the arc a little more satisfying to the player. This is probably something that only I have an issue with, to be honest, and I am fine with that. At the end of the day, I don’t tend to play games for the gameplay. I typically just play for the story. Akechi’s arc was one hell of a story that obviously tied in well with the main narrative, more so than any others, but especially in the third semester… I felt like there was something off, I guess. 

6) Haru Okumura
Okay so, Haru’s confidant abilities are amazing and sincerely underappreciated because she comes in so late in the game. I think we, as a fanbase, was hoping that this issue would be solved in Royal, but it is not. In my playthrough, Haru was the only Phantom Thief I did not get to Rank 10 before Christmas. I have previously got her to Rank 10 in the original Persona 5, but her abilities are notably better in Royal, which excites me and makes me want to get her to Rank 10 in my next playthrough. However, we’re not talking about abilities in this post. Haru’s confidant arc was well written, in my opinion. However, it is still lacking. There could have been so much more surrounding her fiancé, to the point where I felt like there should be. Like, I was expecting it. I was expecting to have to change the heart of Sugimura. I wanted to, even. I think it was just… obvious. It would make sense for us to have to change his heart. At the end of the day, even if (when) Haru would not have to follow through on the marriage, he would just move on to someone else. Changing his heart would stop that and, by extension, save other potential victims. Even putting that aside, Haru’s confidant – while rushed – makes sense, almost. This girl just lost her father but has to deal primarily with business matters, when it is pretty obvious that she does not care about the business. At the end of the day, the business had caused Haru a lot of pain in her life and therefore, her reaction to this situation almost makes sense. Her want to hold on to it because it is essentially part of her father, whom she loved dearly, despite everything that he put her through, is shown through her confidant several times. She wants to do what is best for the company because that is what her father would want to do. It’s not, however, what he would want her to do and that is shown heavily through Haru’s lack of business knowledge. Haru’s father clearly intended to marry her to someone who was more knowledgeable about business, because otherwise, he would have either educated her himself or put her in some kind of business class. But he never intended for her to run the business, and that is how they added to his character after his death. He never wanted his daughter, his only child, to run his business. He only saw her as someone to marry off to someone who knew how to run a business successfully or to help advance his career in some other way.

5) Maruki
I loved the first half of Maruki’s confidant. I really enjoyed it overall. I do, however, believe that there was a point where it just started… lacking. Okay, let’s be honest here, doing this list is hard for me because I love this game so much and it’s hard to point out any flaws, especially with the new characters. I do appreciate the effort that they went through to set up the third semester. Like, I think that would have taken a lot of hard work and creativity. However, I think it was just after Hawaii that I went from loving Maruki (he was literally my favourite) to just thinking he was… meh. And that was disappointing for me. It’s even more disappointing because I cannot exactly pinpoint why it happened. There was not anything apparently wrong. It just felt different. I did enjoy Rank 10. I also liked how it fit in with the third semester. As far as I remember, being pretty active on Instagram due to my Persona 5 fan page, everyone knew Maruki was important to get up to 10 before Sae’s deadline day. It’s just a lot of us didn’t know why. I think finishing a non-phantom thieves confidant as early as Sae’s palace felt a little weird, but having the knowledge that it was important to unlock the third semester made it all worth it.

4) Takemi
I have actually got Takemi to rank 10 in every playthrough. She was one of my first Rank 10s, and she usually still is. The main reason for this is because… Alice is one of my favourite personas and the earlier I can get her the better. Apart from that, I enjoy Takemi’s story. Her later abilities aren’t as good as the ones in the middle in my opinion, but her story is worth following through on. In a similar, much less unpopular, situation to Ohya, Takemi’s story far outweighs her abilities. That being said, she is one of the most useful confidants to have up to Rank 10. I know my confidant analysis post was long and not about Royal, but Takemi came out on top. But even if she didn’t, I’d still do her story, like I still do Ohya’s. Takemi was basically ostracised from the medical community for a mistake that she didn’t even make. She knows this, yet she seems to embrace her bad reputation. Near the start of her confidant, she turns down an ambulance by citing her reputation. Instead, she works on her medicine. The exact medicine that got her ostracised in the first place. Despite Takemi’s seemingly harsh and uncaring attitude, this shows that she cares about her old patient and she cares about her work. And that’s only in the first few ranks. As time progresses, you see Takemi – with Joker’s help – being more open about treating patients. She even becomes the town doctor. It’s almost like Joker helped her through an emotional hurdle, making her realise that treating people isn’t bad, and that she won’t mess up. Or at least, that’s my interpretation of it. You see, I think there was much more going on with Takemi at the start. I think she was afraid of treating patients until she corrected ‘her’ mistake. Whether that be because patients didn’t want to be seen by her or just because she was afraid of making things worse. In my interpretation of the arc, Takemi was scared, and Joker slowly helped her realise her great abilities of treating and helping other people.

