Gaming Progress: July

Hey, Gamers! I know I said that I’d not do this until after my personal stuff is sorted, but July has been such a big month and there’s not much I can do regarding my personal stuff until mid-August so I decided that I should go ahead to write this! So let’s go! If youContinue reading “Gaming Progress: July”

How I am using Fallout 4 to better myself as a gamer

Hey, Gamers! So this post is going to be discussing my weakness when it comes to games, and how I’m using Fallout 4 to try to get better and therefore enabling me to play more games! Josh loves Fallout 4 (it’s not his favourite, nor is it the best Fallout and we know that), soContinue reading “How I am using Fallout 4 to better myself as a gamer”

Blog Update: Where I’m heading, what I’m doing, what I’m planning etc

Hey, Gamers! So I thought I would put out a post that talks a little about what I’m planning for this blog in the future, any schedule changes and just general housekeeping stuff. So that’s this post! I know it’s not directly gaming related but it’s important to keep you guys in the loop! So,Continue reading “Blog Update: Where I’m heading, what I’m doing, what I’m planning etc”

Top 5 differences I’ve noticed between Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami

Hey, Gamers! This week, I wanted to talk about some key differences between the ‘first’ two Yakuza games (in the timeline of events they’re the first but they were not the first released). I’ve been playing Kiwami quite a bit lately so I wanted to talk about it. I’ve not finished it completely (I’m onContinue reading “Top 5 differences I’ve noticed between Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami”

Why I love Celeste- Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Hey, Gamers! This post will be all about everyone’s favourite adorable owl! I know a lot of people who don’t like Celeste get bombarded with her cuteness and it’s clearly not cutting it for them, so I figured I would try to explain why I love Celeste so much in a bit more detail soContinue reading “Why I love Celeste- Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

Is an AI run a challenge?- Persona 5 Royal

Hey, Gamers! So this week, we’re talking about Persona 5 Royal again because… it’s me. After playing Strikers on stream for weeks, I wanted to play Royal… but I wanted to do a challenge run. I did some googling and someone suggested playing it Persona 3 style, which meant giving the AI free rein. IContinue reading “Is an AI run a challenge?- Persona 5 Royal”

There’s a character I hate more than Goro Akechi?- Yakuza 0

Hey, Gamers! So first of all, I’m having to write this post on my phone so I’m sorry if the quality is a bit different. For this post, I wanted to focus on a discovery I’ve made recently: I’ve found a character that I hated more than I hated Goro Akechi in the original PersonaContinue reading “There’s a character I hate more than Goro Akechi?- Yakuza 0”

LGBTQ+ representation in gaming

Hey, Gamers! With pride month coming to an end, I’ve decided to do a post dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community in gaming. Being Pansexual myself, I always love having somewhat of a representation in any medium, but we all know that gaming is my favourite. I will note that this is obviously not all theContinue reading “LGBTQ+ representation in gaming”

Are video games beneficial for your child?

Hey, Gamers! Actually, this post isn’t aimed towards gamers so… hey, parents! My name is Eleanor, I’m 21 and studying at university. I am also a gamer. Before you click off, I made this whole blog to try to help people understand how video games are actually helpful and not just ‘a waste of time’,Continue reading “Are video games beneficial for your child?”

My experience playing Dauntless so far…

Hey, Gamers! So, every now and then I like to tell you guys about games I’m currently dabbling in. I know I talk about Persona 5 a lot, so it’s nice to show off that I do actually play other games. I’ve done it for Dark Souls and League of Legends, and now it’s timeContinue reading “My experience playing Dauntless so far…”