Gaming Progress: March

Hey, Gamers! March went by so quickly! Before I write this report, if I hadn’t made a list of stuff throughout the month, I usually try to at least think about the ‘main’ gaming moments, and I was drawing a blank. March went by so fast, it’s been such a blur. Luckily, I do keep a log of every game I’ve played in my bullet journal, so with that, let’s get into it!

What are you saying about my mum?

I’m throwing Elden Ring out there first because some people messaged me to ask if I’m playing it or if it’s just Josh. I am playing it. The reason I didn’t talk about my playthrough much last month was because I had so little time on it (because Josh was playing it so much) that I felt like I couldn’t write much about it.
So, first off, the game is bloody beautiful. I’m taking a different route this time- I’m a magic person! I feel like I tend to just do what Josh does a lot when it comes to games that he’s played before me, but this time (because I was actually looking forward to Elden Ring too), I decided to be different. I actually based my character on Yennefer from the Witcher series because I’ve just finished the books and apparently I’m basing my entire life on her now so why not just go for it? For real though, Yen is strong, powerful and so resilient. I thought that putting her in a SoulsBorne game would be fitting.
 Josh tried to help me (he made a character based on Geralt, very cute) fight Margit but he died at least twice. I decided that I wanted to do it on my own (as in, without Josh), so I tried to use the NPC summon. That didn’t work. I tried a few times more, and as each time failed, I wondered if all the bosses I had killed prior were just beginner’s luck. I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew, so to speak. Then, I remembered about a different kind of summon – one that I much prefer and had used often against the not-boss enemies. The wolves. Suddenly, Margit’s health bar became slower and slower, and I still had heals. After a few attempts, we were barely a hit away and – he struck me. He killed me. And then my wolves killed him. The whole thing happened within maybe 3 seconds, and I was so confused and happy and – I was very confused. I posted the video of it on my Twitter if you want to check it out!
I really struggle with open worlds. They easily overwhelm me, especially with the lack of direction that comes with Elden Ring. But I really have been trying to step out of my comfort zone with Elden Ring. I’ve been trying to explore more and more. Josh explained to me how he finds interesting places on the map to explore, and I’ve based my exploration on that. I’m finding that I still get a lot of anxiety if Josh isn’t sitting with me. I feel like it’s because I know if he sees me in an area that is too high for me, he’ll tell me; when he’s not there, I feel like every level is too high for me. I think it’s something I might try to slowly work on. I’m not going to make it a goal for April because I do have a ton of uni to do, but it’s definitely a goal I’m going to try to keep in mind over the next few months.
Speaking of Josh, I believe at the end of March, he was just at the point where he had to choose an ending. He was trying to get the plat so he had to work out a way of backing up his save data. His words are “Elden Ring is a very good game that had very hard bosses but also some bosses that are a bit rubbish. It has quite a few repeats of bosses but all in all, most boss encounters feel new in some way. Having to fight Godskin Apostle like three times is not fun” he then said a bunch of spoilers that I will not put (at his request, after I started typing). He said (and I agree) that the build variety in Elden Ring is a whole lot bigger than a bunch of other games, especially if you’re thinking about its predecessors.

Speaking of Elden Ring, my greatest achievement of March happened spontaneously in Bloodborne. I had just finished streaming Persona 5 Royal, gone to the shop, and Josh and I were talking about streaming. He said he thinks that I should stream Elden Ring and make the title “person who hasn’t beat Father Gascoigne tries to become Elden Lord”, and I lost it. Within… 5 minutes, we were streaming Bloodborne and don’t think I’ve ever been so determined to beat a boss there and then before. The whole thing lasted 30 minutes, I believe there are some clips of our stream still up (like the exact moment I beat him, and like Josh laughing at me for running into a crowd of enemies and getting stuck on them). I did it. I beat him. It took… four attempts, I think. It was… magical. Honestly, the thrill of adrenaline lasted for a really long time. My brain didn’t fully process what happened until the next day, and I’m still riding on that high.

My ‘special’ game this month was Little Big Planet 3. For those who don’t know, I’m trying to expand my gaming experiences by picking a game that I’ve wanted/ intended to play out of a bag. The rule is that I have to play 5 hours each month to make sure I’m giving it a good chance. I hated it this month. I did not enjoy Little Big Planet 3 for a single second. I did not like it. I think it was too… childish for me. Which is obviously fine, I’m just not the intended audience. I just didn’t expect to not enjoy it as much as I did.

Throwing the Atlus games out there- I’m in the middle of Futaba’s palace in my AI Takeover. It’s going well, I think. I’m just getting into playing it again, and honestly, I am enjoying it. I think I’m going to start playing my playthrough off-stream, and hopefully, I just get less frustrated and enjoy it more. For Shin Megami Tensei V, I’ve just been grinding… but I realised I had been grinding in the wrong area and I was actually okay to grind in the higher-level area. I’m just trying things out still. I transferred my save data over to our little switch (which is what I play Pokemon on… it’s become my switch, really) so I can play it more now (the big switch has drift). Finally, with Catherine: Full Body, I’m still slowly tackling Babble. I got to 113, which took me 07:54. It’s really just something I work on whenever I have a spare 10 minutes or so.

