The Significance of Mushroom In Life Is Strange 2

So, I want to make this very clear. If you have not seen or played Life Is Strange 2, you probably should not read this post. If you are currently playing it and haven’t reached Episode 2 yet- first of all, good choice in-game- go play that and then come back… after you’ve finished the game.

Are we good?

Okay, let’s go!

So, Mushroom. Poor, baby Mushroom. Daniel’s beloved pet quickly becomes a fan favourite in the game. We get her at the end of Episode 1, and by the start of Episode 2, we are in love already. Today, we are going to talk about the significance of Mushroom in relation to Daniel and the way he turns out, as well as how her fate foreshadows the ending.

Okay, seriously, if you do not know what happened to Mushroom by now, just look it up. I really do not want to be the one to tell you.

So, let’s just go way back to Episode 1 and talk about those events for a little bit. So, Sean and Daniel leave their hometown after the death of their beloved father. However, Daniel does not know that his dad is dead until the end of the episode. No one is exactly sure about what happened at this point, but as time progresses, it is clear that Daniel has some kind of mystical, kinaesthetic power. Now, we are going to pinpoint one bit of Episode 1 so that we are all on the same page: the gas station.

Daniel falls in love with Mushroom the second he sees her. To be honest, so did I. This scene sets up an evident dynamic, where Sean acts as the adult and Daniel is the child. This dynamic is vital to keep in mind. These boys have just lost their father, and Sean (almost automatically) steps up to look after Daniel. His prime goal is keeping Daniel safe. Their primary purpose of getting to Mexico is nothing is Daniel’s safety becomes jeopardised. We see this in Episode 2, when Sean gives in and goes to their grandparent’s house because Daniel is sick.  

So, a big theme of Life Is Strange 2 is parenting. Mushroom is important here because she teaches Daniel responsibility. Mushroom is Daniel’s puppy, and therefore his responsibility. So, it is interesting that when Sean let’s Mushroom outside to do her business, she dies. Daniel does not blame Sean; he does not even ask about it. He just grieves. This is such a mature outcome. Most people are quick to blame when pets die, so when Daniel does not blame Sean, it shows a level of maturity that is very rarely seen from the young boy. Teaching Daniel to be responsible through the care of Mushroom is one thing, but teaching him to be mature throughout the grieving process is another.

The main action that has an effect on Daniel through the death of Mushroom is whether or not you let him kill the cat. I did. I was hurt, just as Daniel was. Emotions become overbearing, especially in moments like these when everything just moves so fast. Letting Daniel use his powers to express his heartbreak also means that Mushroom gets to a proper burial. This seems almost symbolic. They’re not just burying Mushroom; they’re burying their old life. Daniel now knows the truth about their father, and this burial is likely the closest thing to closure that he will get from that.

But what does all of this mean?

It means that whenever Daniel is happy, it gets taken away.

It means that Daniel can’t have everything he needs to make him happy.

It means that Daniel is responsible enough by himself, but when Sean is involved, that’s another story.

And this is reflected throughout the several endings. If Sean goes to the police to hand himself in, Daniel is pretty happy… but something that all the conclusions are missing is Daniel being 100% happy. None, and I mean none, of the endings, show Daniel being completely happy. Whether it’s because Sean isn’t there, or because life in Mexico is not what they dreamt of.

Similarly, having a puppy is not what Daniel imagined. Mushroom is in this game for such a short amount of time. She is there to have an emotional effect on the player. She is there to break our hearts, just like her death broke Daniel’s. She is there to foreshadow the fact that no matter what happens, that little boy will never be able to be completely happy because of these powers that he just so happens to have.

Daniel did not choose to have these powers. He chose Mushroom. Daniel did not choose for his father to die. He chose to stay with his brother. Daniel did not choose to end up in a cult. He chose a place to belong. Daniel did not choose to live a life on the run. He chose Mushroom. He chose Mushroom, an innocent little puppy, when he was on the run. He did not even know why he was on the run.

Daniel will always choose happiness, like everyone else. However, that happiness will never fully work out for him. And that, ladies and gentleman, is the significance of Mushroom in Life Is Strange 2.

Persona 5 Royal- Week 5 Play Update

This week was a short one because my procrastination has really come back to bite me in the butt. However, it has also been one hell of a Persona 5 Royal week. So, for reference, before I wrote last week’s post, Sojiro took Joker and Futaba out for sushi. This week, the school festival just happened. I have officially hit the 100 hours mark, and my social stats are 5 for knowledge, charm and proficiency; and then 4 for kindness and guts. So this might be all jumbled up timeline wise but trust me, there is a very good reason for that.

Hawaiianized is now an official word in my own personal dictionary and I think it should be part of yours too!

This week I finally went to the Maid Café. I actually went a few times because it is honestly so comical that I get a stitch from laughing so hard. I have spent 22000 yen there (gaining 22 stamps), and I will definitely go again. 10/10 recommend, even if the maids are sometimes clumsy. It is a great way to get charm up, and also you get a little bit of kindness/guts depending on how you treat the maid that is serving you.

I went here way too much this week

Moving on to Goro Akechi, I am at the point of the story where I miss hanging out with him because I know he is going to go bad again soon and that breaks my heart. I cannot believe that I actually like him now. It is difficult for me to contemplate his redemption to be honest. Please do not misunderstand this; I like Akechi as a character. I like his arc, it is very interesting and I have always said that he is a very well written villain. Only, I know he is not going to stay as a villain and that confuses me. I truly hope that his redemption arc is good and not just fan service. That would be an injustice to his character, and we all know how much Akechi hates injustice.

Friends who go to the bathhouse together do not shoot each other… right, Akechi?

Maruki reached rank 9 this week and I, unfortunately, cannot continue (I assume I am blocked by some date but spoiler territory so I am not going to look it up for a change). The last few ranks of his confidant were not the best, and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. After Hawaii, he seemed like he grew significantly more serious. He is no longer his goofy self, which is something I originally loved about him. I guess as he gets closer to finishing his research, his eyes metaphorically narrow and it becomes one of the only things he is able to focus on, and therefore other aspects of his personality are shoved deep down. I hope that this changes, maybe in the third semester. What I have really enjoyed, however, is seeing him interact more with the Phantom Thieves- in particular, Futaba. That was a really sweet moment in which I was rooting for both of them as they both clearly have a passion for the subject but are not the best socially.

