Gaming Progress: July

Hey, Gamers! I know I said that I’d not do this until after my personal stuff is sorted, but July has been such a big month and there’s not much I can do regarding my personal stuff until mid-August so I decided that I should go ahead to write this! So let’s go!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that in the middle of the month, I decided to give Dark Souls yet another go. I hadn’t completely given up on it, but there is a couple of streams where people have heard me scream “I’m never playing Dark Souls again” from the other room. The Capra Demon really, really got to me. Those dogs just outside the boss arena nearly made me say that I hate dogs, which is crazy because anyone who knows me knows that dogs are my favourite beings. I went to see my dad this month, and we took the new PlayStation, Dark Souls and Fallout 4. My dad actually bought me Dark Souls because I wanted to be able to play it with Josh. I sat down in front of his very large television (I always say he’s compensating for something) while we were waiting for my mum to go get coffee. After I think 4 or 5 goes, my dad making fun of me, Josh being oddly quiet… I did it. I beat him. I don’t exactly know how but I did.
I fully agree that it’s not the Capra Demon as a boss that’s hard, but rather the arena. The dogs were the annoying addition that had to be dealt with first. I think the hardest thing about this for me is that I wanted to do it without Josh’s help, so I went out of my way to look up tips that overall were not helpful. Once I realised this and did things my own way, things got better and easier.

I’m putting Persona 5 here and using it as an umbrella term for just all games that include the Persona 5 cast. Now, with me going to my dad’s, my mental health wasn’t great so I missed a few streams of my AI route. However, I was back this week and Mementos is unlocked! I think we also have all social stats up to 2 (maybe not intelligence, but I think that was like the last thing to happen), and we can make coffee so that should make Madarame easier than Kamoshida. Yusuke was shown but we’ve still not officially met him yet. I’m at the stage where I am feeling the need to take notes and do actual research on confidants etc so that I can do the harem route. In terms of Strikers, I haven’t gone back to it after the incident (I’ll write a post when I can think about it without crying), but I am thinking about it a lot and I think I might just stream the grinding process. It’ll likely be when I wake up at normal human hours, just when I have some more time on my hands. I did go back to Vanilla Persona 5 and that went fine. I’m not doing anything special there, I just love the game and can’t play Royal on the PlayStation that’s in ‘my’ room if that makes sense. I so desperately want to plat the game, but it’s not a priority right now. I am much more focused on my AI route because that’s more… achievable.

Next, I’ve talked about playing Fallout 4 a little on here before, but I wanted to add it in here because it genuinely is such a big thing for me. It’s helping me with my reflexes and helping me think outside the box more. I think I’ve been pretty hooked on linear games for a while, so being able to have so much freedom in a game is nice (and slightly anxiety-provoking but I’m good for now). I am getting better at shooting normally, but I think right now I am very reliant on VATS. I know it would probably be better for myself if I wasn’t so stubborn and used a mix of guns and melee weapons… but no. I am level 9 right now, and I’ve found Nick. I went back to Sanctuary to do some more building and to unload, but now I’m doing that first quest that Preston gave me for the Minutemen.

Another thing that I’ve done is I have played JoJo with Josh. By JoJo, I mean the Eyes of Heaven game that I’ve been avoiding because I can’t get past this one fight in the story mode and I’m a little butthurt about it right now. But yeah, I did that and he destroyed me every single match (although the game did lag a lot so it wasn’t always my fault).

I’ve written about Yakuza a lot here because it’s a big thing in our household. I loved 0 (the review is coming, I’m just bad at reviews), and Josh has now played them all. Now, I finished 0 a while ago. Around March, actually. But then I was playing through Strikers, and I had a lot of Uni work to do and as much as I hate to admit it, playing the rest of the Yakuza games was not a priority for me. But we’re playing 0 on stream and I hated Kiryu’s combat so much, so I decided to start playing Kiwami again. Josh was about to go to sleep and saw that I had gotten a completion list achievement thing for defeating 5 enemies in Brawler. He made fun of me and went to sleep. Then… uh… how do I word this without making myself sound crazy? I accidentally stayed up all night and the next thing I know I’ve got the achievement for defeating 150 enemies in Brawler and what is Rush now?! And I’m 80% sure I finished the game the next day. So, I finished Yakuza Kiwami and got used to Brawler and started to use Beast more. Yeah, I miss Majima but I can always go back to 0 if I want to.

Leading on from that, I started Yakuza Kiwami 2. This is the first game I’ve actually had to fight with the dragon style, which I was pretty worried about. I remember Josh saying that it wasn’t the best style in 0, and that was basically all I’d heard about it. I am actually enjoying it a whole lot more than I thought I would. The combat isn’t weighed down for me the way that Josh described it. I like it. The issue I’m having with Kiwami 2 is that it feels harder to full off a combo. If you’ve read my other Yakuza posts, you know that Yakuza was the first time I’ve ever really bothered paying attention to the combos and doing anything other than button mashing. It was a bit disheartening going into Kiwami 2 as I felt like I couldn’t do that anymore. However, I’ve adapted and learnt and you absolutely can still pull off combos! I just like throwing people, though…

Mystic Messenger! During the latter part of the month, I’ve been trying to get up earlier rather than sleeping all day. I decided a way to motivate me would be to try Mystic Messenger again. I love Jaehee’s route, so I thought I’d start in the first basic route and just work my way up so that I can finally do V’s route… But I got sick the next day so missed most of the rooms. I think I really need to stop thinking of Mystic Messenger as a way to motivate me and more as a nice thing to look forward to if I wake up early enough. I have written a post about Mystic Messenger which just needs editing so expect that soon!

Now, my greatest achievement: in Stardew Valley, I finished the community centre! It felt unachievable because I was so bad at fishing but after some research and a lot of time (I was in my home town, Stardew Valley was the only thing keeping me sane), I did it. I nearly cried when I completed it, not gonna lie. It was such a breath of relief. I am going to talk about this in another post because I have a lot of emotions about it, but I also built Pam’s house. Genuinely one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. Oh, I also divorced Shane so that I could marry Penny… then decided to wait until I built the house to see if her life would improve, but by that point, I decided to just do the all ten-heart event thing. That meant I had to make Shane’s memory go bye-bye soooooo let’s just pretend I don’t feel bad that his kids are running around my house and he has no memory of them. I mean, it’s not like he was seeing them after we got divorced anyway!

I did say that I would talk about what Josh has done too, but he claims he hasn’t done much. He started a kill every NPC run in Dishonored, and he started playing Judgement as he got that for his birthday, and he is playing Fallout 4 more now that I am also playing it. He doesn’t have any huge achievements that he wants to point out, so yeah.

Persona 5 Strikers_20210223181848

So, I think that’s it for this month’s progress report, Gamers! What did you get up to this month? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, give it a ‘like’ and don’t forget to follow my socials to stay updated! If you’re looking for someone to watch game, check out 2nerds_1game on Twitch, where Josh and I stream almost every day. See you next time, Gamers!

How I am using Fallout 4 to better myself as a gamer

Hey, Gamers! So this post is going to be discussing my weakness when it comes to games, and how I’m using Fallout 4 to try to get better and therefore enabling me to play more games! Josh loves Fallout 4 (it’s not his favourite, nor is it the best Fallout and we know that), so he has been pretty excited since I’ve installed it. So, let’s get on with the post!

Josh took this screenshot because the character has my name

I’ve been pretty open about not being able to play shooting games. It’s mainly because I get sick from playing in First Person (or just playing Minecraft), so I don’t have a ton of experience. The other issue is that I have very bad reflexes. However, that is something I need to fix for non-video game reasons (driving. The reason is driving), so I figured that if I can try to make my reflexes better by playing shooters, then I can have fun while trying to better myself in order to drive!