3) Yusuke
Yusuke’s confidant, like the other original characters, didn’t change. However, the third semester has given me a lot to think about. Yusuke, like the others, falls for Maruki’s illusion. His was Madarame being out of jail and having the Sayuri in a museum or art gallery under Yusuke’s mother’s name. This shows that despite all of his confidant arc and him having to tell himself over and over again that Madarme is bad and not the person he thought he was, him being that person is what Yusuke wants more than anything. This was a great addition to Yusuke’s confidant arc because his original confidant shows him finally accepting Madarame was a bad person all along. This shows that there’s still a little doubt in his mind, a part of him that still can’t accept who Madarame was and what he did. Once Yusuke snaps out of it, the Sayuri shows up at Leblanc again. That’s a nice touch. But in all seriousness, Yusuke’s confidant is one that people tend to laugh at when I think they really shouldn’t. I get that Yusuke is a humorous character, but he’s also very hurt and very much struggling during his confidant. His art is the only thing he has ever known, and the person who introduced him to that turned out to be an abuser. His abuser. Yusuke is in pain. He is suffering. And he does what a lot of abuse victims do a lot, which is throwing yourself into something you’re passionate about. Yusuke’s confidant is one of my favourites because it deals with the trauma that comes after the abuse in a way that none of the other confidants really do.

2) Futaba
Futaba… I remember disliking her because she was a bit too much like me. A traumatic background, thinking you’re going to die in your room, blaming yourself for the traumatic event. It ticks all the boxes. But in terms of her confidant… It is very real. It shows the baby steps that you have to take, the want to help others that you go through. Royal was the first time I completed Futaba’s confidant. I always got to like 8 or 9 but then ran out of time. But I prioritised her over Haru this time, and I tried to do her alongside Sojiro (another confidant story I love but didn’t make it on the list). Her confidant arc may not seem like much to people who haven’t gone through anything traumatic, or who don’t suffer from mental illness, but at least to me it was a pretty accurate portrayal of a young girl trying to recover. Sometimes, you just need a friend and Futaba was lucky enough to have Joker. Atlus did a really great job with this confidant arc, and with Futaba in general, so I really applaud them on that. It is much appreciated.

1) Kasumi
Now… you really do not want to read this if you don’t want to know probably the biggest twist in Royal.
Still here? Good.
Sumire’s confidant arc is beautiful. I’ve brought my mental health and traumatic past up so much in this post but I think it’s important for you to know why I relate to certain characters. Sumire’s confidant arc is just one of those. I’ve mentioned before that I have DID (if you want to ask questions, I’ll try my best to answer them! Just drop a comment or message me on Instagram), so I heavily related to going through a traumatic event and not being ‘you’ anymore. But it’s Sumire’s passion and determination to get better that makes this confidant so amazing. The first half was fun. Hanging out with (essentially) Kasumi was great and looking bad, it’s interesting to see the comparison. But Sumire pushing to be herself at the end- that’s the cherry on the cake. That’s what makes this confidant so beautiful.
The whole third semester was about your past and pain making you a better person. Sumire really focuses on that, which makes it so great. I really do not have the words to explain how amazing this confidant fits in with the third semester and how it really ticks all the boxes of an amazing confidant arc. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending. She finally had her place to belong with the Phantom Thieves but she wasn’t with them when their leader goes away and that upset me but the overall arc was great so it’s fine!

Well, there you go! The list is different from my original Persona 5 list, but I hope you enjoyed! Happy Gaming 😊

The Man Who Killed His Own Son- Assassin’s Creed Origins

WARNING: Spoilers for the prologue of Assassin’s Creed Origins.

So, my birthday was late November, and my partner got me Assassin’s Creed Origins! I’m a huge history nerd, but I mainly lean on the side of modern European history, so Ancient Egypt is a huge difference from what I am used to. However, Ancient Egypt is actually one of the only civilizations and time periods other than modern history that I’m interested in. Watching the Yu-Gi-Oh anime would do that to you, I guess.