Precious moment

So, Kasumi. Wow. I did not expect this. So, for background, when the Hawaii trip happened, we ran into Kasumi (obviously) and she showed us a sort of lucky charm that she got for an upcoming meet. She got third place (which is amazing, go Kasumi!) but it was not good enough for the school. They are threatening to take away her honour student status, which means that she won’t be able to focus as much on gymnastics. She dropped her charm when she ran into Joker, clearly upset, so after school, Joker went to meet her at the stadium to take her charm back to her and comfort her the best he could. However, the nav activated. How? Kasumi. She awakened to her persona (which uses bless, which I called months ago) but does not join the Phantom Thieves. Now, from the opening and previous conversations, I assumed she had something against the Phantom Thieves. However, that is not really the case. She just wants to focus on gymnastics, which I completely understand. I mean, being a Phantom Thief is very time-consuming. But I digress; the nav activates and it is a completely new palace. I think it might be the vice principal’s, since there were voices saying how Kasumi needs to do better. It looked so clean, I cannot explain it in anyway other than like a freshly built building. I am excited to see how this progresses.

This face always just reminds me of Makoto but this is her direct follow up to telling Joker that she would not join the Phantom Thieves. She’s too precious.
Kasumi being 100% relatable

Moving on to the last thing- Okumura’s palace and boss fight. I actually thought that the small improvements made in the palace were very well done. They clearly knew that this was (in general) people’s least favourite palace, and I think that they worked hard to make it better whilst still keeping the iconic parts there. For example, I felt like everything was significantly easier to work through. The airlock puzzle that literally made me cry the first time I tried it barely phased me now (although I am unsure if it is because it was easier or if it is because I became less anxious and better at the game, but I highly doubt the last one). The part where you have to talk to the higher-ups is so much better, because you get told by the lower robots what the higher-ups are weak to. I really enjoyed the improvements, and it was nice to see that they took the things that the fans did not like into consideration.

Nice to see that people directly tell Haru that she is directly responsible for her father’s death

Do you know what I do not like? Staying up until 7 am because I keep either dying in a boss fight or running out of time. I really do not like that. The Okumura boss fight got me hard. I typically do not ask my partner for help in video games (unless it is something to do with spelling or math because I suck at those), but honestly, I woke him up because I was in tears. This boss fight frustrated the hell out of me. But that is not me saying that it is bad, because it is not. I liked the addition of robot Haru, because previously I thought that Okumura did not even regard Haru well enough to have a cognitive version of her.

Now, I am going to go into detail (kind of) about how I handled the boss fight. The first time, I just ran out of time at the ones that are weak to wind (second to last group). I used Morgana, I tried everything but they always ran. But then I remembered, my Arsene is pretty damn good and he has an Almighty move that will attack them all. So I made Morgana attack with wind, baton pass to me and then Arsene used Megidolaon. So for around 3 turns, I did that tactic. However, it still was not working. There was always one with a little bit of health left. And then I had a revelation.
I worked out that if Morgana only hit one of them down, baton passed to Makoto, used an item to knock another down, baton passed to Haru to use another item to finish them off essentially, and then baton pass to Joker (who’s attack was also still up from Ryuji) then use Megidolaon. In his first turn, Joker also used Megidolaon. And that is how I finally did it! It was tough, real tough, and there were many, many tears shred. But I did it. And now I am ready for Akechi to break my heart all over again. Fun.

I will likely have Sae’s palace finished by the time I write the post next week, but that being said, I do have several assignments due in so I guess you’ll just have to come back next week to find out! See you then!

Lastly, here are your weekly funny screenshots:

Ha. Yeah.
I will forever include this moment
Morgana was clearly confused
Futaba got owned
It is nice to see Joker getting the same treatment as everyone else with glasses
Maruki being Maruki

Does picking a console have an effect on how you play the game?

So, this post is a little different to my usual content again (being adventurous this week!). Today, I felt the need to discuss the difference a console makes to your overall gaming experience. I do not intend to state that one console is better than another. If you have read my ‘About Me’ page, you know that I when I was younger, I had an Xbox and now I play PlayStation. However, I am going to be adding Nintendo Switch into the mix this week, because mine got fixed.

So, first is a little storytime that I feel like I need to include for all of this to make sense. Skyrim came out a long time ago. Way back when I was in high school. I remember not hearing much about it, though, until I got to college (A levels, so 16-18 for all my international readers). My ex-boyfriend and my ex-best friend played it a lot. They would talk about it for hours, and to be honest, I never really paid attention because the conversation was never really directed at me. I heard a few bits and bobs. For example, I knew not to kill the chicken. I told my ex that I wanted to play it and he laughed. When I became friends with my current partner, he let me play it straight away because it was his favourite game. It’s the game he always seems to go back to. Over the course of a few months, I tried playing Skyrim a lot. I also broke the game a ridiculous amount without actually ever knowing what exactly I did wrong.

I just did not get it. It was just a lot of wandering around, a lot of being confused. It was not for me. I tried it on my current partner’s PS4. I then asked my dad to get it for me on my Xbox 360 to see if that would be any better. The furthest I got was reaching the Greybeard place.

But we have a Nintendo Switch. And Skyrim was his favourite game, so we have Skyrim on the Switch. Now, this Switch had been broken since January last year. We recently sent it off to get fixed, and now it is back! Hurray! But while my partner was excited he would finally be able to finish Let’s Go Pikachu, I was not really excited to play any of our games on the Switch. I, as I am sure we are all aware by this point, which much rather just play Persona 5 Royal on the PlayStation and let him have fun playing Pokemon. But he was playing on the PlayStation, and despite not being excited to play any particular game, I was excited to have the Switch back in working condition. So I tried to play Skyrim again because since the last time I tried to play it, I have played about ¾ of the Witcher 3 so I thought it might be better now.

And boy was I right.

I believe wholeheartedly that if I had tried to play Skyrim on the PlayStation again, I still would not have enjoyed it. But this led me to think – what else have I been missing out on because I tried it on the wrong console?

Now, this is not me saying “you need to get every single console that comes out in order to enjoy every game ever” because that would be ridiculous. I know how expensive consoles are (I am already saving up for the PS5, and I know I probably won’t be able to afford it for a long time after it comes out). Not just that, but I also know how expensive games are. Sales are the way to go in that regard, but even then, it can still be pricey. The worst thing is paying £50 for a game you have already got on another console, and that you did not exactly enjoy.

What I am saying is that if you find yourself not enjoying a game that the majority of people do enjoy, maybe ask yourself why. Is there anything about another console that would make that experience better for you? For example, I have bad eyesight anyway, and since Skyrim is kind of grey, I do not tend to pick up on things as easy on the TV (especially with the glare of the light). The Switch made this less of a problem as I can have the screen significantly closer to my face so that I can pick up on a lot more. I can see the full screen at once instead of my eyes having to flicker all over the place.

Different consoles have different pros and cons. You know in your heart what console is best for you. What I am putting forward today is that that console may not be best for you for every game. I was set on Xbox until I was with my partner. Now I am PlayStation all the way. But that does not exactly mean that other consoles do not benefit me.

Keeping an open mind when playing a new game is essential. However, when it is a big game, you have certain expectations. If those expectations are not met, you feel dissatisfied and frustrated. My advice is to try it on a new console. Sell it to a secondhand shop to get some money back, then just try it on another console. Your experience, like mine, might be completely different.

