Introducing me

Hi, my name is Eleanor Rees. This introduction is more in detail than the one on the homepage, so keep reading if you want to know more than what is on the homepage!

I am based in the UK (more specifically, in the East Midlands). I was born in Wales (no, I don’t speak a lot of Welsh but yes, I can say a few words). I moved to England when I was 8 with my mother and my education really took a big hit from the change. I was in bottom sets for everything until Year 6, where they moved me up because of how much my writing improved. I had always loved reading, and I had always had a wild imagination. When I was really small, I used to write stories about the Bratz. I started taking writing seriously when I was around the age of 12. I started to look up to authors. I appreciated books on a deeper level than most of my classmates. I got the whole “it’s just a book” saying said to me all the time, and I hated it, because it was never just a book.

I got my first console when I was 13- an Xbox 360. I grew up around the PlayStation, the Xbox and the Wii, so I was very excited to have one that was just mine. However, my love of reading and writing overtook my want to play games.

I got into a relationship with my current partner in November 2017, and as cliche as it sounds, he did get me into games on a whole new level. He had PlayStation (2,3 and 4) so it started with me refusing to play it because Xbox was clearly superior (it’s funny how my opinion of this changed overtime). However, when I moved in with him and his family in January 2018, it was fun to go on the PlayStation and play with them. He has two younger brothers whom I adore, and my favourite memories are when all four of us were crowded into our room and playing games.

There was one fateful day that I remember specifically, when my partner and I were out for a meal, I was having an awful day, and his younger brother calls him and asks if he can install Life Is Strange on my partner’s PlayStation. After agreeing and hanging up the phone, he said I would like the game, and he explained the plot a little bit (keep in mind that my partner is probably the last person you would ever go to when wanting to talk about Life Is Strange because he really does not like the game, but he tried his best to be indifferent about it. I could tell that his was part of his “you should play the PlayStation more” plan, so I went along with it. And that, ladies and gentleman, is the reason we are here today.

From then, I completed Life Is Strange (at least three times), played Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, adored Life Is Strange 2, and then miraculously discovered that there are more games that I might like. In the space of 3 months, I had around 6 favourite games. I went through a phase where every single new game I played became my favourite. For the past year, Persona 5 has been my favourite game (yes, I am very excited for Royal and Scramble). I’ve played games like Until Dawn, The Witcher, Red Dead Redemption 2. If I am not doing work for University, I am playing games.

That being said, it was very hard for me to refer to myself as a gamer. I struggle with stating my opinions online out of fear that I’m not enough of a gamer. This is my safe place to voice my thoughts and opinions on my favourite, least favourite, and all types of games.

As I am studying History at University, I am very interested in social situations in games. I love seeing the character dynamics, societal pressures and the world building in games. I have definitely learnt more about life from video games than I ever did in my entire childhood. The original idea for this blog stemmed from the negative stigma surrounding video games. I thought that it was ridiculous that something so educational could have such a negative stigma. So the main aim of this blog, aside from entertainment, is to show off the different things that games teach you about. This can be through either showing you things, or having you do things. I will also be trying to debunk ideas that games teach you negative things, because what the game actually typically teaches is that these negative things are bad, and that there are consequences for them.

I write both fiction and non-fiction; I am able (as this blog will show) to change my writing in accordance to the purpose of the post. I am passionate about the things I write about, and I am passionate about writing. This blog will contain many posts about all sorts of games, and I sincerely hope that you find a post to your liking.

Thank you for viewing my blog. I really do hope you enjoy it.


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