Now, we all know that I am very picky when it comes to games. I prefer straight forward games, preferably turn-based combat. Whatever the gameplay, it needs to be story-driven. I hadn’t heard great things about Assassin’s Creed. I was interested, because of history, but I had heard so many bad things as of late, I would much rather stick to my normal games. But I decided to try it and I was excited. I had played a little bit of Assassin’s Creed 2, and I what I had played of that.

The main character – Bayek – is a medjay. I did not quite understand the whole thing but after talking to my partner, he told me that Bayek was basically the first Assassin and that’s how it fits into the whole thing. Anyone who knows me knows that I get emotionally attached to characters scarily quick, so I loved him straight away. I got to Siwa, his hometown, and did a few quests. I tried my best to be sneaky, and I think I did a good job. I’m finding it much easier to be sneaky in this game than any other game I’ve played.

Regardless of the gameplay and everything else, there’s something in the game that shocked me. I’ve played a few games, and I’ve watched my partner play a bunch too, but there’s never been a moment that has shocked me like this one. I have a bad habit in open-world games of not… exploring as one should. I know that I should, but if it’s not part of a quest… I struggle to find the point of it. But after this scene… it felt wrong to start a new quest. I just ended up wandering around the map, going to the little question mark parts.

The scene I’m talking about occurs after Bayek kills Medunamun (the quest is level 5, I think), the player gets transported in time. Now, I assumed that Bayek’s son was dead as I had previously come across the quest ‘Bayek’s Promise’, which suggests that his son was dead. The gameplay part after the assassination of Medunamun basically shows how close Bayek was with his son. There are some cute moments, and you can tell that they love and care for each other deeply.

When Bayek gets knocked out and taken somewhere unfamiliar, it is a bigger shock to find his son there (Bayek had told him to go home to his mother). When the Pharaoh arrives, the people who brought him to the place leave, probably to tend to the Pharaoh. Bayek’s son manages to steal a knife from one of them so that Bayek is able to cut himself free from his restraints. However, it’s too late. By the time he’s free, he’s in a fight.

He goes to stab one of the men… who grabs Bayek’s hand… and rams it into his son’s chest.

Bayek killed his own son.

This moment was so impactful. It was a mix of shock, heartbreak… mainly shock. Bayek loved his son so much, and he ended up killing him while trying to protect him. At that moment, I was not okay. I needed a while to process what just happened. Bayek was such a good father. He pushed his son to be the best version of himself, while still being there to hold his hand and direct him when it was needed. And suddenly he was gone, at Bayek’s hand.

I knew I needed to write a post on this because it was so… impactful. I’ve never had a moment in gaming that I just had to stop for a moment. I’ve cried before, sure, but this was different. I struggle to find the words to express the shock that I felt, the… betrayal that I had felt.

I am not the best at linking two and two together. I think the only time I’ve ever managed to do it is in Persona 5 when I realized that Akechi heard Morgana talk and he shouldn’t have because only people who had been to the Metaverse can do that. I thought that Bayek was going around and killing these people because they killed his son. But no. It’s so much deeper than that. He’s doing it, not out of revenge, but out of guilt. The first murder we see where the knife is in the mask and Bayek slams it on the guy’s face is so much more impactful now that I know that these people forced Bayek to kill his own son.

I haven’t played much of this game yet, but it’s so… I wish I was able to think of a word other than ‘impactful’. It shocked me so much that I actually had a dream about it. I know Assassin’s Creed doesn’t have the best reputation lately, and the gameplay is nowhere near perfect, but this- this story, this moment- it was special.

I think everything just happens so quickly. For all I know, my brain just overthought this whole thing and I now look like an idiot for posting this on my blog. Personally though, as someone who has written quite a lot of fiction since I was 11, this moment was more than the shock and the horror. It was beautifully crafted. Bayek didn’t need more of a reason to want these guys dead other than them being the reason that his son was dead. But he still has it. He wants them dead because they are the reason that he took the life of his son. He is the reason that he and his wife have no son anymore. He’s guilty and angry, and he needs to do this not for his son, but for himself. Because he needs to redeem himself in his eyes, and the only way of doing that is by killing all that was present.