Tomb Raider is a 2 Player Game?

I know that this is a hop, skip and a jump from the content I usually produce, but my partner downloaded Uncharted the other day so that he can play that instead of overtaking me in Persona 5 Royal. I watched him play it for half an hour in a sleepy daze. I didn’t even have my glasses on originally, but I still recognised certain mechanics. My heart started pounding as fond memories flooded my brain. I was about to ask him why he installed Tomb Raider because he’s never shown any interest in it.

You see, I grew up with this game. I cannot remember the exacts, but I remember my dad calling me downstairs after he came home from work and let me climb up the climbing wall and jump into the swimming pool. I was not a huge gamer as a kid, but I could have done that for hours. My dad had a friend (I called him my Uncle so I’ll refer to him like that) who would come over every other night or so and they would play Tomb Raider (or Resident Evil). Thinking about it, my parents did not have the best marriage, but they always worked so well together when Tomb Raider was on.

So when my partner got me Shadow of the Tomb Raider for Christmas 2018, I was confused about why I was not enjoying it. When I was 13, I always played it. But now, as I was watching my partner play his game, I realised why I did not enjoy Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It was because I was playing it by myself.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Oh, it was too hard for you. Yeah, I thought that also. But the fun bit for me is helping each other. Pointing out clues, working out why you can’t land on that rock, trying to work out the puzzle. And when there is so much going on in a game like there is in the Tomb Raider games, you need that other person helping you.

I am not a very social person. I like working things out on my own. I get a feeling of satisfaction when I complete a puzzle or find a clue. But when you play Tomb Raider as a 2 player game, you get more than that satisfaction. You gain skill that can be applied to real life. Your communication improves, your patience improves (and trust me, when you play with my dad, you need patience), and more evidently, your teamwork skills improve. Your relationship with the person you’re playing with improves significantly. I had a lot of issues with my dad growing up, but Tomb Raider was always our thing. I felt comfort whenever we played it, like all those issues melted away. And I honestly cannot think of another type of game that provides so much action that you need two players to play it successfully.

I remember when I was a kid, it was never just my dad playing Tomb Raider. It was always my dad and my uncle. I would usually chime in with some unhelpful advice because I was like, 6 and understood nothing. My sisters and mother would even try to help out on things like puzzles. And there are so many ways you can play this as a team. As I got older, my father and I had a ‘three deaths or one-hour rule’ in which we would swap the controller over every three deaths or each hour, if both of us wanted to play. Another way is someone looking out for the sneaky shiny clues or a way out of a tricky situation. My advice would be at least to try to swap over so that both brains are being used, as sometimes you need a fresh outlook, especially when things are particularly tricky.

I know this is a long shot but try it. Even if you like playing Tomb Raider by yourself. Try it and then get back to me. This game can cause more bonding than family party games. Heck, you could probably play it as a family party game! (Actually, they are pretty long games so I would not recommend actually doing this). But it is also a great thing to try when you’re in lockdown, and your family is driving you up the wall.

Persona 5 Royal- Week 4 Play Update

What a week! We have quite a bit to talk about, so let’s get straight into it! For reference, before writing last week’s post, Makoto had just met Sojiro. This week, Joker had gone out to Sushi with Futaba and Sojiro. Again, I did the palace in one day. I thought I would mention as well, for this playthrough, I am actually taking notes for a future blog post, so rather than doing what needed to be done, I did what would be most interesting to read.

So, last week I completely forgot to talk about a new aspect of the game that I enjoy so much- Showtime Attacks! I have unlocked three so far- Ann’s and Morgana’s (which is funny and sweet), Makoto’s and Ryuji’s (which is my favourite by far), and Ryuji’s and Yusuke’s (which disappointed me because I really wanted Art Runner but at the same time, it is so damn ridiculous I can’t help but laugh each time). These attacks are great and even work on Bosses (my Kaneshiro fight ended with a Makoto/Ryuji showtime attack, it was pretty satisfying). It does not cost SP or HP, and it is so entertaining. I am excited to see the rest. I hope that Ann and Ryuji have one (although I doubt it).

Fusion alarms have been both the bane of my existence and the best thing ever to happen. So, I managed to fuse two of the DLC personas by accident, which is always great because they are powerful and have fantastic moves. However, my persona line up is a little all over the place right now. That stresses me out. I like having designated Personas, and despite what I just said, the fusion alarm actually helped me with this. So, for those who do not know me, I am scared of bugs, or anything that resembles a bug. This includes moths. You can imagine how freaked out I got when I tried to make Matador and got Mothman during a fusion alarm. But it is one heck of a Mothman.

I now have a persona that I make sure is equipped at the start of the battle. This deals with dealing Joker’s HP and SP, and I actually managed to do Futaba’s palace when Joker had most of his SP left at the end. Another fun little thing that I did in a fusion alarm is turn my level 12 Arsene into a level 27 Arsene with Megidolaon. Yeah, that severe all-mighty move. I am pretty chuffed with it, to be honest.

I plan on using skill cards to make Arsene better, but I am still unsure about which direction I want to go with him. I definitely do not want to go down the insta-kill route, because I want to keep Alice for that when I get further in the game. I think I might just try to get a strong physical and curse move right now. Hopefully, I will do that by next week.

Moving on to confidants, I managed to max out Kasumi. Kind of, at least. She only has 5 ranks, and her ‘max’ thing is different from normal (unless they’ve changed it, but I doubt it).

I hung out with Kasumi quite a bit this week, choosing her over the Phantom Thieves because I really want that third semester. I have decided to romance her (I made a deal with my partner because he loved Makoto and was having trouble picking between them as he wanted to see what Kasumi’s romance route was like). I said last week that I think she will awaken to her persona off-screen, but now I am not so sure. I think she might find the metaverse herself, but will need Joker to be there before she awakens to her persona. I am so excited to advance her story. I assume that the other ranks are locked behind the third semester.

But the third-semester idea has lead me to question a lot- like, how will it happen? Do the Phantom Thieves not defeat Yaldabaoth? Do they not go to the depths of Mementos? There are so many questions rolling around in my head that I want answering, but I refuse to look at spoilers. I am so excited to find out what happens.

The jazz club is a great addition to the game, although I do prefer darts over everything else as it is more interactive. I like how you can make your teammate’s personas stronger. It makes me feel like I have more control over the whole team as a whole. I think billiards would have been so much better if it was more interactive, and I think it could have been done easily too. However, I still appreciate it the way it is.

In terms of stats, I am a little behind (same with confidants) because as I said in the beginning, I am trying to make my playthrough entertaining for a future post. I have everything but kindness at 4, which is frustrating because Futaba and Sojiro are some of my favourite confidant storylines. I keep on meaning to go do the next step of the Big Bang Burger Challenge, but something else always seems to pop up. I have over 60% of the trophies now. I am feeling pretty confidant that I will get the third semester, even if I had to sacrifice my Hawaii date for it.