I’ve tried to play Fallout 4 before. It’s never been very successful. However, this time was different. I was determined. And I surprised myself with how not terrible I was. I’ve always been a looter when it comes to games, so I would pick up everything I could. But that’s great for Fallout 4, because crafting is a big part of the game (or at least the way I play it).

I do really like getting trophies…

That actually leads me to another cool thing: Josh and I have two completely different playstyles. I think we saw it most in Yakuza 0 and now with Fallout 4. As I said, he’s excited that I’m playing the game so he likes sitting in the room to watch me play (or if he just wants to stay in the room he’s in, we do Share Play). There have been so many times when he’s been like “no you’re meant to do ____” and I argue back that I’m playing the game in my own way. He often plays it in a chaotic, bad guy way, but I play it the complete opposite. I did all the Sanctuary quests one after the other, whereas he’s level 11 in his current (stream) playthrough and they still only have one bed in Sanctuary.

I love Dogmeat. So much. I took Codsworth out once and the entire time I was missing Dogmeat. Dogmeat is the best thing about Fallout 4 for me. Dogmeat is love, Dogmeat is life.

Okay so in terms of the actual shooting part of the game, like I said, I am not terrible and that is surprising. I am not good either, but each time I go on the game I see improvements. I’m much more comfortable with using the gun normally rather than just using VATS. I do sometimes forget that VATS exist, and I don’t fully understand AP and how you regain that yet, but I can use Critical execution pretty well. Apparently (according to Josh), I do use the Critical thing at the wrong time but I don’t completely understand why. I just use it when I notice I can and when I feel comfortable too. I am surprised at how much better I already am not just shooting normally. I can even get headshots without VATS!

Joshua seemed particularly proud of this picture so I felt like I had to include it…

I am advancing very slowly. I’ve been playing for about a week or two, and I’ve not long got to Diamond City (yesterday I got Nick from Vault 114). I’m understanding the SPECIAL stats a lot more now, and I know that I can change my clothing to get better stats for things like speech checks or bartering. I’m taking my time but honestly, it’s getting better. More importantly, I’m slowly gaining confidence in games that aren’t my forte. I’m even going to try GTA V soon!

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! Do you have any recommendations for bettering myself in terms of gaming? Let me know in the comments below! See you next time, Gamers!      

Editing note: Sorry this post is late (technology issues), and I am super sorry for not posting on Thursday. The Strikers review didn’t sit right with me and I didn’t want to put out content that I didn’t think was good enough. I’m past that now. I’d rather not post than give you guys sub-par content.    

Blog Update: Where I’m heading, what I’m doing, what I’m planning etc

Hey, Gamers! So I thought I would put out a post that talks a little about what I’m planning for this blog in the future, any schedule changes and just general housekeeping stuff. So that’s this post! I know it’s not directly gaming related but it’s important to keep you guys in the loop!

How many posts do I start with this picture? Probably like 80%

So, a lot of you know that April/May was a very stressful time for me because I was in the last year of university and I had my dissertation, and then my father got rushed into hospital on top of that. I’ve partly addressed this on social media but I think overall I’ve been disappointed in myself and didn’t want to share what happened. I am now resitting some of my modules that were compromised due to my father’s illness, and I thought that meant I would resit them in the next academic year (because that would make sense) but apparently, it means I have to write a dissertation and another assignment within about three weeks, as well as preparing for an exam. Basically, I’m really unsure what is going on in terms of education right now, which is stressful because I am living in student accommodation and I can’t go back to my parents’ places for several reasons. I thought that this was all sorted but it’s not.

Spider… because… stress

I was going to go back to posting twice a week, but my education is so important so I would much rather get that all sorted and have a place to live etc rather than rush around trying to post a post that I only thought of the day before if you get what I mean.

I have changed my schedule a little. I’ve been posting on Sundays since I’ve had this blog, but I’ve changed it to Monday because Sunday is usually the main day of the week that I’m rushing around all over the place. I figured it’s best to change it to Monday than the post always be late.

In terms of games, I am trying a lot to expand my gaming experience. Fallout 4 is currently downloading as I write this. I’ve got a new game for the switch, I just need everything to calm down a little in my personal life before I throw myself into another new game if that makes sense.

Josh and I in Dauntless

A post type that Josh suggested is like, monthly updates in what I’ve (or even both of us) been doing in games. Like, I’m doing an AI playthrough of Persona 5 Royal and Josh is doing a kill everything playthrough of Dishonored right now. It’ll just be talking about everything we’ve done in games that month, a more informal, not too deep post. I know I’ve done something similar to this in the past, but I was thinking of not restricting it to just one game per post, and with the updates being monthly it’ll keep everyone updated rather than doing ‘my experience playing [game] since the last post a couple of months ago’. I think I’ll probably start this in August or September, depending on when things calm down in my personal life.

One of my personal favourite pictures of us

Bringing up Josh, I know that a whole lot of you are wondering when a part two to ‘things my partner said while gaming that I never thought I’d ever hear anyone say’ post is coming. I’m not sure if I mentioned it during that post, but I have mentioned it on Instagram. That post was months in the making. Granted, it’s been my best posts in terms of reception and views, but it took a long time. I had to work with him, make sure I had his consent to publish each one, I had to spend more time with him (which sounds bad but we literally spend almost every second together), I had to listen out when I was downstairs and he was gaming. It was literally just sat there on my phone for months. We never expected it to do that well, we just thought it would be a funny post. I am working on part two (if not for you guys, but just so I have more funny things to recite at our wedding), but it will take a while. I am also working on a similar post which is about conversations that we’ve had about gaming because sometimes we just have funny conversations. But believe me when I say part two is coming. If you want to stay updated, check out my social media because I might post little updates or sneak peeks there. But so far, he’s only played Judgement and Yakuza 7 since I started the new list… because he’s still obsessed with the Yakuza series.

Something else I’ve been thinking about is PC Gaming. I want to build my own gaming PC and have no clue where to start, despite looking online. So I might do like a monthly ‘what I’ve learnt about gaming PCs this month’ post, and then at the end maybe make a ‘building a gaming PC for dummies’ post because I feel like that’s needed… for me, because I’m clearly the dummy in this situation.

Okay, so we need to talk about Persona 6 because a few people have messaged me about it. I will write about Persona 6 when there is enough information to write about Persona 6. I might do a ‘my hopes for Persona 6’ post in a couple of months, but I want everyone to keep in mind that Persona 5 and Persona 6 are two separate games. I’ve never claimed to be a superfan of the persona series, just Persona 5. Yes, I am going to play it. But I will be looking at it as its own thing which I think a lot of people may struggle to do. I’ve tried several times to play Persona 3 and I wasn’t half as engrossed as I was with Persona 5, and I think it might be the same thing with Persona 6. I do feel really bad for Atlus, having to top Persona 5 and with how toxic the fanbase is, they can never make everyone happy. I hope that they stick to what they want over what the fans want.

