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This is a gaming blog by Eleanor Rees. This blog contains Top 10 lists, topical blogs, and many other types of posts.

About me

Persona 5 Royal

Hi! I am Eleanor Rees. Firstly, thank you for viewing my blog. I am a 21 year old University student (studying History) from the UK. I got into gaming recently (around 2017), and writing has been a passion of mine since I was 12. I am very passionate about the things I write. This is the blog to send people to when they tell you “it’s just a game,” because I know better than anyone that it is never just a game. I hope that you enjoy my blog posts, and remember to share your love of gaming in the comments.

What games are covered?

Persona 5 Royal

Hypothetically, any games could be covered. I like to write about different aspect of games, and sometimes there are games that I come across that I just can’t get along with. For these games, I watch videos of walkthroughs and other videos to get my head wrapped around the game before writing about it. I will never write a game review about a game I have not played, as this would not be a fair judgement on my behalf.

To answer this question directly, I do play a variety of games, my current favourite one being Persona 5 Royal.

Posting Days

I plan to post every Monday and every other Thursday.

My Monday/Thursday posts will be between 1000-3000 words (on average), and can range from game reviews, to topical pieces, or even just an update on my gaming experience.

I try to post Gaming Quotes of the week, as some of my posts can be quite intense, so I want to add some light posts in every now and then. They will not be every week, but there may also be more than one a week at times.

If there are any issues, I will post it on my Instagram as I want to keep you guys in the loop! Be sure to check out my Instagram if you haven’t already!

Gaming is our cultural bogeyman – we blame it for everything from child obesity to violence to short attention spans. But any explanation that fits every situation ultimately explains nothing.

Naomi Alderman

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