That’s all for this week, folks! I did want to include that in a few weeks, my partner and I are going to be streaming Persona 5 Royal on either Twitch or YouTube. We can’t stream all of it unfortunately as we can only use the Playstation Share thing, but anything is better than nothing. I am hoping to have Okumura’s palace over by next week, but at the same time, I have university work to do. See you next week!

Weekly screenshot of the twins:

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia (2018)- Game Review

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights Of Britannia is a PS4 exclusive action game which walks the player through the events of The Seven Deadly Sins manga and anime. It came out in January 2017 in Japan, and February 2018 in the European Union and North America. This game is a fighting type and can be played in two modes: adventure – which tells the story – or duel – which is where you can play against an AI or a friend.  


The music of this game is good. It is very reminiscent of the series and fits in well with the overall theme. The characters are voiced by their Japanese voice actors from the anime, which adds familiarity. The sound effects when fighting is also fitting for the game. There is nothing that really stands out as being fantastic in terms of sound and nothing that stands out as being awful either.

Rate: 6/10


One of the only issues I have with this game is the glitches. During fights, enemies often glitch into houses or behind the barrier so you cannot hit them. This is typically not a big deal, but a lot of the fights are timed, which makes the few seconds an enemy glitches for vital to the overall battle, and you may have to start the fight again.

Apart from that little issue, the game looks good. It is not a game you go into thinking it will look amazing like Red Dead Redemption 2, and you should not. It is a game that you go in expecting a similar story to the anime, and that is what you get. There are locations that are familiar, nothing looks bad.

Rate: 5/10


The gameplay element of this game is exactly what you would expect it to be. It is an anime-style fighting game. You can use combos to gain the upper hand and a super special move when your character gets hit enough times.

There are certain characters (Merlin and King) who are at a disadvantage because all of their moves are magic, yet they have the same about of magic as other characters such as Ban and Meliodas. This makes them harder to play as because you cannot just button mash. It means that the player has to think more strategically while playing as these characters.

There is one character in particular which is overpowered: Hawk. Yes, the pig. It sounds ridiculous, but Hawk’s special move, in particular, is completely overpowered (and incredibly fun to use). Going into this game, you would not expect Hawk to be overpowered because, well, he is a pig. But with some bizarre side quests, the player soon finds out that the pig is not to be messed with, especially when it comes to scraps!

There is an element of the game in which you can upgrade characters. You gain items as rewards through side quests, and use them – with the crystals obtained through battle and on the map – to improve your characters (even Hawk’s mom!). This is a nice element, especially for the co-op mode, as it gives you a chance to gain an advantage over your opponent.

Rate: 7/10

Replay Value:

This game has a ranking system. S is the best, and the worst is C. This encourages players to replay battles to get a better score. Replaying the battles is a fun way to improve your skills and to gain gossip points. However, as for playing the whole game again, it is a very long game. It may be best just to stick with replaying the battles.

Rate: 9/10


The story follows the anime quite firmly, although some things are omitted, and some things are added. The fighting festival, for example, would have been so fun to do. However, this was not included properly, so you cannot actually fight.

There are so many side quests, many of them including Hawk and Elizabeth. The pacing of the story is weak, as there are so many side quests. However, as for the actual story itself, it is good. The side quests are fun and mostly optional.

They give more insight into the characters that people love. Another way that this is done is by the characters interacting while travelling from place to place. This happens quickly, so you have to be a quick reader! However, this game is primarily for people who already love this story.

Rate: 8/10


I love The Seven Deadly Sins anime. As I have Dyslexia, I watch the dub, which made this game a little harder for me to play as I am slow at reading, and the only voice acting is in Japanese. This game is the type to play when you want to take your aggression out on something. The team fights are my favourite, and I always pick Ban and Hawk because they are my favourite team.

In conclusion, this is a fun game to play when you are not in the mood to play a serious game. The story and surroundings are familiar to anyone who has watched the anime, which adds to the whole, not taking it seriously vibe. I would recommend this game to anyone who already likes The Seven Deadly Sins and is waiting for the next season on Netflix!

TLDR; This game is great for fans of The Seven Deadly Sins!

Overall Rate: 7/10

In The Eyes Of A Girlfriend- Fallout 4

First of all, I would like to apologise for this post being up a few hours late. I was a little late deciding what was going to be posted today, and then I made the decision to post something I had yet to write. But we are here now, so let’s go!

Fallout 4 is a game that I have tried to play several times (three or four), but I never get very far. I have stated multiple times before, shooting games like this just are not my cup of tea, and ultimately Fallout 4 was a big deciding factor of that. A year or so ago, my partner explained the plot, and I found it interesting, so I tried and failed to play it. So now, he is going to show me what went wrong for me and how to do it right. Only there will probably be a lot more murder.

So, the first thing he does when he puts the game in complains about the fact that up the top of the screen, they put about Fallout 76. He had a few choice words about that game and made it clear that he is not going to buy it. Now I am considering getting it for him as a joke.

He wanted me to make it clear to you guys that he always makes the bad guys. He says it is more fun as you get to behave in a way that you are not allowed to in real life, which is his biggest reason for gaming. It is why he sometimes plays games like GTA V and other ‘bad guy’ games. It allows people who are good citizens to take their anger and aggression out on fictional characters instead of real life.

He spends a while creating his character. I do not blame him, I have played Sims 4 before so I know how long it can take to make a character. His moustache is… um… very, uh, impractical. He calls it a thing of wonder. According to him, it is like the moustaches from black and white films that have moustache-twirling villains.

So now he walks around his house, and Codsworth ambushes him with ‘good morning’ and the typical Codsworth greetings. Oh okay, apparently they lost a dog? Shaun starts crying and instead of checking on his son, Josh decides to peak out of the window and freaks out because he sees the Vault-Tec guy. He runs to the bathroom but eventually opens the door. He is very mean to the man, but Nora puts her put down.

For the first time in forever, he puts Charisma all the way up to 10; Perception, Agility and Luck are 4; Intelligence is 3; Strength is 2; and lastly, Endurance is 1. He is not happy about this but wants me to make it clear that this is an experimental build.  He calls his character Hamilton, which I could not argue with and rather appreciated. And Codsworth says it!!!! That is pretty cool.

He finally goes to see Sean and give him attention, but Codsworth yells about coming to see something. I’ve played all of this already so I don’t understand why he’s taking so long since I’ve seen him go through this in no time.

So he heads to the Vault as he hints that either Bethesda has lazy writing or the Vault-Tec guy set off the bombs. Once he gets to the Vault, he calls the doctor an idiot, demands his ‘thing’ because “haha I’ve played this game before” and then gets upset because he has to wait for a guy. Then he gets frozen, unfrozen, witnesses the death of his wife and kidnapping of his son, and then refrozen, and then unfrozen again. He then opens Nora’s pod, steals his wedding ring, and then decides between “fisticuffs or batoncuffs” and chooses to take the baton. He then changes the difficulty to hard, and I have to resist rolling my eyes because he is clearly just trying to flex at this point.