Now, this is the one that I really wanted to address: editing. I started this blog over a year ago now, and it is slowly approaching a full year of near consistent posts (I believe it was October or November when I came back from my long break). Through this, I’ve been battling my own demons in terms of mental illness and also I’ve been trying to get better at managing my learning difficulties (dyslexia and dyscalculia). I also had a degree to do. I know a lot of my posts are not up to scratch in terms of grammar, spelling and overall some of them could be better. As soon as things get sorted (I am really hoping we have a better understanding of what’s going on this week) in my personal life, I am slowly going to be editing all of my old posts. You guys deserve better and, more importantly, I know that I can provide that better service for you. What I will probably do is edit them, and I don’t think it’ll send an email when a post is edited so I’ll post on my social medias (I’m more active on Twitter and Instagram but I’m trying to get better at Facebook too!). I’ll make it clear which posts have been edited, and I might even do a little editor’s note at the end of the post if a lot has changed.

Lastly, something exciting that I’m working on: a discord! I am in several discords for streamers but I am yet to have my own and completely understand it… but I thought I would let you all know that because of how much support I’ve received recently, I am 100% working on a discord. I just want to understand it completely first. I hope for it to be a safe place where we can all talk about games without people rolling their eyes or being purposely aggressive. This might take a while because obviously the personal stuff I have going on right now needs a lot of my attention and discord is a little overwhelming for me right now, but I promise I am working on it (and yes, Joshua will probably be there too).

Just thought this post needed some Makoto and Haru tbh

And with that, I think that’s all for this post, Gamers! I know this wasn’t directly about gaming but I wanted to put my plans out there in hopes of holding myself accountable and maybe making some of you guys excited! Thank you so much for your continued support over the past year. Watching this blog grow and getting to interact with you guys is often the highlight of my day. See you in the next post, Gamers!

Top 5 differences I’ve noticed between Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami

Hey, Gamers! This week, I wanted to talk about some key differences between the ‘first’ two Yakuza games (in the timeline of events they’re the first but they were not the first released). I’ve been playing Kiwami quite a bit lately so I wanted to talk about it. I’ve not finished it completely (I’m on chapter 12, I think), but I’ve played enough to notice things. Yakuza 0 was my first Yakuza game, and I think it’s also important to mention that the Yakuza series has been Josh’s (my partner) favourite for about a year now. Let’s get on with it!

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami.

  1. The intensity of the plot
    So when I was playing Yakuza 0 (from now on it will just be referred to as 0 for simplicity), I did a whole ton of cabaret club stuff and a whole bunch of real estate stuff because… you’re meant to, I think. But in 0, I didn’t feel the need to progress the plot until I was ready. With Yakuza Kiwami (from now on it will just be referred to as Kiwami), there’s a constant need to progress the plot. It just feels so much more intense and quick-paced than 0 did, which I think might be because Haruka is a child and she keeps getting kidnapped. I know I can go bowling or do karaoke but why would I when my friend has just been shot and I need to tell his girlfriend?
  2. There’s less to do
    So in 0, there were the cabaret club czar and the real estate side quests to finish. There was also the telephone club, which I spent a whole lot of time in because I was bad at it. In Kiwami, there feels like there isn’t as much to do. I get why, like 20 years have passed, things obviously change. I think if there was a side quest like real estate in Kiwami, it would be odd. Even though there is less to do, it suits the game. Kiryu has just gotten out of prison and he’s very involved in things that he shouldn’t be, but his main focus is finding Yumi and protecting Haruka. He has something – someone – to focus on and having more to do would be an unwanted distraction.
  3. Money
    I miss the bubble economy from 0. I miss having billions of yen. I miss Mr Shakedown.
  4. Combat
    Okay, so I know this isn’t a huge deal, and it might just be me but I hated playing as Kiryu in 0 because he was just so slow in comparison to Majima. However, now that I don’t have Majima as an option, I’ve gotten used to Kiryu’s combat a whole lot more and I think I prefer the combos now. It’s really fun and I feel so powerful. I feel like the more you spend points to get new abilities, the more fun you can have during combat. I’ve never been one for levelling up (Josh always nags me about it) but I am pretty good at it in Kiwami. I think the only one I’ve neglected is the one for heat actions, but I’m working on it now that everything else is like 85 points. Another interesting thing, and again this is personal, is that in 0 I was solely using rush. Now, I use brawler and beast because Josh told me that they’re closer to the dragon style used in the other games and they’re fun. I’m also using the block button a whole lot more, which is something I don’t think I ever did outside of the tutorials in 0 (I literally forgot what button was used to block).
  5. Characters
    It’s very clear when playing that 0 is a prequel that came out after the original game. This meant that the developers, knowing that they were going to make Kiwami (it was probably already in the making if you look at the release dates) and that would increase the popularity of the series, got a chance to look at the characters from the original game and re-establish them. They got to paint Nishki as a loving, loyal brother to Kiryu. They got to paint Majima as… not obsessed with fighting. They got to give characters a deeper backstory than they originally had the chance to. Even Dojima, who only shows up at the beginning of the original game to be murdered, got to be much more fleshed out because of 0. It’s clear to me that a lot of characters in 0 showed up because they were easter eggs if you will. Little nods to other games in the series. I don’t think 0 was ever meant to be someone’s first Yakuza game. I always think that if a prequel is made, it’s because the already established fans wanted to know more and that prequels are for an already established fan base. I know that I played 0 first but that’s because I am not the smartest person and I value story and character development over experiences games can give me. In Kiwami, even though it is a remaster, there isn’t that feeling of ‘I’m meant to know who this is’ apart from maybe Fighter who was originally in 0. Everyone is introduced as they should be for a first game, despite its prequel.
    When comparing the characters that are in both games, it gets super interesting. Something I loved about Majima is seeing this pretty well put together young man descends into absolute chaos and not give a crap. You see that so much in Kiwami, especially with the Majima everywhere mechanic that wasn’t in the original game (Josh likes to tell me a lot that Majima was only in the original game 3 times). Just his love of chaos showing so much, and knowing where that came from is a powerful thing and I think the writers did an amazing job with Majima in both games.
    I am incredibly thankful that I played 0 before Kiwami for one thing and one thing only: Nishiki. Just being able to spend time with him and get to know him before everything kicks off is something that I think benefitted me a lot. I’ve said before that I sometimes get over emotional and overly attached to fictional characters. I was lucky that Josh moved on to Kiwami so quickly so I knew Nishki was the antagonist due to the image on the menu. I had that in mind while playing the latter part of 0, but I love how everything played out and how you can see the difference and the changes and why they happened. It’s something special. I feel like there’s a lot of games that don’t give this much consideration as to how their characters turned out the way that they did, and I’m always happy to see good character development.

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! Are there any differences that you want to talk about? Leave them in the comments and I’ll try to reply ASAP! If you liked this post, give it a ‘like’ and follow my social media to stay updated! If you wanna watch me (and Josh) stream, then check out 2nerds_1game on Twitch, where we stream games nearly every day (Saturday is Yakuzaturday, where we are playing through all the games starting at 0). See you next post, Gamers!

Why I love Celeste- Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Hey, Gamers! This post will be all about everyone’s favourite adorable owl! I know a lot of people who don’t like Celeste get bombarded with her cuteness and it’s clearly not cutting it for them, so I figured I would try to explain why I love Celeste so much in a bit more detail so that people who may not like her due to the craze get a different answer than “just because” (which is the original answer I gave my partner, so just know I’ve thought long and hard about this).

So, let’s get her appearance out of the way first. I think a lot of people like the way Celeste looks because she is wearing a pink bow. I know a lot of people associate the colour pink with little girls, and a bow is something that a lot of little girls like to wear. Celeste’s bow makes her seem more childlike and innocent, which goes hand in hand with her being a younger sibling. A lot of adults playing the game have younger siblings who they may still see as youthful and innocent like Celeste. Therefore, Celeste could represent a younger sibling to some people, or even just the idea of childhood and youth. For me, I am the younger sister. I have two older sisters who I haven’t really spoken about much here. But with me being the younger sister, I relate to Celeste a little in that way. I feel more connected to her. Another thing is with the whole childhood and innocence vibe that Celeste gives off, I didn’t have the best childhood due to trauma so it is almost like she makes me feel that innocence again. It’s just a nice feeling. Her overall appearance is comforting for these reasons.