Pokemon time? Pokemon time.

Like I said last month, Pokemon has literally taken over my life. I wasn’t sure whether I should talk about the TCG here or not, but since I still class it as gaming, I might as well. I got my first bunch of Pokemon cards this month. I’m actually planning on doing a review of the box I got because I felt like it was really great for new players, but yeah. I got a binder and it’s nearly full of Pokemon. I wanted a separate binder for energy but now I’m thinking of just keeping them in a box. Josh and I are both enjoying learning the TCG together, and it’s so fun. It’s weird because I’m usually a pretty bad loser, but with the Pokemon TCG, it’s fine because I’m just enjoying the game so much.
As for BDSP, I caught 2 legendaries. I successfully caught Shaymin and Giratina, and then I attempted to catch Heatran and failed several times. Poor thing kept fainting to my Garchomp. I’ve just been working on filling out my Pokedex, just doing general post-game stuff and wonder trading!

Now, I said that I was going to restart Sword again and I did. I am absolutely loving it. Part of me is still wishing it was Shield, but I know I’ll just be able to transfer the Pokemon I’m attached to into Home and then onto Shield if we get it anytime soon. But as of the end of March, I had defeated 3 gyms (the grass, water and fire gyms), gotten x amount of Pokemon seen, x amount caught and I spend way too much money on clothes that I do not wear. I adore the customisation of this game! I like that the gym missions are a lot different to the puzzles that you had to get through to fight the gym leader. Like, I know it’s virtually the same thing but it feels a lot different to me and it’s a lot less frustrating. I’ve also been thinking a lot about random encounters vs overworld encounters, and I think I personally prefer random encounters but I don’t see much wrong with overworld encounters either.

Moving on a little- I started Pokemon Emerald. Josh installed an emulator for me and Pokemon Emerald (he’s since walked me through it so I can get games myself) because I really wanted to experience the older Pokemon games. My favourite Pokemon YouTuber started with Gen 3, so I was happy with Josh’s choice. After moving (who makes their child travel in the back of a van? Is that even legal?), meeting my dad’s friend and his son, I got my hands on my starter, Mudkip, who I called Kippy (My Piplup was called Pippy, my Sobble is called Sobby, so there seems to be a theme… that’s going to end when Gen 9 comes out because I’m calling my Quaxley Josuke). He’s level 20. I got a very small amount of Pokemon until I beat the first gym. Then I was like “oh I should actually be filling out my dex” and uh yeah. I went into the tunnel to get a pokemon back for the sailor guy and also to get the goods back for the company, had a run-in with team… something and then I got my phone. Then I got told to go somewhere, got overwhelmed, tried to find a pokemon that could learn cut and then I think that’s how far I got before March was over. I am really, really enjoying it. I thought the lack of exp share would bother me, but it’s not. It’s all going good!

Lastly, I wanted to do a final update on my reading. I have officially finished all of the Witcher books. This was a huge thing for me because the Witcher 3 was the first RPG that I tackled, and obviously Josh got the books for me just after I was diagnosed with dyslexia. I am planning on doing a whole post about the Witcher books because they’re so dear to my heart with some obvious… uh, issues? But I adored the story, and I fully intend on writing so much more about it. I’ve been trying to hold back until I was finished with the books, but now I can be let loose. For those wanting to know, I did enjoy it. These books have been such a big part of my life for so long, and I’ve developed a full habit because of them. I’ve discovered my love for reading again, so I will forever be thankful for that. The writing wasn’t always the best, and some character’s got way more attention than they deserved (looking at you, Jarre!), and oh my gosh I wished so much that all these women would stop falling at Geralt’s feet… but it’s made me have a much deeper appreciation for Yen and Ciri. Ciri’s character development was astonishing and I was so emotionally invested in her part of the story. There’s another character who I loved to bits called Milva, and I felt so happy that I was able to go on her story. She felt so different to all the other women who just wanted to have sex with Geralt, and I loved her for that. She commanded and earned the respect that she was given. But overall, I would recommend these books to anyone who wants more of the characters. Don’t expect the greatest writing, and some parts are overly cringe, but the characters truly are what makes these books so great.

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! Things are slowing down gaming-wise because Uni is getting really intense, but I hope you still enjoyed this post! Hopefully, when Uni is over, I’ll have more time to write more posts, which is exciting because I have so many new ideas! How is your gaming progress coming along? Are there any games you’d like me to try? Let me know in the comments below! Follow this blog for more gaming content, and check out our Twitch to catch us streaming! See you next post, Gamers!

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed The Witcher books! Also that you gave a shoutout to Milva – she is my favourite character, love her fierce independence and intelligence (and I always like an archer). As you mention, the books are essentially more of a Ciri story than a Geralt story, which I think a lot of people don’t seem to realise due to the way the games and TV show have positioned Geralt as the star. 🙂

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