And then he plays a game for a while. After he dies in fake Donkey Kong, he uses the overseers terminal to open a door, and there is a lot of roaches there. He heads up to the surface finally and then complains that he did not choose Valt Tec, he was forced. He goes to see Codsworth, and he states that Mr Hamilton needs a distraction. As a result, Mr Hamilton freaks out, and then we find out it has been 210 years. Poor Codsworth. He’s so precious. I do love him. But yeah, Josh was rude to him. Very rude. And I am very disappointed.


Dogmeat is the most precious angel dog in the entire gaming history, apart from Mushroom of course. He’s so precious, oh my gosh.

Josh explains that the Vault-Tec vault suit thing has no resistance, but as you are leaving town, you can pick up a Drifter Outfit, which gives him 5 damage resistance. And then we get to the point where I always die and give up. He starts shooting people and using VATS, and I get very easily confused. He goes back to his jumpsuit and attaches a raider leg that he got from shooting people, so that way, he can pick up more armour from raider’s that he shoots. SOMEONE SHOT DOGMEAT, and then Dogmeat kills them, so it is all good.

He gets asked to help by Preston Garvey so “naturally I am not going to help”. He puts the raider chest piece on and explains that he plans on eventually just letting his character walk around in a suit that gives his character +2 Charisma. He threatens Trash Can Carla, who gives him 50 bottle caps. He goes looking for other opportunities to be evil, so I give up because this is not fun to me at all. Okay, sometimes it is funny. He just extorted a drug dealer, and he tried again, but he literally took all of his money the first time. He explains to me that the drug dealer was threatening someone who’s son bought drugs, but the lady was upset because her son got addicted to drugs. So he basically got money off the both of them, without shooting anyone, and then he levelled up which is always a good thing. He then gets really sad because idiot savant is luck 5, and he has luck 4.

He ends up in Lexington but does not want to be there because of feral ghouls. The ghouls kind of reminds me of the monsters from Until Dawn. He finds a random event where feral ghouls are named because they are his old neighbours that did not get into the Vault, so they turned into feral ghouls.

The thing about Fallout 4 is he makes it look so easy, and the plot is intriguing, but in my opinion, the gameplay is not the best for me. I think that there is not enough plot to match the level of gameplay. And it starts off so slow, and that is probably why I never got too far with it.

Moving on, I shall see you guys on Sunday with another post… maybe about Yu-Gi-Oh, maybe about Seven Deadly Sins. But you know what it won’t be about? Persona 5! Shocking, right? See you then!

Persona 5 Royal- Week 3 Play Update

 This week was a slow one gameplay-wise because I had an assignment due in today. So, for reference, Makoto had just awakened to her Persona when I wrote last week’s update. For this week’s update, Makoto has met Sojiro, and that’s pretty much as far as I’ve got. So, I’ve beaten Kaneshiro. There are a few things I wish to discuss, but this week’s post will be significantly shorter than the last. That being said, in a few weeks, I am hoping to make some good progress because University is nearly over with for the year. WARNING: I am going to be talking about what I think is going to lead to major Kasumi spoilers, so proceed with care.

Ryuji wants you to be careful, because spoilers are ahead!

First thing I wish to discuss is the batting cages. I think I’ve mentioned them briefly before, but now that I actually had some time after finishing Kaneshiro’s palace in one day (my biggest gaming flex right now), I figured, you know what? Let’s go batting. And batting I did. 6 home runs and 40 hits. Yeah, I was there for a while. While this feature is not the most rewarding thing on the planet, obviously giving you proficiency and a free batting ticket if you get 3 home runs, it is good practice. I think I will soon have the chance to come here with the team, so I’m getting my training in now while I can.

Moving on to the Thieves Den again, it is fun. I said that before but the point still stands, so I am repeating it. However, what is not fun (*gasp* am I really about to say something slightly negative about Persona 5 Royal?) is spending half an hour trying to get the combination of people that you want, getting it and then accidentally skipping over it out of frustration. It should not be this hard to pick people to play against in Tycoon. I love the game, but this part is frustrating.

Playing Tycoon is fun!

Next, Futaba. I do not believe I have ever stressed enough about how much I love Futaba because I genuinely – painfully – relate to her. I will, one day, do a whole post on her, but that won’t be for a while because I think people are hoping I stop talking about Persona after posting pretty much only Persona content for like three weeks straight. But I digress, Futaba has been introduced slowly into my game, but she does have a few more clips before she is officially introduced. Just last night, I was playing it, and both I and my partner noticed that there are more scenes of her in her room. It is not particularly useful, but rather quite enjoyable. I think it does make more sense, and it gives more of an insight into how she works out everything.

Speaking of there being more of a character, I am pretty sure that Makoto is more violent in this game than the original. Or am I just missing it? Regardless, it is still hilarious.

Makoto being scary outside the palace
Makoto being both suggestive and scary at the same time
Makoto being scary inside a palace with her motorcycle Persona
Makoto being scary at school

Okay so let us just have a chat about Maruki, because I am mad. He does not want to hang out with me anymore, but he thinks it is okay to just call me in for a chat. Basically, I got Maruki up to rank 5 and can no longer go any further with him until completing Futaba’s palace, which is interesting but frustrating.

Moving on to Kasumi, and we certainly have what I class as major developments. We hung out with her, alongside best boy 4, Goro Akechi, and found out that she actually does not like the Phantom Thieves. She believes that by stealing someone’s heart, we are not allowing them to grow. This led to me thinking a lot, because I really believe that people are never the same, people change, but whether or not they change in a positive or negative way is up to them. I should by all means, agree with Kasumi in this instance. However, I know from playing the game that a person who is bad is bad for a reason, and it is very difficult to change that. I do not believe that by changing their hearts, we are no longer letting them grow. I believe it is like pressing a reset button, to allow them to choose their path again. For example, how was Kaneshiro going to grow out of being the person he was? He needed that reset button, because there was almost no more room for him to grow. Second development was after the summer festival. We find out that she did not win her meet, and that she had a sister who died whom she used to do gymnastics with. Aside from rushing to text my partner to tell him he must not come upstairs because spoilers, I really thought hard about this. So, for the past few weeks, since I got Royal since I saw the super cool new opening, I have been trying to work out what Kasumi’s palace is going to be, and when it is. If you already know, please do not tell me! This is just a fun little game for me, and obviously, spoilers are bad. So, here is what I have so far:

  1. She awakens to her Persona before Sae’s palace
  2. She is a gymnast
  3. Her sister died in an accident and was also a gymnast
  4. She does not believe the Phantom Thieves are in the right by stealing people’s hearts
  5. She is not a member of the Phantom Thieves in Sae’s palace

So, my original thoughts were that her palace was between the second and third, pushing Makoto’s back into the summer. However, now I believe that her palace is in the new semester and that she actually awakens to her Persona before the palace she is attached to. This could come about in one of two ways in my opinion. In essence, she could awaken in someone else’s palace, my thoughts are Futaba’s or at the start of Sae’s, or alternatively, she could awaken to her Persona off-screen, like Akechi. Since the two are connected in the story, this one seems more likely. However, another scenario may be just Igor trying to mess around with Joker, if that makes sense.