Going into the more practical stuff, compared to the other visitors who appear around the time I go on Animal Crossing (usually 1 am), Celeste is low maintenance. She doesn’t ask for anything. She just shows up, it’s a lovely surprise, she gives you a new DIY and that’s that. You don’t have to do anything for her. You don’t even have to wish on shooting stars every single time she shows up. Compared to everyone else, she’s easy-going and it’s just nice to have her there. It’s also nice to be given a new DIY because my villagers apparently don’t know how to do that. With Flick or CJ, you have to spend a while catching stuff to make it worthwhile. With Gulliver and Gullivaaar (I think that’s how you spell it? I mean the pirate one), you have to dig or dive for stuff. It just feels like a lot when you just want to chill out before going to sleep, y’know? But with Celeste, you just talk to her, get a DIY and maybe wish on some stars. It’s nice and slow and not demanding at all.

Another thing I love about Celeste is her personality and passion. I wish – with all my heart – that you could ask her questions and just talk to her more about the stars because she is so passionate about them and I can tell that what she has to say is interesting. Her eyes twinkle when she talks about the stars, and it’s that passion that draws me to her.

Her passion is something that links back to her brother because Blathers is very clearly passionate about… museum stuff. They likely bounced their passions off of each other when they were children, which led to them both being even more passionate and knowledgeable about their respective fields. I like when siblings have common traits like this because you can imagine what it was like for them growing up together. They would have encouraged each other so much, and it fills my heart with joy to think about it.

Lastly, and this is a very personal one, I love owls. I got into Percy Jackson, decided I’d be a daughter of Athena, owls symbolise wisdom and then I went back to Wales and went to see my mother’s godfather, who also loves owls. I felt a strong connection with him and we spent a long time talking about owls that day. Since then, I’ve loved owls. I got a pillow that year that is shaped like an owl and I’ve slept with her every single night for the past 8 years. When my mother’s godfather passed away the year before last, I felt lucky that I had that opportunity to bond with him over something that we both loved. It felt like a part of him would always be with me as long as I still love owls. Like I said, this is a very personal reason but it’s a driving factor. If Celeste wasn’t in the game, Blathers would be my favourite for this reason.

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! I hope it helped explain things a little better. Do you like Celeste? Who is your favourite character in Animal Crossing? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, give it a ‘like’ and don’t forget to hit follow for more gaming content. If you’re looking for a new streaming channel to watch, Josh and I stream almost every day at 2nerds_1game on Twitch. See you next time!

Is an AI run a challenge?- Persona 5 Royal

Hey, Gamers! So this week, we’re talking about Persona 5 Royal again because… it’s me. After playing Strikers on stream for weeks, I wanted to play Royal… but I wanted to do a challenge run. I did some googling and someone suggested playing it Persona 3 style, which meant giving the AI free rein. I was going to do this with a no items run… but then I remembered about Okumura’s boss fight and decided against this. So, I’ve been doing an AI-run! Here is my experience after about 4 weeks.

So, this AI is good. Really good. I was worried that they wouldn’t Baton Pass and interact properly, but it does. Not only that, but it really picks the best option. They don’t waste SP if there isn’t a need (for the most part), for example, if an enemy could be taken down with just a plain ol’ attack. That was something I was seriously concerned about. The whole preserving SP that comes naturally to me after so many hours of playing this game does not come naturally to the AI, but they’re also not stupid with their SP usage which is a relief.

I also learned very early on that the AI will use items… even if it’s not needed. For example, Morgana brought Ann back to life when the battle was nearly over with our only revival item. After getting over that shock, I decided very quickly that I needed money and a lot of it because if they were going to use items, I would need to buy more. Part of me likes this because there are just some items that I buy and don’t tend to use so I’m hoping that they’ll use them but at the same time… I only had one revival item and they’re expensive early on in the game.

The biggest challenge, without a doubt, is SP preservation. It is, quite frankly, awful. I’ve had to come out of the palace so many times when I went into grind, and we made minimal progress. This means that the time that I would usually spend on getting my social stats higher or on confidants is wasted by more palace days. For example, I know that in a normal playthrough, I can do Kamoshida’s palace in one day. I’ve done it at least twice in Royal, so it’s definitely something I know I can do. I’ve been playing this for like 3 or 4 weeks, I think we’re on 10+ hours and there are less than 7 days left. I think there’s only been one day where I did not go into the palace so far, and we’re still not done. I haven’t even gotten my kindness up to rank 2 to start Ann’s confidant; same with Guts, I don’t have it high enough to do Takemi’s confidant.  The latter is what is really holding me back because rank 5 with Takemi unlocks SP recovery items at the Clinic. I could probably do the palace in one day if I had a lot of SP recovery. I usually buy 5/10 at a time, but I think I’ll probably need around 20-30 for a full palace in one day. A benefit to doing the palace in multiple days is that I can’t go out at night, which limits my options… which means I am much more inclined to make coffee, which is SP recovery. I’m trying to advance Sojiro’s confidant to unlock curry but I can’t remember if that’s blocked by kindness (I’m 60% sure it’s not but I’m just a bit hesitant to advance it so far so early in the same).

So, is it a challenge? Yes and no.

The actual fighting part isn’t a challenge. I feel like I’ve turned it onto easy mode. The hardest thing is that grinding is harder due to the lack of SP.

The issue with the whole SP thing isn’t just that there’s not enough SP to go through a whole palace, or that grinding is much more difficult. The hardest thing is that it increases the difficulty of the time management side of things to the max. It makes it so difficult to advance confidants and increase social skills which are so vital to the real-life side of the game. I mean, the confidant part is even crucial to the metaverse sides of things, and the lack of high social stats is really holding me back in the confidant progression.

I think I might do an update/ part 2 to this post when I’m finished with this route. I just wanted to share my experience with it for now. After all, I am honestly so shocked at how good the AI is in fighting because I’ve never really heard of AI’s being good in video games, and I never thought that this playthrough would have such a crucial effect on the real-life side of the game.

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There’s a character I hate more than Goro Akechi?- Yakuza 0

Hey, Gamers! So first of all, I’m having to write this post on my phone so I’m sorry if the quality is a bit different. For this post, I wanted to focus on a discovery I’ve made recently: I’ve found a character that I hated more than I hated Goro Akechi in the original Persona 5 game. Shocker, I know. It was a shock to me too. This post will contain major spoilers for Yakuza 0 (both character’s stories so don’t risk it) so just keep that in mind if you haven’t played it and still want to. Anyway, let’s get into it!

In case you’re new, Persona 5 is my favourite game (I mean technically Royal is my favourite but still). I’ve said multiple times how much I appreciated the writing of Akechi during the original game because I genuinely hated him. Like full on, he made my blood boil. He was the first character to make me feel this way so it was something special. As a writer, I appreciate being made to feel something and being made to feel something that strongly is something special and I can only attribute it to amazing writing.

I’ve written previously about playing Yakuza 0 and loving it. It’s one of mine and Josh’s shared interests so it’s special to us. We decided we wanted to stream the Yakuza series and we started at 0… and oh my gosh I thought I was over all the emotions I had when I finished 0 over a month ago but apparently not.

Jun Oda.

