Are video games beneficial for your child?

Hey, Gamers! Actually, this post isn’t aimed towards gamers so… hey, parents! My name is Eleanor, I’m 21 and studying at university. I am also a gamer. Before you click off, I made this whole blog to try to help people understand how video games are actually helpful and not just ‘a waste of time’,Continue reading “Are video games beneficial for your child?”

My experience playing Dauntless so far…

Hey, Gamers! So, every now and then I like to tell you guys about games I’m currently dabbling in. I know I talk about Persona 5 a lot, so it’s nice to show off that I do actually play other games. I’ve done it for Dark Souls and League of Legends, and now it’s timeContinue reading “My experience playing Dauntless so far…”

Quote of the week #11

“Come on, Karen. Don’t act all hurt. It’s too late. Where were you when I broke my leg when I was 13? Not with me… When Daniel got a bad flu a couple years ago, you didn’t sleep next to him every night… Where were you?! Where were you?”- Sean, Life is Strange 2, 2018-2019Continue reading “Quote of the week #11”

The problem with Shane- Stardew Valley

Hey, Gamers! So, this week we will be talking about Stardew Valley, focusing mainly on Shane. Shane is a datable character who is… not the nicest to you when you first move in. Of course, I decided I would make him like me and now I’m married to him. Only, I regret it so much.Continue reading “The problem with Shane- Stardew Valley”

Can you play Persona 5 Strikers without playing the original game?

Hey, Gamers! So this week we’re tackling this question because I know a lot of not-JRPG fans like the look of Strikers. The combat is a lot more mainstream and they think it looks better overall. So, as a Persona 5 expert, I’m here to dive into this and answer honestly. DISCLAIMER: Although I haveContinue reading “Can you play Persona 5 Strikers without playing the original game?”

Tops 5 games (or game series) for History nerds

Hey, Gamers! So, as you may know, I’m just finishing my last year of a History Undergraduate course. I love history, and I’m hoping to do a masters course this coming fall. And I obviously love gaming, which brings me to this post: games for history people! I’m saying 5 but there will be extrasContinue reading “Tops 5 games (or game series) for History nerds”

Stardew Valley has taken over my life…

Hey, Gamers! So this week we are talking about Stardew Valley, a game that is available on pretty much anything. Now, I didn’t think I’d like this game very much but I wanted something different and it was pretty cheap so I got it for the Switch (I swear my main console is the switchContinue reading “Stardew Valley has taken over my life…”

Things my partner has said while gaming that I never thought I’d ever hear anyone say

Hey, Gamers! So this post has been a long time in the making, and I wasn’t going to post it yet but there’s a lot here so I figured I might do a part 2 when it comes to it. So some background- my partner and I have been together for three and a halfContinue reading “Things my partner has said while gaming that I never thought I’d ever hear anyone say”

Why do you feel differently about Goro Akechi depending on whether you’re playing Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal?

Hey, Gamers! This week we’re making the well needed return to Persona 5 Royal.. and the original. For those who don’t know… I write about these games a lot because they take up about 70% of my thinking time each day, if not more. Persona 5 has been my favourite game for over two yearsContinue reading “Why do you feel differently about Goro Akechi depending on whether you’re playing Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal?”

Should Trigger Warnings be used in Video Games?

Hey, Gamers. This post is a little heavy and therefore I recommend making sure you’re in the right headspace before reading. It won’t be too bad but I am going to discuss things such as child abuse, sexual assault and hate crimes. I will also be talking a little bit about my experience with theContinue reading “Should Trigger Warnings be used in Video Games?”