And I think that is all for this week! Come back next week to see how far I get when I have an exam coming up, and an assignment due in, and work experience. Hint: It’s going to go one of two ways- I either avoid my responsibilities to play this game, or I actually get a right work-play balance going on. I think it will be the first one. See you then!

As usual, here are some funny screenshots from my week! Enjoy!

This made me laugh for half an hour. Yes, that is Akechi wearing Joker’s glasses.
Ryuji pointing out how scary Makoto is
Yusuke being slightly demanding
And lastly, the twins.

Confidant Analysis- Persona 5 Part 3

It is that time of the week again: confidant analysis! This is the third and final post of this little series, so if you liked it, let me know! I might do a similar thing for Persona 5 Royal but maybe in more detail and just one really, really long post. This is the last post:

And this is the overview once again:

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

So, for this post, we will be focusing on four confidants: Justine and Caroline, Yuuki Mishima, Hifumi Togo and Shinya Oda. Once again, this is a reminder that the numbers are based on the usefulness of their confidant abilities to the protagonist’s rehabilitation.

Justine and Caroline
Justine and Caroline (the strength arcana) are the quickest confidants to get up to 10. It does not take up any in-game time, and if you plan it really, really well, you could totally do it all in one sitting. That being said, it is a lot of fusing, a lot of reloading and a lot of skill cards (especially if you mess up and do not feel like reloading like I did).

Their confidant abilities are extremely useful to Joker’s rehabilitation, especially the first and last ones. The lockdown is touch and go, depending on how you play the game, but regardless, some resistance is useful. They will also call you if you leave a persona in lockdown for too long, so I find that a little amusing. Do not push it, though, because they will get rid of that persona if you forget to go get it. My advice would be just to go there straight away. It does not take long to retrieve a persona from lockdown. If you are in a rush, fast travel to a velvet room door and save there, because that way, the next time you load up your save, you’ll wonder why you are there and will be more likely to get your persona.

As for their narrative… most of it happens in the main storyline. Sure, it makes more sense if you play the confidant, but the confidant arc itself is really not special at all. They are realising things and holding it back because it is part of the main story, but it just gets frustrating because you get to rank 10 and they are still not telling you what is going on, what their realisation is, nothing. You get nothing until the end of the game. Although I do agree that confidant stuff should leak into the actual main game, you should not be feeling like there is no confidant arc because they are literally keeping all the juicy things to themselves just for the end of the game. Like, it is frustrating that these two are even confidants for this exact reason. Like, seriously, these two were confidants, but Shiho wasn’t? It just does not make sense.

But the thing is, I cannot say that this confidant is not useful. Because it really is. And it is not like you have to sit through a ton of boring story either. You can just go, fuse the personas, and then you’re basically done. You’ve got all the great perks, everything is excellent, and it was not a waste of time. And I cannot stress this enough, advancing the twin’s confidant does not advance time. Like, you basically have a free confidant here!

Yuuki Mishima
Mishima… Mishima, Mishima, Mishima. Oh, Mishima. This guy radiated loneliness to the point where I was worried he would stalk me if I talked to him. Which, by the way, he probably did considering how quickly he works out you are a Phantom Thief after seeing the very first calling card (you know, the one drawn, written and put up by Ryuji). How else would he know?

Mishima’s confidant abilities focus on EXP. While I do agree that this is useful, especially for those playing on the harder difficulties, it also is not that useful. It is nice to have, but it is not super unique. I think the best thing about Mishima’s confidant is that you get Mementos requests out of it. They definitely made the smart choice of linking EXP with Mementos, because that is where everyone goes to grind, and with the additional EXP from Mishima’s confidant abilities, it is easier to level up.

His arc is not the best, but at the same time, I think he changes the most throughout the game, while staying the same. It is difficult to explain it but here me out. Look at Mishima at the start of the game. He is essentially Kamoshida’s lap dog. He leaked the protagonist’s information just because Kamoshida told him to. He was getting used and most definitely abused by the gym teacher. He was probably only on the volleyball team so that Kamoshida could use him. But maybe he was looking for the same thing Ryuji was: a place to belong. And he kind of gets that when he makes the Phansite. He, who was once taunted because he was nothing, was now significant. He was in charge of something bigger than a teacher’s ego. He was in charge of the reputation of the Phantom Thieves. That is a big deal for someone who just followed orders all of their life. So, the power goes to his head very quickly. He starts trying to use the Phantom Thieves to progress his own agenda. He takes money from the supporters of the Phantom Thieves. He loses himself before he finds himself. Part of this comes from the abuse that he suffered under Kamoshida. Kids who have been abused usually go one of two ways: they either become an abuser to gain power, so that they are never abused again; or, they fight against the power, so no one is ever abused again. Out of all the characters that go through abuse in this game, you see both of these traits in Mishima. You see, his story may not be very interesting, but when you look into it, it is so much deeper than you originally think.

 Mishima was abused. He got out of it. He got a little bit of power and went wild with it, thinking his way was just. He did not want to be hurt again. But after you go to see his shadow in Mementos (which is a scene I highly recommend people watch a few times to be honest), he realises that by having all of this power, he is not helping anyone. He is turning into the type of person he hates. He is turning into the type of person that gets their hearts stolen. And I think a little spark of fear lights up, because he does not want to be like Kamoshida. He does not want to abuse his power. He wants to fight against the power, like the Phantom Thieves do.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Mishima’s character is the most realistic abuse victim in the whole game. His story does not seem like a huge deal, but it is.

Hifumi Togo
Hifumi Togo is a difficult one to analyse, because she has a lack of personality. Her abilities are so helpful, especially the first one. When she is introduced, she is well-known. If  you wait a little bit before going to see her, you’ll overhear a few people talk about her being great at shogi and beautiful. Everything her mother wanted her to be, essentially. And I think, with that in mind, let’s look at her confidant abilities.  