Just writing his name feels wrong. I- I hate him. I hate him so much. He’s- anger. Anger.

For those who don’t know, Jun Oda was the person who sold Makoto to the Korean Mafia and he betrayed Tachibana, despite claiming to love him. He also tried to kill Makoto once finding her because he didn’t want Tachibana to find out what he did. Coward.

So obviously when I was playing this game the first time, I had a lot of emotions. And I really thought that I had processed all of these emotions and moved on. Like, I’m on chapter 7 of Kiwami now. I’ve moved on.

My emotions, however, have not moved on.

When we were streaming, I had this sinking feeling in my stomach as I remembered about Oda. Then the jerk just waltzed in, acting like he owned the place, with his stupid human trafficking face. I hate him. So, so much.

I’m not one to cry when I’m mad… but this time I did. I was struggling because I didn’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t watched or played Yakuza 0… but I can’t stand the man. I can’t. He’s awful. So, so awful. He just makes me so angry and not being able to explain that made me frustrated… which made me even more angry.

To me, Oda is a lying, slimy, deceitful, arrogant, obnoxious man who has tricked himself into thinking his selfish actions are acts of loyalty to the very man he is betraying and hurting the most- the man he claims to love.

I think that’s what angers me about Oda the most. He claims to have so much love for Tachibana, he claims to be loyal yet… betrays him. He’s literally trying to help the other side, the side that Tachibana has spent so much time, effort and money fighting against. Not only that, but he tried to kill his sister for his own selfish reasons. It was completely selfish and shows that he doesn’t care how much Tachibana is hurting, all he cares about is how he is perceived.

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LGBTQ+ representation in gaming

Hey, Gamers! With pride month coming to an end, I’ve decided to do a post dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community in gaming. Being Pansexual myself, I always love having somewhat of a representation in any medium, but we all know that gaming is my favourite. I will note that this is obviously not all the representation of LGBTQ+ in gaming, it’s only a fraction but I thought it was still worth talking about it. So, without further ado, let’s talk about LGBTQ+ representation in gaming!

Life Is Strange series

So the Life Is Strange series is a bittersweet one because you either love it for its representation or you hate it because Max is cringy. But the series is so much more than just Max and Chloe. In the first game, you can romance either Chloe or Warren as Max, and it is very obvious that Chloe had romantic feelings towards Rachel. This comes to light more in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm as you see how their relationship began.
Life Is Strange 2 is about completely different characters. Sean, the character you play as, can kiss either Finn or Cassidy in the game. Neither options are particularly good in my opinion because this game is primarily about brotherly love and protecting Daniel, so although it isn’t out of place for a Life Is Strange game to have queer representation, the romance in Life Is Strange 2 has always felt a bit off to me.
Life Is Strange True colors is coming out this year, in September! I like going into games knowing the absolute minimum but I do know that Stella is in this game, who was in the first game. Stella is a lesbian and from the original trailer I watched, she might be a romance option.
I do enjoy this series and will definitely be writing more about the new game when it comes out!


I feel like this is cheating a bit because Deadpool is better known for his movie or comic book appearances, but he does have a game and it is pretty cool. Deadpool is Pansexual canonically (at least he was the last time I checked) so that’s why he is on this list. I have played… some of the game and I do recommend it if you’re able to get your hands on a copy and like the character. The company that made the game no longer have the license to sell Deadpool, so it might be a bit hard to come by but I got it at CEX so try your nearest pre-owned game store.
I feel like as representation goes, Deadpool is Deadpool. He’s not always the most likeable dude, but I think what’s important is that his sexuality is never a huge deal. I know in some cases, it can seem like their sexuality is their entire personality and I don’t think that is a good representation. Sexuality is an important part of your personality, but it should never be your whole deal and I think that’s what is good about Deadpool in terms of representation.

Phoenix Wright

Jean Armstrong is a cis man who is openly gay and enjoys non-passing crossdressing in Trials and Tribulations. This came out in 2004, so you can likely imagine the over the top stereotyping that is used here. In 2021, it’s a little painful to watch. However, it is still representation when there could well not be any, and the fact that it is as early as 2004 is pretty cool if you ask me. Phoenix Wright is an anime-style game, which means a whole lot of stuff is exaggerated for stylistic reasons, which contributes to the heavy stereotyping in this character.

Persona 5

I was going to just put the Persona series as a whole, but I’ve been very open about not playing 3 and 4 and I know there would be some people that would be angry at me for writing stuff about those games when I am yet to play them (I’m trying, okay?). But anyone who has read anything from my blog probably knows how much I love Persona 5. It is quite literally the main thing I think about each day. This is why it pains me to write this because the representation in that game is awful. So awful they had to change it in Persona 5 Royal… and even then, it’s really not the best.
First, there has been an outcry for male confidants to have a romance option, which could have been made possible with Persona 5 Royal and there was no such thing. I’ve seen that quite a few people think that Yusuke is gay, but the only real argument for that is him “acting gay”… so that argument is not a good one.
Now to the real tea: the people in the red light district that are portrayed as predatory, beyond stereotypical and… it’s awful. Truly awful. It’s part of the game that I dislike so much it makes me wonder why I like this game so much (the other part being referring to Dissociative Identity Disorder as Multiple Personality Disorder, which is harmful to those who have the disorder and hasn’t been the medical term for it for decades- I know because I have it). These people – I am unsure of their gender or sexuality but it’s clearly meant to be a harmful portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community – are just harmful. It’s such a harmful representation and honestly, one of the worst I’ve ever seen in media. What makes it worse is that they’ve shown that they can do better, that they know better. It’s frustratingly bad, and you should know this because this is the first post I’ve ever written anything slightly negative about this game apart from how hard/annoying Okumura is.

Lala-chan is the exception in this game. Lala-chan is a cross-dresser who runs a bar in the red-light district. They are  very nice to the main character and they put up with Ohya’s drama nearly every day (which is more than most of the fanbase can do). They’re pretty chill. Their image is exaggerated but this is an anime-style game, and a significant amount in anime tends to be exaggerated for a stylised purpose.

Yakuza 0

Okay, to put this lightly, I hate this character with every fibre of my body. This includes major spoilers for Yakuza 0’s main plot, so just a little warning.
All good? Good.
Oda. Jun Oda. Now, this character is said to either be bisexual or gay (the only thing we have is that he loved another male). But, at the same time, you cannot trust an ounce of what this dude says because he claims to love his best friend while massively betraying him in his entire purpose and attempting to kill his long lost sister to try to hide the fact that he’s the reason that she is blind due to trauma (that he is the reason for… because he’s a huge turd). I am going to do a whole post about Oda because I genuinely didn’t think I could hate someone as much as I hated Akechi in vanilla Persona 5 but Oda exists sooooo yeah. But, representationally speaking, he’s fine I guess. Not the best because he is a huge bad guy. Like, it’s a huge thing with Majima about finding the guy who did this to Makoto because he is the reason the girl is blind. And he doesn’t seem remorseful for what he did to Makoto. He’s just upset that his best friend might find out. He literally doesn’t give a crap about her. His being gay isn’t a huge thing to his character which I did like because I dislike it when their sexuality is their whole thing. I like that it was peppered in there, and if you play the game again you can see it more throughout the game (although I must warn you, if you think you’re over the whole Oda thing and you’re not mad… you are mad and you are not over it and you will cry out of anger because he is a douche). It’s nice little details so that you can tell that they didn’t just suddenly decide to make him love Tachibana right at the end, it was never meant to be this huge plot twist or anything like that. It just added more to his character and for that, I would say that’s decent. Like, it’s a good way to have representation. With him being an antagonist, I think it kind of… makes it better? In a way? Because it reminds the audience that this person is a person. That they’re not excused for their bad behaviour just because he’s gay, which is, I think, an important lesson.
There is also the pleasure king. Now, this is hard because it’s never explicitly said what gender or sexuality the pleasure king is. I think someone states in the game that they are a woman born in a woman’s body, but they all refer to them as being male and it’s never actually mentioned by them directly so I’ll use the pronoun ‘they’ as a general either-or thing. Again, the pleasure king is an antagonist during Kiryu’s real estate sub-story thing. There is a huge vagueness of the whole situation which I really did not appreciate as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I know transgender people and I’ve talked to some of them about this and they said that it could be seen as offensive because if it was the case that they were transgender, people obviously know about it and are refusing to accept or acknowledge it with using the correct pronouns. So not the best in terms of representation, especially when you see what can be done in this game when it came to Oda. That being said, the sub-story was only meant to be a fun addition to the game, and it’s likely that these characters are not fully fleshed out like the main plot characters were, especially if you consider the fact that Oda actually connected Majima’s and Kiryu’s stories together even more (Kiryu spends way too much time with Oda and Majima spends a significant portion of the game with Makoto). However, I have found out that transgender people cannot change their gender markers unless they go through sterilisation, so that might be contributing to the pleasure king’s treatment. Josh actually brought up that there are a lot of cross-dressers in games like Yakuza and even Persona and they might actually be male to female transgender but cross-dressing so that people respect their pronouns. Just another insight to think about.