And that’s all for today, Gamers! I thought you might like to know that I have played yet another game, and it was impactful (so maybe I should play more games? But Persona 5 is so good…). Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to like for me to do a little happy dance, and follow for more Gaming content! Follow my Instagram to see any changes in my schedule or to see what I’ve posted when. I will see you next time 😊  

Gaming Quote Of The Week #4

“Stop right there, criminal scum!”- Town Guard, The Elder Scrolls iv: Oblivion

Sooooo, uh, I don’t know how to put this but this quote has made me laugh so much today. My partner came up with it randomly and it’s all we’ve been saying to each other for the whole day. I’ve not played Oblivion but I have now watched many, many videos on the town guards… now, I’m going to be an adventurer before I take an arrow to the knee.

Persona 5 for Dummies

So, obviously Persona 5 is my favourite game (we’re including Royal for the purposes of simplicity), so it goes without saying that I talk about it a lot. It has recently come to my attention that when I’m talking about Persona 5 and the metaverse and confidants… most people don’t know what I’m on about. I’m mainly doing this for friends/ family members who just want to understand what their gamer peeps are talking about but get overwhelmed when they try to look it up online. Also, with the reveal of P5S being mere days away at this point, I thought it might be useful to post this sooner rather than later. So, without further ado- here we go!

The difference between Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal: So the main difference between the two games is that Royal adds another semester, another palace, and two new characters. There is also another confidant to go through, in addition to the two new characters, which was a confidant that was automatic in the original game. Each person feels differently about the games, some feel like the additional content in Royal could have been added as a DLC (downloadable content, like an add on). However, I feel like Royal added so much that it justifies being its own game.

Who is ‘Joker’: Joker is the protagonist of the game. His actual name is up to the player, which is why he tends to be referred to as Joker or Protagonist. His name in the manga is Akira Kurusu and his name in the anime is Ren Amamiya. He’s the person that the character controls for the whole game and the person who’s story the player gets to see/ understand most of.

What is a ‘palace’: A palace when talking about Persona 5 is completely different to what you’re probably thinking. It is a manifestation of a person’s corrupted desires. What that means in practicality is the person believes that the place is something else, usually because that gives them additional power. In the game, I think the best example of this is the first palace. Kamoshida is a teacher who essentially thinks he is the king of a castle. The castle he believes he is the king of is, in reality, the school that most of the main characters go to. Because he believes this so deeply, the school becomes a castle in the metaverse. 

What is the metaverse: The metaverse is pretty complicated and probably the thing that makes the least amount of sense. It’s almost like an alternative reality in which people’s desires (or what they think of reality) are true. Kamoshida has his castle, Madarame has his museum etc.

What is a Persona: A persona is a manifestation of an aspect of a persona user’s personality. The aspect of the personality changes from game to game but in Persona 5, it is their rebellious spirit.

What is the navigation app: The navigation app is an app in Persona 5 that the Phantom Thieves use to traverse to the Metaverse.

Who is Igor: Ah, yet another one that is treading the line of spoiler territory. Igor has been in (as far as I can tell) every Persona game. He has a very important role as the keeper of the velvet room. The velvet room is a space between dream and reality. Igor is the Fool confidant, and he helps the Protagonist on his journey as he lets the Protagonist fuse Personas. Igor is often cryptic while talking to the Protagonist about his actions, usually foreshadowing future events of the game.  

What is Mementos: The best way I can explain this is the way it is explained in the game: Mementos is everyone’s palace. It is the palace of the general public, who’s distorted desires are not yet strong enough to form their own palace. The Phantom Thieves often go to Mementos to complete requests from the Phansite, submitted by the public.

What is a party: A party is the group in which you fight. You have (what I call) active members, which is Joker and the three other members who fight, and then you have backup party members who don’t fight (but they can fight. You can switch them out).

What is a confidant: a confidant (or a social link, if you’ve played the older games) is a relationship with a specific person that has several benefits. Persona 5 is a game where time is so important, and spending time with confidants is one of the most useful ways to advance time. When spending time with the confidant, you get to see a story that relates to that character, as well as gaining extra experience for Personas from that confidant’s arcana (based off of the tarot cards).

What is a confidant ability: Each confidant will give you new abilities when you spend time with them and the confidant ‘ranks up’. Each confidant ability is pretty unique to the confidant but they’re usually themed. The members of the Phantom Thieves are also confidants, and they have similar abilities that help in battle.