Without a doubt, Hifumi’s confidant abilities are useful to the rehabilitation of the protagonist. Looking at abilities like Koma Sabaki and Togo System, her abilities almost match those of the Phantom Thieves. They are very similar to those of Futaba Sakura, and I believe that if Hifumi were a Phantom Thief and had those additional confidant abilities, she would be in the top 3 confidants. Her abilities could make the difference of life or death, again, very similar to Futaba’s confidant abilities. These confidant abilities are a little too useful and specific to not try to look into them in more detail. For example, why are they so similar to Futaba’s? The way that Hifumi’s confidant abilities are set out makes it seem like she was meant to be a Phantom Thief. Her abilities directly affect battle in ways that are only really matched by the abilities of the Phantom Thieves. Other confidants – such as Shinya, who we will look at next – have abilities that help directly with certain aspects of battle (for example, guns or shadow negotiations) but Hifumi’s confidant abilities help with the process of the battle itself. Another similar(ish) example we could compare her to is Makoto Niijima. Makoto’s abilities focus on analysis and working to gain the advantage, controlling the flow of the battle. Swapping party members out also controls the flow of the battle. This makes Hifumi a little more mysterious and significantly more useful. Was she meant to be a Phantom Thief? By looking at her confidant abilities, we can infer that Hifumi was originally going to be a Phantom Thief. There are indications and images online that may confirm this. She may have been left out as Makoto is the strategist of the group; this leaves us to wonder what the game would have been like with Hifumi Togo as a member of the Phantom Thieves, and would it have affected Makoto’s position? Perhaps, that was the exact reason that she was taken out.

As for Hifumi’s confidant arc, I am afraid that is where the disappointment lies. She does not have much of a personality, yet her story is decent. It feels like they took away from her character, but left her with a decent story and exceptional abilities, just so that we would not think she was a Phantom Thief. Regardless, her story definitely lacks somewhat, which makes me wonder whether or not the decision to take her out of the Phantom Thieves was a decision that was made rather late on in development. Her mother is overbearing and controlling, basically ruining her life. The Phantom Thieves help her, and she restarts the whole shogi thing at an amateur level, rather than being in the professional league. Her mother had been paying off or somehow rigging each match of hers, and the first one this does not happen, Hifumi is almost thrown into the deep end. Whether or not this means that Hifumi was significantly under-skilled is another story, but the emotional toll that this must have had on her is overwhelming to think about. This girl had seemingly committed most of her life to shogi, only to find out she was not as good as she initially thought. She had worked hard, gained publicity that she did not want, just to advance her shogi career. And it was all a lie. In a way, this story gives you some kind of satisfaction, while still making you feel like there is much more going on here.

And if you missed the first part of my analysis and therefore do not understand what I mean when I compare it to the Phantom Thieves, here is the link to the original post:

Shinya Oda
Lastly, Shinya. Now, Shinya comes around quite late in the game in comparison to most of the confidants we have talked about, in the last few months of the game. I recommend using Chihaya as much as possible being going to hang out with him to level him up faster (but I would also recommend using this technique with anyone, especially in the latter half of the game). Shinya is at the top of this particular list (and surprisingly ahead of Hifumi) because combined with Iwai’s confidant abilities, you have a pretty powerful way of attacking without using SP or HP.

We all know how you need to preserve ammo in the original Persona 5, which makes it stressful when you are trying to do a palace in one day. The most stressful one, in my opinion, is when you go to the depths of Mementos and literally just thinking of it makes me stressed. However, Shinya significantly helps during this palace in particular. Bullet Hail is very helpful when starting a battle against a powerful enemy, and shot down can be useful when the enemy has no weakness as it gives you an extra chance to get a critical and then perform an All-Out Attack, ending the battle quickly and preserving things such as SP and HP for longer. Although this is not as pressing in the last bit of Mementos due to Justine and Caroline/ Lavenza coming out on top with the whole fully healing SP and HP thing, it still helps. Any time you can end a battle early, do it. It is typically not worth the flashy moves you are going to pull off, especially if the enemy is strong. Oda Special compliments the other confidant abilities that come with ranking up Shinya significantly so. We all know how annoying it is for enemies to be resistant to something, and if they resist physical attacks, they typically resist gunshot attacks, forcing you into using up precious SP. Oda Special helps significantly with this, and again, allows you to get that critical hit on the strong enemy who is weak to nothing.

As for his confidant arc, Shinya’s is probably the most emotional one. He is just a kid. He looks up to the protagonist, and they develop a brotherly relationship. You need to go to see him in order to complete a Mementos request (Winners Don’t Use Cheats) as it is impossible to beat this boss without him. You very quickly learn that he is a huge fan of the Phantom Thieves (which is really nice if you do this confidant when your popularity is declining). With the help of Futaba, you convince him that you know the Phantom Thieves and then he helps you out. You play an arcade game – Gun About – and that is how you learn the skills. Shinya comes across as rude and angry when he is playing, almost aggressive. Moving forward, you learn that Shinya is being bullied by his classmates due to his mother arguing with the school about several things. At this point, it seems like she is in the right. A mother is just sticking up for her child’s education, she just wants the best for him. Shinya refers to the bullying as a war, quite a dramatic approach to it. At this point, you also learn that Shinya’s parents are going through a divorce. Nothing is really mentioned about Shinya’s father. Shinya goes on to bully another kid into giving him his lunch money, which is the point where you start to realise that something is wrong. After seeing him a few more times, you meet his mother. She is definitely something. I struggle to think of a comparison apart from real-world examples that you see everywhere you go. Parents put pressure on their kids, and they expect their kids to be obedient, regardless of the circumstances. You see this kind of parenting style pretty much everywhere you go. However, it is definitely underrepresented in most media outlets, so it is refreshing (though still upsetting) to see it here. Shinya’s mother assumes that the protagonist is a bad influence for Shinya and is the reason he is not obedient. This confidant arc has a little plot twist at this point because when Shinya told Joker he was getting bullied, you are led to believe that his Mementos request would be someone like his headteacher or the parents of the kids who were bullying him. But instead, it is his mother.

But the best thing about Shinya’s whole arc is the amount he changes after his mother has a change of heart. He is like a completely different person. He is so nice, able to think clearly when playing Gun About and in general, a better person. You are able to see the negative affect of his mother’s behaviour be lifted in a way that is so drastic and demonstrates that a child will be affected by the negative behaviour of their parents, whether it is conscious or not.

With that, we have looked at each of the confidants of the original Persona 5 game, and realised that they all have their uses. Each confidant is somewhat useful to Joker’s rehabilitation, as is expected. However, there are clearly some who are much more helpful. For example, getting each Phantom Thief to rank 10 will be significantly more useful than achieving the same with someone who is not a member of the Phantom Thieves. This is due to the extra abilities that the group gets that directly help Joker during battle, as well as the extra protection that comes with their second awakenings. My advice would be to work your hardest to get each member of the Phantom Thieves to rank 10, before working on those who are not members of the Phantom Thieves. However, that is not to say to ignore those who are not Phantom Thieves. Confidants such as Hifumi, Chihaya and Kawakami are the type where the earlier you get them, the better. Rank 10 for Kawakami is something that is definitely useful, no matter what, as it gives you extra time, which is so valuable in the game. The easiest confidant to increase is Justine and Caroline, but I recommend you do it later on in the game when you are around level 70+ so that you can just fuse all of the Personas in one go.