Yakuza Kiwami

Okay, I am putting myself in front of my blog here by not doing research to avoid spoilers for the game I am currently playing, but I know there is at least one prominent lesbian in Yakuza Kiwami, and I know this because I’ve just started her story. She is a hostess called Rina that is openly a lesbian. She states multiple times that she started her job so that she could see all the cute girls. It’s refreshingly honest and open considering this game is based in 2005. She talks about how she had an ex that left the country to get married because women were not able to marry each other in Japan (still can’t but in March 2021 it was called unconstitutional in a Sapporo court so things might be changing soon), and she talks about picking up girls in the street. That being said, Josh despises her because – to quote – “she is a b*tch”. So I honestly cannot comment much on this, she might change throughout my playthrough but I did not want to leave her out because it’s nice that she’s so open about it.

Fable I, II and III

NPC’s in the Fable series can be romanced and married regardless of gender or sex. With each game, more and more LBGTQ+ NPC’s are available to romance and marry. You do not get a dowry if you marry a male, which you would get if you married a female. I don’t think it’s a deterrent, I just think it’s more to do with world-building and sexism in the society. It’s a decent representation. It’s cool that it is there as a possibility. Obviously these games are not about romance, it is much more about being a hero so the fact that they went out of their way to include non-het couples is cool.

Stardew Valley

Another one that I’m putting myself before the blog because I’m currently playing two separate playthroughs and want to find all the cool stuff out myself but I do know that you can romance eligible bachelors and bachelorettes regardless of the gender you are. I know Leah is not straight (at least in my playthrough) because her ex was female. I’ve heard a lot about Alex here and there, and by the sounds of it, he struggles with his sexuality which I think was a cool thing to include because a lot of people struggle with that. Alex isn’t the best character in my opinion, but it’s cool that it shows the struggle and, I mean, there’s worse characters to be represented by. I like with Leah how she doesn’t even think twice about telling you about her ex once she trusts you enough. It shows how some people can be open about it and some people really struggle with it. Stardew Valley does have the whole ‘older people don’t understand’ thing with George (Alex’s grandpa) who is the typical grumpy old man but he seems to come to terms with it eventually and his wife is wonderful and lovely so it’s clear that it’s not so much showing that old people are homophobic, but rather that some people are stuck in their old-time views and those views can be changed.

Animal Crossing

I am yet to meet someone who dislikes this character: Isabelle! Isabelle is bisexual (or pansexual, or maybe even demi) because she (in New Leaf) has a crush on the player character regardless of their gender. Like I said, I am yet to meet a person to dislike Isabelle so I think it is pretty cool that we have her as representation considering how popular she is. Also, it makes me laugh that a bunch of homophobic parents are probably buying their kids her merch because she’s popular due to New Horizons and they don’t know that they’re buying their kids gay stuff. I don’t know, it just makes me chuckle.

Fallout 3

Greta and Carol are two female ghouls that are suggested to be in a romantic relationship. Now, this next one might shock you. Josh’s favourite Fallout is Fallout 3 and when I told him this, he was mind blown so prepare yourselves: Flak and Shrapnel. They are gay. The game identifies them as partners, they share a single bed and… it’s still only suggested that they’re romantically involved. So, Fallout 3 gets points taken away due to not outright saying it either time, but it is a nice touch in a game that is about survival.

The Last of Us II

This game is one of the more popular ones, and I am a little fed up with hearing about it. I’ve watched a ton of videos about everyone’s opinion and I am yet to come to my own conclusion because I haven’t played the game yet. However, for those who don’t know, the main character in this game is Ellie, who is a lesbian. I think that this game is credited for being ground-breaking in terms of representation of the LBGTQ+ community, which I disagree with. I think if people think this, they’re looking in the wrong places and this list kind of proves that. I have watched many homophobic (or just general right-wing) rants about this. That was a waste of my time, but I wanted to try to be critical and that seemed like the best way to go about it. I think there’s a certain group of people who do hate whenever a minority gets representation in something as big as The Last of Us II. I do also think that there are some, from what I can tell, allies who take the need for representation too far. I think a lot of our community see representation, think it’s cool and move on. We fight for representation when we see fit, but a lot of allies are making us out to be worse than we are and the right-winged homophobes are eating that up. I think it’s good that this game has so much representation, but I don’t think it is a good game just because of that representation and honestly, I think that the representation is the best thing this game has going for it. It gives it a lot of free press, and sometimes even bad press is good press.


You can marry NPC’s regardless of gender in Skyrim. You can even adopt children if you’re a same-sex couple, which is more than a lot of the real world can say. It shows that same-sex marriages are just as valid and supportive as heterosexual marriages, which is cool. Especially when that support means understanding why your significant other has run off fighting dragons and other beings for days, weeks or months on end.

Gone Home

Gone Home is a coming of age story about two lesbians. The whole point of the game is to work out what is going on. The game isn’t very long, lasting between an hour and three hours depending on the player. Fullbright, the developers, made it very clear that the themes of LGBT in this game are very important. Interestingly in this game, you see not only the relationship between two young girls grow, but also a young girl becoming independent and different from her parent’s expectations. I think that this entire game is a positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community. It shows the highs of a good, healthy relationship as well as how parental disapproval can impact their child’s actions.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I may be biased here, but Ciri is a great representation because Ciri is a great character. Ciri is bisexual, as seen in the scene where she is asked about her sexuality. Ciri is strong, independent and she’s… growing. Ciri’s story is a unique coming of age story because she’s out of control of her powers, on the run and usually somewhat injured. Ciri still has some of that teenage angst, while still having a mature side. I think she’s a good representation, especially for people around the age of 18 who are still working things out.
Joshua also informed me that the hunter that helps you in White Orchard is gay. He has to live away from the village because he had a relationship with the Lord’s son, which isn’t good. This is used more to contribute to world-building, and Geralt’s reaction (if you can call it a reaction because this is Geralt we’re talking about) isn’t negative.