Here is the link to the first confidant analysis post that I did (there are three):

The party members-

Joker: Like I said before, Joker is the protagonist. He can use multiple Personas as he is the ‘wild card’. He’s the leader of the Phantom Thieves.

Morgana: Morgana’s code name is ‘Mona’. Morgana is… a cat. A talking cat. He crushes on Ann (to the point where it’s most of his personality), and he lives with Joker. His Persona is Zorro, and the attribute that Zorro uses is wind. Morgana is also often used as a healer, especially in the early stages of the game.

Ryuji: Ryuji’s code name is ‘Skull’. Ryuji is one of the first characters you meet and he is with you the first time you enter a palace. He is the third Persona user in the game (the first being Joker and the second being Morgana). Around school, it soon becomes evident that Ryuji has a bad reputation due to being violent with a teacher, and having his leg broken in that altercation. Ryuji used to be on the track team before this incident and loves running (he just hasn’t been able to because of the whole broken leg thing). He has a hatred for adults who use their power to abuse kids. Ryuji’s persona is Captain Kidd, who is based off of William Kidd. His persona uses electric and physical moves.

Ann: Ann’s code name is ‘Panther’. Ann is, like Ryuji, one of the first characters you meet in Persona 5. She is rumoured to have ‘something going on’ with one of the teachers, which ruins her reputation. Ann looks different from other girls, and has always stood out from the crowd. Ann and Ryuji knew each other in middle school, where Ann met Shiho, who is her best friend. Ann joins the team after something bad happens to Shiho, committing herself so that no one else has to suffer. Her persona is called Carmen, and Carmen uses fire.

Yusuke: Yusuke’s code name is ‘Fox’. Yusuke is an artist. When you first come across him, he appears to be stalking Ann. However, he was following her as she inspired him and he wanted her to model for his next painting. After a lot of back and forth, it is uncovered that Yusuke’s mentor had abused him and other students. Yusuke awakens to his persona, Goemon, and finally sticks up for himself and – more importantly to him – his artwork. Goemon uses ice and physical moves.

Makoto: Makoto’s code name is ‘Queen’. Makoto is the student council president at the protagonist’s school, and she was tasked by the principal to investigate the Phantom Thieves after their first incident. She gets involved with the Phantom Thieves when members of the school start getting involved with (what seems to be) the Mafia. Her persona is called Johanna, and it is a motorcycle. Johanna uses nuclear moves, and Makoto can also be used as a healer.

Futaba: Futaba’s code name is ‘Oracle’. Futaba’s a different case, as the fourth palace is her own. After the death of her mother, she was taken in by several different relatives who abused her. She ended up in the care of Sojiro Sakura, her mother’s old friend. However, she quickly became a shut in. Futaba suffered a lot of trauma after the death of her mother, and couldn’t cope with the outside world. She awoke to her persona, Necronomicon, in her own palace. Futaba is also different from the rest of her party as she cannot fight in battle. She supports the party by providing extra health and stamina in times of need. She can also swap players out.

Haru: Haru’s code name is ‘Noir’. She is the daughter of a very successful businessman whose greed has clouded his moral compass. She is introduced through Morgana, and becomes part of the Phantom Thieves in an attempt to change her father. Her persona is called Milady, and Milady uses both gun and psychokinesis moves.

Akechi: Akechi’s code name is ‘Crow’. He’s a hard one to describe as he is involved in the biggest plot twist of the game. If your Persona 5 nerd wants to show you the big reveal scene (because it is pretty awesome how it all works out), then I don’t want to spoil it for you. So I can’t tell you his persona or anything like that, but I can tell you that he is a student at a different school, and that he is a detective!

For Royal only-

Akechi: Similar thing as above, even more so in Royal as Akechi is very much heavily linked… his first name is Goro if you wanted that added information. Oh, and in Royal, his confidant doesn’t automatically go up like in the original game. It’s fun to hang out with him. 10/10 recommend.

Yoshizawa: Yoshizawa’s code name is ‘Violet’ but, please, if your person hasn’t played all of Royal yet, don’t tell them. It’s not a huge spoiler or anything, but it’s nice to find these things out yourself. I actually spoiled her code name for myself and was devastated. Anyway, like Akechi, she is heavily linked in with the plot so I don’t want to reveal too much. She’s one of the biggest changes in the game, and she’s probably the one that fans like the best. But, I would heavily suggest asking the fan that you’re talking to about how far they are, and keeping an eye on how they refer to her (she’s the newest character so you should be able to pick it up).