I really hope that these posts have been both useful and entertaining for everyone. I will likely do a more in detail version of this for Persona 5 Royal, but I think I will probably just put it all in one post so that I do not take up three or more weeks of posting.

Here is an image that I did to summarise my findings:

And here is the final word count of all three posts combined because I thought it would be interesting:

11,845 words

Stay safe, wash your hands, social distance, remember that this game is amazing and I will be back on Tuesday with an update on how my Persona 5 Royal playthrough is going!

In The Eyes Of A Girlfriend- The Outer Worlds

DISCLAIMER: This post is more about a casual gamer watching a more experienced player play a game they do not know much about, rather than it being exclusively a ‘girlfriend’.

So, if you guys did not know, there is a massive sale on right now on the PlayStation Store. Like, amazing deals. If you did not know, check it out as soon as you’re done here.

Anyway, while I was sleeping off all the food from Easter Sunday, my fiancé (Josh) decided he wanted a new game so that he would not be tempted to go on Persona 5 Royal and overtake me and spoil it because he really cannot keep his mouth shut when he’s waiting for me to get to a part he’s excited to see my reaction for. So, the result of that is that we now have The Outer Worlds and he is hyped for it. All I know about this game is that it is similar to Fallout, but in space. I think it is good for him but not for me, because I am not particularly interested in any of those things. However, I do like watching him, so the first time he booted it up, I sat in on his gaming sesh to avoid my very real adult responsibilities.

So while it was being booted up, Josh (my fiancé) gave me a rundown of the whole Obsidian being the people who made the first two Fallout games. Then they went bankrupt (not the actual people who made Obsidian but the original company) and then came together to make Obsidian. They’re the people who made Fallout: New Vegas which is a Fallout game that a lot of people think is the best (at this point, he points out that although it may be the best, it is not his favourite and that is okay).

Difficulty settings should not be this hard. He reads the entire thing aloud. Supernova sounds like the Frost or regular Fallout 4 survival mode, and Josh tells me these components first made their way into the Fallout series in Fallout: New Vegas, so it makes sense for something like this to be in a game made by the same people. And after all of that, he picks normal because he has never played it before.

The text size can be increased and decreased which, as someone who is sight impaired, I appreciate. After a brief pause to put batteries in the TV remote, we continued, but he had to do all the options again. He did it a lot quicker this time.

I discover that he pays a lot more attention to the opening cut scene than he does to me whenever I have important things to tell him. He pointed out that it takes place in 2320 (because I have dyscalculia, he just points out dates for me). He called the first guy who was on the screen a ‘dirty fugitive’, and I am a bit confused as to why but oh well.

The little comments made by who I assume is that ‘dirty fugitive’ had us both laughing a few times. He explained the attributes in Persona 5 terms so that I understand. He puts a bunch of points into Charm because he wants to convince people to do bad things. He drops his strength to below average “just to see what will happen” and the guy tells us that muscle atrophy is practically a hobby in that colony, which reminded us about a joke on Mock The Week that we both repeated because it was just a funny joke. You can probably tell that I usually avoid my adult responsibilities by doing things other than watching Josh play games because I distract him quite a bit.

He flicks through the different options, and I am not too sure about what is going on, but when he gets to fancy jobs, it makes us laugh. They have fancy names for jobs like bartenders. I wonder how much these jobs are actually going to impact the game.

The player character is a female by default. That is awesome. Actually, I am pretty sure that this is the first time I have seen that, and it is fairly refreshing. He picks a guy because he is a guy. He then gets to customisation. This leads us on to joke about 1) the first time I played Skyrim, I put the eyes too far apart (I thought they looked fine) and 2) Joker in Persona 5 because my life is ruled by that game and when we got the mask from the Phantom Thieves Edition of Royal, we realised that Joker’s eyes are very far apart. He continued on with his customisation, and I do not really know what he is going for here. The character does not look like him. I ask, and he does not know what he is going for, so that is that, really. I tell him all the really long hairstyles are like his hair because he really needs a haircut (pandemic problems, am I right?). And then he yells “what the heck?!” at the 34 different eyebrow styles. There is not much lag when creating the character, which is impressive because most of the games I’ve played have lag at this part so yeah, I am impressed. He then jokes about Rocky Horror and I silently vow to make him watch it soon. He then makes another jab at my OG Skyrim character for no apparent reason. She was great. RIP Octavia.

It takes a ridiculously long time for him to make his character. He then “zooms through time” a few times to change his age, does an ‘old man’ voice and finally, we are on to names. He tries to call his character Josh, but I tell him he needs to be more creative, so he calls him Joffrey, and apparently, that tells me all I need to know about the character, but I have not watched Game Of Thrones, so I do not fully understand, but I hope you guys do.

After that, he looks at all his skills for a bit. He is impressed by the cowering in fear bit that comes with persuasion. Because he has scramble, he has a 15% of fleeing to the metaverse- oh wait that’s a joke apparently. He got me excited for a second. He likes that he can unlock the ability to sell goods at vending machines.

Me: are you a criminal or?
Josh: I have no idea… I mean I will be, but I think I’m just being abducted

So the ship the character is on was called the hope and you were in cryogenic storage, like every game ever. There’s a smuggler too, that is apparently meant to help him on a mission to get more chemicals to make more serum to save the other people from the Hope. Wait no the smuggler is dead. I think Josh killed him. By accident, of course. There’s a first time for everything, I guess.

The outside kind of reminds me of No Man’s Sky which can technically be expected because they both take place in space. We find that failed quests are not called failed but botched instead, which we laughed at because we are the most mature people on earth, clearly. There are awareness meters on the top of enemies’ heads to tell you if they know about you or not, which is a pretty useful feature to have. Everything gets all wibbly-wobbly because he had been frozen for so long, it is apparently a side effect. He finds a person. Neither of us really know what is going on. I think he might be a drug dealer. He is definitely more experienced in the whole space thing. He says that being dead and as good as dead is two different things. That is pretty cool. Okay so Josh said that he is probably some kind of space police, so he intimidated him, and it worked.   

And suddenly he does a bunch of stuff, and I am very confused. He says he is like Starlord (Marvel fans will know) but without the whole ruining everything. Then we had a break from gaming to eat lunch and then we got back to it. He fiddled around a little and found the idle camera, which we both think is cool. He also worked out how to dodge, which reminded me (again) of No Man’s Sky. He found another dead person (but he killed them on purpose this time). Then I realised he was still in the tutorial stage, which made me feel like this game is a little too complicated for my tiny brain, so I called it a day and started on my usual adult responsibilities.

It does seem like a fun game to play, so I may try it myself someday because I do enjoy No Man’s Sky. And we may even do another sesh when I sit in and distract him later on when the plot is a bit more advanced.