Detroit: Become Human

The Tracis. They are very obviously not straight. This, I think, is also a great representation because it truly emphasises that they can’t help but love each other and that they didn’t want this. They just love each other and want to be happy, which is what all humans want (I know they’re androids, but I’m using it in a way to relate them to the real world). It shows that LGBTQ+ people just want the same thing as everyone else, which is something I think a lot of people (mainly homophobes) struggle to understand.

The Outer Worlds

I told Josh about this and all he said was “I don’t know her sexuality but I set her up with a giiiiirl” so yeah. Parvati Holcomb is an asexual who can apparently be set up with a girl. This girl is killable, and Parvati will be upset and even try to leave the crew if you do kill her romantic interest. Overall, Parvati is really useful to the player. She’s a good companion to have, and an interesting character to get to know. Although she does have a side quest relating to her sexuality, it is not – by any means – the most important thing about her. I think this is a good representation.

So that’s it for this post, Gamers! I am sincerely sorry it is so late. There will be a post up tomorrow, so make sure to check that out too! Happy Pride Month to any fellow LGBTQ+ members out there, and I hope everyone is staying safe! Don’t forget to follow this blog for more gaming content, check out my social medias to keep updated and if you’re interested, check out mine and Josh’s Twitch over at 2nerds_1game. See you next post, Gamers!

Are video games beneficial for your child?

Hey, Gamers! Actually, this post isn’t aimed towards gamers so… hey, parents! My name is Eleanor, I’m 21 and studying at university. I am also a gamer. Before you click off, I made this whole blog to try to help people understand how video games are actually helpful and not just ‘a waste of time’, whether that be talking about what games can teach us or just showing I passionate I am about games. I’ve been doing this for over a year now; alternatively, I’ve been streaming for nearly three years. So, I’ve been in the gaming industry for a while. I hope my passion and my critical thinking helps you understand how great video games can be for your children!

Stardew Valley

So, first of all, you can bond with them. I’ve bonded with my partner and his younger siblings by playing video games with them. This encourages co-operation (or competitiveness, but I recommend the first), and it helps build trust between you and the child. If they can rely on you to heal them in a game, they can probably learn to open up to you more than if you just didn’t care about them or their interests.

Dauntless (me and my partner, because we looked cool and I was excited)

Something similar that games help with is general teamwork. In online games such as Fortnite and Geshin Impact, the player is usually put into a team. Teams rely on each other for support throughout the game, and friendships are often built based on these games. Being a team player is rewarded by other people helping you out. For example, if you help a team member by reviving them early on in the game, if they stumble upon you when you have low health, they may give you an item to heal yourself as a thank you. It’s teaching that if you put good things into the world, other people will see that and have the potential to give good things back to you. There’s also the chance that you get stuck with a… unhelpful team. This, instead, teaches players that not everyone who is on your team is in the team. Not all people are team players. Some people just want all the glory to themselves, and online games do a good job at showing this. However, I need to emphasise that these games really do a great job of rewarding team players. The best example I can think of is League of Legends which is a game I love (yet have limited experience and understanding of because my laptop isn’t the best, so correct me if you know differently) because it heavily encourages teamwork, giving you the chance at the end of the game to pick players who were the best team player, most supportive etc.

Another thing that games do a great job at displaying is that different people have different abilities. There are so many types of different games, and so many types of players in those games. If you take JRPGs (because I know them best), you have the protagonist which is usually an all-around type person, the muscle, the healer, the mage. You even have this in online games, but it’s worded somewhat differently. You still have mages, but you have tanks, melee fighters, all sorts! What this does is show players that just because someone’s ability is different from yours, that doesn’t mean they’re worth any less than you. It really helps some people understand the importance of others (such as healers) that are traditionally timider and less aggressive. The obvious real-world translation here is that players are more open-minded when it comes to people with disabilities. Whether that be a physical disability such as clubfoot, or a neurodiversity such as Autism. Players can accept that these people are different and still useful. This is obviously an amazing this because the world needs more people who understand that being disabled doesn’t mean that you’re worth less than abled people, it just means that society isn’t made for you.

Animal Crossing

Playing video games takes skill. Not only that, but if you play multiple video games, it shows that you’re able to learn new skills. For example, does your child play a lot of Skyrim? That usually means that they’re good at exploring and following through when they get presented with an opportunity. How about League of Legends? That usually means that they’re great team players and can successfully strategize- it may even mean that they’re a team leader and can command a team, communicating effectively with people in his team and that they’re capable of adapting to changes in the project (game) and feedback from the team. See, it’s not just ‘playing a game’. It’s different skills that players can work on repeatedly to maximize their potential. Can they put it on a CV when they’re older? Yes. Actually, both my partner and I were actively encouraged to talk about our gaming abilities in our personal statements for universities to read. Why? Because it shows that even in our free time, we’re still working on ourselves and trying to become better. Whether that be a better team player, a better thinker, better with reflexes or better communication. Games can show off the skills that your children have and help them practice those useful skills so that they can work better in the future.

Now, I know a lot of parents don’t particularly care about this one, but creativity is now valued in the workplace. Don’t try to say that it’s nothing to do with the workplace, because it is. I wanted to be an author as a child and my father argued because “it’s not a real job”. Now, employers value creative thinkers because creative thinkers encourage creative solutions which can generate profit for a company. Creativity isn’t just about marketing. It’s not just about art or writing. Creativity in games looks different. If you look at the game Hitman, this game encourages players to be both strategic and creative in assassination attempts. This leads to players finding new ways to successfully complete the mission with each attempt, which further leads to reflection on past attempts and critical thinking on how they could have done better. With creative thinking, players are much more reflective as there are so many different options, which encourages critical thinking which is something that is highly valued in the workplace.

Believe it or not, not everyone has the ability to be fully emersed in a story, either. Long, single-player games like Persona 5 (yeah I can’t write a post without mentioning it), The Witcher 3, and Red Dead Redemption all have complex plots with well-developed characters that fit incredibly well with the interactive aspect of video games as a medium. A large reason you probably can’t just sit and watch your child game is because you’re not interacting with the story like they are. These complex plots help children increase their ability to pay attention for longer periods of time, and they help their memory by including things like Easter Eggs (little throwbacks to earlier on in the game, or a previous game, or another game usually by the game company, or even a pop culture reference… Easter Egg is a short term for a big thing). Not only will this help them in the workplace, but also in school. I’ll give you a personal example of how this has helped me with my degree: if you don’t read my blog, you would’ve glossed over that Persona 5 reference earlier but it’s my favourite game. I’m autistic and while video games, in general, is a special interest of mine, Persona 5 would be my main one. I’m 21 and engaged and I have constant arguments with my partner over whether our babies’ nursery is going to be Persona 5 themed or Skyrim themed. That’s how much I love this game. And I study history… so that’s a lot of reading. The music in Persona 5 is sung in Japanese, so my brain doesn’t acknowledge it as lyrics unless I’m paying serious attention. If I’m focused, it’s just… a song. Obviously I’m focused when I’m playing Persona 5 (it’s a very intense game), and with the music in the background, my brain associates the music with me being focused. So I found this amazing 10-hour long background Persona 5 music thing on YouTube and that has honestly helped me focus on my degree so much. I used to be the most distracted person. Whenever I needed to study, I’d remember a chore I needed to get done or a blog post I needed to write or it was time to make food or I needed to take my medication. But because my brain associated that music with the game, I was able to focus so much more on my studying… and it actually helped me stop thinking about Persona 5 as much since my brain was already in that mode. I’ll link the music at the end of the most because it’s just a chill background sound- now it’s summer, I have it on when I’m doing chores and I literally have it on right now because I’m writing this blog post.