I hope this is some use to someone. As Persona 5 is one of my special interests (that’s a new term I’ve learnt after recently being diagnosed with autism), I tend to talk about it a lot and I can see people not understanding, and I figured that some people would probably like to understand but don’t have time to play 100 hours of a video game.

Let me know if this is useful for you, or if any gamers think that I’ve missed something vital! Don’t forget to hit follow to get notified whenever I post, and hit the like button if you want me to do a little happy dance (:

What happened to Persona 5 Strikers?

I know I’m not meant to post today but this is huge for me so I just couldn’t wait. You guys know that Persona 5 is my life at this point!

So, the trailer for Persona 5 Strikers was leaked. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure where it was leaked but it had the release date (23rd February 2021) and it seemed so legit. And then people noticed that the preorder website wasn’t working, and then realised that Atlus took the trailer down… so I guess by that logic it was Atlus who put it up but I wanted to be clear that I wasn’t 100% sure on who actually leaked it so no one came for me in the comments.

So as of right now, there’s no official trailer or preorder place (hint: Instagram is great, Persona News has the trailer!!). There’s obviously a ton of theories as to why the trailer got taken down, the main one being that the game was supposed to be announced at the Game Awards (which are – I think – next week). Another theory is that they made a small mistake in the trailer, or they realised that they wouldn’t be able to put it out by that date.

Regardless, I’m classing this as a win. At least we know that we’re definitely getting the game! I, for one, am hyped. Let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comments, and I’ll be back on Sunday with my normal posts!

Quote of the Week #3

“A famous explorer once said that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.”- Lara Croft, Tomb Raider (2013)

I’m struggling with feeling guilty not posting twice a week properly, so here’s another quote of the week from a video game that’s close to my heart!

I’ve always loved this quote! Have you played the Tomb Raider Reboots? My partner actually nearly finished the first one yesterday but the game kept crashing!

Gaming quote of the week #2

“Unfortunately, killing is just one of those things that gets easier the more you do it.”- Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid, 1998

Soooo, little story to this quote! I’ve actually never played this game because I’m very bad at sneaking, but it’s one of my partner’s favourite series! So, I didn’t know this quote.

I’m writing a book. It’s not a huge deal, I’ve been on and off writing a book since I was 13. But I’ve been doing some planning (which is very unlike me), and I was planning one of the main character’s confessions. This, no word of a lie, was what he was going to say! So when I was looking for quotes (because I do try to add variety) to post and saw this, I decided it was fate!

P.S: I haven’t had the chance to look at names for my book yet so I’m using Persona 5 characters as stand in names… the person that was going to say this is “Akechi” right now.

How does Alice work?- Detroit: Become Human

Right off the bat, there will be spoilers for Detroit: Become Human, more specifically Kara’s story. If you haven’t played it, go ahead and do that first! It’s a very good game, and that’s saying something because I am picky about games.

Alice is a character in Detroit: Become Human that is a major part of Kara’s story. She is a little girl that Kara looks after. At the start of Kara’s story, you learn that Alice was the one to give Kara her name and that one of Kara’s jobs is to look after Alice. After finding out (and witnessing) Alice was being abused by her father, Kara and Alice leave the house (or die trying). From then on, Kara’s completely responsible for keeping Alice safe. It seems like her main wish is to give the little girl the life that she deserves.

This post will focus on Alice. More specifically, it will focus on whether or not Alice is deviant and if so, when does she become deviant. The idea came about after reading in the game that her model is programmed differently to other androids. So, let’s get into it!

So, in Detroit: Become Human, all three main characters (Kara, Markus and Connor) have the potential to become deviant. Throughout the game, the characters also meet other deviants who help them along the way. The thing that tends to give deviants away is the expression of free will or emotion.

As I mentioned before, Alice is a huge part of Kara’s story. How you play the game differs but in general, the aim is to get Kara and Alice past the Canadian border so that they have a chance to live freely. Kara becomes deviant while protecting Alice from Todd, her father. The majority of Kara’s story is about protecting Alice, doing stuff for Alice, making sure Alice is okay. Near the end of the game, when Kara and Alice (and Luther, if he is still alive and with them) get to Jericho and after Kara talks to Markus, she walks downstairs to find Alice… only, it’s not Alice. It’s an android who looks exactly like Alice. So, we discover that Alice has actually been an android this whole time. Of course, this does not stop Kara from loving her and it just means that she gets to be a little girl forever so no more worrying about the effect all the bad stuff will have on her when she becomes an adult.