Persona 5 Royal

There is also an educational side to video games. Now, as a history student, one of the most promising careers for me is teaching. I’ve said this in lectures but video games are the best way to learn because it’s interactive. I’m digressing a little so I’ll come back to that point because my original point here was a lot of games have little mini-games where it’s a quiz about real life. The ones I immediately think of is in Persona 5 Royal (had to mention that too) and Yakuza: Like a Dragon (because Josh was playing it last night and I helped him with it). This encourages players to do their own research so that they pass the exam/ quiz/ mini-game. Furthering that point, let’s talk about the historic genre of video games because I’ve recently done an assignment on that and I loved it. This genre of video game helps children – players, even – learn about the past, mainly by encouraging them to do their own research. I’ve said multiple times that Josh knows more about the Cold War than I do because he has played the Metal Gear series. It piqued his interest. Another example, and I can’t believe I’m bringing this up again, is Persona 5. Some of the questions in the exam/ lesson section are about Japanese history and now my favourite podcast to listen to is one about Japanese history and I’m trying to learn Japanese so I can actually study it. When Josh (that’s my partner by the way, if I haven’t already said that) first played Red Dead Redemption 2, I was watching in awe at all the inaccuracies and explaining it to him, and then I was researching it to prove a point (overall though, it’s pretty accurate, I was just petty at the time). The main point of the historic genre of video games – or anything – is to encourage you to do your own research.

Now, I’m going to talk about socialising. I know you don’t think it’s good for your child to be on the [insert gaming device here] for hours at a time… but we’re in the middle of a pandemic. It’s something that they enjoy, that they can safely do with their friends. Quite frankly, there are far worse things that your child could be doing with their friends. But they’re not. They’re playing a video game, developing their skills and socialising with their friends. Video games can also be a great place to make friends! Especially, but not exclusively, online games like League of Legends or Fortnite. Games that encourage teamwork, builds trusts, creates friendship that can last for a lifetime. Even liking a single-player game, you can find people who also like it, you can join a subreddit or discord server… there are so many positive things about socialising through video games.

Something that I never thought about until I dated Josh was that video games help players get their emotions out when they don’t know how to process them. So, I have C-PTSD due to past abuse which means that when Josh and I argue, I get triggered if he raises his voice. So what he sometimes does is go and play a game – usually a violent one – so that he can get those angry emotions out before being able to process things logically. Josh is clearly the more logical one out of us because I just cry throughout the whole situation. But he’s actually been doing this for a while, even before he met me. Every sibling group argues, and Josh is the oldest so he tended to get in trouble the most for any anger-related incidents, so he used to take his anger out on video games instead. Video games provide players with a safe space so that if they were angry or upset, they wouldn’t actually hurt anyone. They can get the satisfaction from video games instead, by hurting fake people. Alternatively, if the player is struggling to process emotions – any emotions, not just anger – then video games give them a safe… environment so that they can take their time to process them. The game is something familiar to them and an issue with processing the emotions may be due to a change, so the familiarity of the game may help them be able to think about it more logically and process the emotions in a safe, healthy way.

Mystic Messenger

But I know what you’re saying… I know you’re still upset that all your child is doing is playing video games all the time. I get that. I’ve been in the same position with my partner, and he’s been in the same position as me. But I plead to you, reach out to them before getting mad. Mental illness is such a worrying thing that might be causing your child to play video games because at least they feel something, or at least they feel motivated to do that. Read about, do research, talk to a medical professional. There have been so many times that I’ve had to stop myself from snapping at Josh because he’s finally out of bed after a deep depression but all he’s done is play video games for 20 hours straight; likewise, I often find myself feeling resentment because I can’t find the emotional energy to do a load of washing but I can play Persona 5 for 12 hours straight. Video games are often the first thing that gamers get the motivation to do if they’re mentally ill, because at least they’re awake. At least they’re not sleeping all day. Sometimes we can’t even find the motivation to play the games we love; sometimes we don’t feel worthy or like we deserve to play the games we love. Mental illness is scary and I cannot stress how important video games are in recovery. I know that in my darkest moments, getting out of bed to play a game was an achievement. Sometimes I didn’t make it out of my bed, but I was awake and I was doing something and that was important to recovery. Please don’t get mad at your kids, because the odds are, there’s something more going on.       

In conclusion, video games are very beneficial and can help your whole family. They are not just for children, and I highly recommend you trying them out for yourself. In fact, I’m trying to save up money to get my mum a Nintendo Switch so that we can play Stardew Valley together. There are all sorts of different games with all sorts of different benefits, especially for your children! So, next time you get annoyed at your children spending too much time on their games, remember this list! Also, remember what I said about mental illness. If you think that this may be a case, try as I suggested about playing games with them if they are struggling to open up to you. As a child (any age, but I’m thinking more teenager years), it is very easy to think that your parents don’t care or that they have more important things to deal with. If you show any interest in their interest, they might realise that you do care and that you do have time for them. I hope this post helps someone, and if it did, give it a like!

Brothers: A tale of two sons

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My experience playing Dauntless so far…

Hey, Gamers! So, every now and then I like to tell you guys about games I’m currently dabbling in. I know I talk about Persona 5 a lot, so it’s nice to show off that I do actually play other games. I’ve done it for Dark Souls and League of Legends, and now it’s time for Dauntless!

We (my partner and I) recently got a new PlayStation 4 after realising that the PlayStation 5 probably won’t be in continuous stock for another year or so, therefore making it difficult to get until that point. I think we both just wanted to be able to play together, and a lot of games don’t give you that opportunity when you only have one console. So we spent our PlayStation 5 money on a PlayStation 4, got myself PlayStation Plus (I was very excited and felt like this made me a real gamer) and found some games we could play. One game that we installed recently is Dauntless and I have some things to say about the game.

Josh and I in Dauntless… I know, we look cool

First, it’s free. That’s a huge bonus because the last time we got paid before September was April, so summer is always difficult for us financially. I like that this game is free because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s nice to be able to try it. To be completely honest, I thought that it wasn’t going to be for me. I was willing to try it because I like trying new games and I want to make more gamer friends, but it just sounded a lot like League of Legends. The game being free meant that we could try it with no downside.

So, about what I said about it being like League… it isn’t. I mean, in a way it is. You’re in a team like in League, but you don’t bring anyone down. I know after a while of me playing LOL – and others have voiced this too – they felt like they couldn’t win because they’d have one good day and then let their team down for the next six weeks. You don’t get that with Dauntless. You’re not even on an official ‘team’ but you are all there to help each other. Nothing you do can make the game harder for your teammates (unless you die a lot and they have to keep reviving you but that’s their choice).

Josh and I in Dauntless again

Playing Dauntless, I felt an overwhelming sense of community. Everyone is there to help each other out. I’ve never really felt this in any other game that I’ve played, so it was nice. It made me understand what all those Tik Toks about gamer friends are about. It’s like everyone in that server wants what is best for you, and it’s the best feeling.

Lastly, I cannot stress how good it has been for me and Josh to have a game that’s not competitive. I’ve talked briefly before about how competitive we are when it comes to games and how the only ‘win’ I really have is Persona 5. Not only do we get to help each other in Dauntless, but when I decided that I was going to change my weapon, he decided that he would do the same so that we could trade up together (he missed his weapon so he changed back pretty quickly but it’s fine). We can take turns in leading each other and it doesn’t feel as though I lose if he gets a win. I mean, we all win at the end of the day but if he gets the last blow in, I’m happy for him and vice versa. I feel like in any other game, we would be so competitive over petty stuff like that.

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