But I couldn’t help but wonder if Alice was deviant. She expresses human emotion such as fear and love. She clearly has a strong moral compass, as shown when Kara has a chance to steal the clothes from the washing machine. She acts human throughout the game. She is so different from the other deviants that are seen throughout the game. She just wants to live life like a normal girl, which is something that is shown often with deviants throughout the game.

The main thing keeping me from saying outright that Alice is deviant is that she is a child, and children are meant to be loving and innocent. In my mind, there is a chance that Alice was actually programmed differently to adult androids like Kara, Markus and Connor. She was programmed to have emotion and to be loyal and child-like. She was programmed to have all the qualities that adults tend to want in children; otherwise, they wouldn’t sell. We know that YK-500 models (Alice’s model) were a commercial success when it launched in 2033, and it has been credited by sociologists for the decline of birth rates. In the same section, we can find out that these models are programmed to act child-like, with needs and can replicate illnesses that children commonly go through. So, does that mean that YK-500 models cannot become deviant? As technically they can already feel human emotion, replicate illness etc. They can basically do everything a human can because that is how they were programmed.

But in my opinion, whether or not Alice is deviant comes down to one thing: loyalty. Technically speaking, she is an android owned by Todd, there to replicate a child (to replace his daughter). Alice should therefore act as such, and be loyal to Todd. The main issue here is that, quite frankly, she is not. If Alice was loyal to Todd, she would not have left. Even when her life is in danger (which it is, as shown in the ending where Todd kills her if they do not get away), she would stay there. That is what she was programmed to do. Or, was it? Because she is programmed to replicate emotions, such as fear. But would a non-deviant android fear for her life? Or the life of another android, as shown with Kara? No. In my opinion, at least, an android would not care about their own life or the life of another android unless it was deviant, as shown with Connor when he has the choice of whether or not to shoot Chloe. Therefore, I believe that there is enough evidence present to state that Alice is deviant. The main question is, when did she become deviant and, more importantly, why?

It is important to mention that there could be many points throughout the game where Alice could deviate, primarily in Stormy Night, as her life is in danger. But before looking at that, we need to look at what we know about androids and deviants. We learn quite a lot about this subject throughout the game, especially through Connor’s storyline. Connor’s storyline is the first few times we actually get to see deviants, and it is established early on that androids often become deviants due to emotional shock. This is seen with Carlos Ortiz’s android, who went deviant after two years of abuse, as he felt like Carlos was going to kill him. It is established that the android’s owner didn’t even give him a name as he felt like his android was not alive, which indicates that the android also went through a lot of emotional abuse, as well as physical (such as the cigarette burns). Now, the main thing that I want to point out with Carlos Ortiz’s android is that he stayed in the house because he didn’t have anywhere else to go. He tells Connor that it was the first time that he didn’t have anyone to tell him what to do. This is what, in my opinion, links to Alice the most.

I believe that Alice went deviant when Todd broke Kara, either the time that puts her in the store at the start of the game or the time before that. My theory is that they tried to leave like they successfully did in Stormy Night but Todd broke Kara out of anger, which eventually calmed him down. He then took Kara to the shop to get fixed. In the meantime, Alice did not have anywhere to go. She acted normally, which was not a huge deal because of how she was programmed while waiting for Kara to get back. Upon realising that Kara’s memory had to be reset, she was upset, likely thinking that Kara would not be able to leave with her, therefore she would not be able to leave. Kara is much more to Alice than a mother figure. Kara was her way out of the abusive household she was bought into. All Alice wanted was a normal life, and if she was able to get out of Todd’s house, that may be possible. Alice put a lot of trust and faith into Kara, therefore seeing her get destroyed (likely knowing that Todd could easily do the same thing to her, or that he could have already done it and she wouldn’t know as she would have had to have her memory wiped too) would have likely have been enough of an emotional shock to make her deviate. Whether that be because of the heartbreak of losing Kara or fear for her life.

And that, gamers, is my theory as to whether or not Alice is deviant in Detroit: Become Human. Leave your thoughts in the comments (I love this game so it’s fine if it’s not just about this!), and don’t forget to like and follow this blog for more gaming content! If you want, drop some suggestions in the comments. See you next time!