Gaming Progress: January

Hey, Gamers! This is the first gaming progress report for 2022, and it is probably my favourite. I’ve almost consistently kept up with keeping note of my gaming as it happens, and I’ve done a lot of it. January is a month riddled with bad trauma dates so, this year more so than any previous one, I threw myself into gaming for escapism. Uh, if you’re like me then maybe try therapy first. It hasn’t worked out for me, so I turn to gaming. But anyway, much to talk about, let’s go!

Jumping straight on to… not gaming- the end of Tower of the Swallow was magnificent. If you’re new here, I’m dyslexic but loved the Witcher characters so much that I’ve been reading the books and since I played the game (wild hunt) first, a few people like reading updates. For a large portion of the book, I was not having a good time. It dragged so much. My favourite character in Geralt’s company just seemed to stop talking (it’s Milva, I love her with all my heart), Yen was barely in it and whilst Ciri is my favourite character overall… she wasn’t herself, I felt. But the ending- chef’s kiss. Such a beautiful ending. I felt the same way with the last book, too. Like, the endings have just been really great. I literally was holding my breath at several points because it was so intense. If the book was just the ending, and the part where the Rats got killed, I would’ve liked it. I’m on Lady of the Lake now, and I am uncomfortable about the sexualisation of minors but apparently that’s something I have to get used to if I like fantasy. Eredin has shown up, and it is interesting, to say the least…

Moving quickly on, let’s talk about Life Is Strange: True Colors. Why? Because I’m an idiot, that’s why. I thought I might as well get the plat, it’ll be easy since I can just skip scenes and stuff. Oh boy. I saved over my completed save. I literally saved over my completed save. I am still very angry about this. I don’t even know why I did this. Maybe it is because I’m used to New Game +, but even then… it’s worse because the cutscenes are unskippable and now that I don’t have a completed save, I can’t jump scenes. I’m not too mad; it’s just going to take more time than I have right now, and that’s okay, it can be an after Uni problem.

As for Yakuza 3, I haven’t played as much of it as I would’ve liked because I’ve been more focussed on… a game that will come up later… but I got to the part where Rikiya is in Kamarocho and he got his tattoo done by Kiryu’s artist. It was really nice going around with Rikiya. I am worried that he might die because I don’t think I’ve heard Josh talk about him outside of the context of Yakuza 3, but Sayama isn’t in games other than 2 and she’s perfectly fine, so I’m not too worried. I wasn’t as upset at Kashiwagi dying as I thought I would be, because I was too busy being angry. I was all good with this game until they introduced chase/ running sequences. I must have done this at least 10 times. I was literally in tears because of how angry and frustrated I was.

Moving on because otherwise, I’ll end up in a rant about those sequences and how they shouldn’t be compulsory, Josh finished all of the gauntlet missions in Lost Judgment, including the Amon DLC. He was very proud of himself, and I was proud of him too. It was a big deal for him because in the past, Amon had taken him days to beat but he did it this time without even telling me he was doing it. We also got Judgment on the PS5, but he’s sad because they’ve taken out… a machine. He’s actually streaming the PS5 version of Judgment every Wednesday if you want to check it out.

First big accomplishment: the return of my Persona 5 Royal AI Takeover brought an immediate (first try) victory against Kaneshiro. First try. This was the first boss I have managed to defeat first try throughout my AI Takeover, and after how much I struggled with Madarame, I think I needed this win. I was a bit worried about this boss fight because I felt like I needed my team, but my team pulled through and I was so shocked and happy.

To quickly tag on from Persona 5, I played a bit of Shin Megami Tensei V. I was mainly just grinding and doing some side quests. I am enjoying it overall, I just get frustrated because my right joycon is drifting.

So I feel like I’ve cheated a bit for this one, but my ‘new’ game this month was Persona 3 FES. I’ve tried playing Persona 3 multiple times, and I got FES when the PlayStation 3 store was meant to be closing but it’s a game that I’ve always put off or barely played. I think I had like 2 hours in, so I just continued the save and I don’t think I’ve ever been so wrong. I love this game now. I have so much appreciation for it, and I really hope it gets a remaster. I can’t wait to play more (if Yukari lets me go to Tartarus because she has been sick for like two days straight… not sick enough to not go on her phone through). I am really loving it and it makes me so happy that I finally understand why everyone loves this game so much.

Let’s talk Animal Crossing! I spent so long trying to get rid of Ken, guys. Like, literal hours of time travelling. Then, one of my alters goes on (the island representative), there’s a villager in the campsite that she approves of, bang! Ken is no longer hindering our island’s love. Our new villager is Kody and I like him because I think he and Teddy would be really cute friends. I am still gifting Croque something every day, only for him to give me a relay tank or a “thanks, kid”. I just want his photo. He’s literally my best friend in that game and two people have already given me their photos. Does he actually not like me? Like, what’s going on, Bestie?

Fang likes me so much he’s given me his photo twice!

Time for all things Pokemon (and yes, there are several things…). Remember me mentioning that I was focused on a Switch game? Yeah, it was Pokemon!
In Let’s Go Eevee, I tried to catch MewTwo but oh my poor babies couldn’t cope. Dugtrio was a real trooper and lasted the longest by at least a few turns but it pains me so much when Geralt faints. It hurts my heart. I know I can just revive him or take him to the Pokemon Centre but I feel like he feels like I could’ve done something to save him when this time I could not. It really upsets me. But because of this, I did a bunch of painful grinding. Josh said it was harder to grind in these games compared to the other, which makes me feel a bit better because I’m doing a decent job at grinding in Let’s Go so I feel like I’d do way better in an actual Pokemon game. The thought of grinding is something that’s always put me off Pokemon in particular. But I was grinding Victory Lane (I think that’s what it’s called) and I went into the Elite 4 building and I was like “oh, I wonder if I get any cool dialogue now that I’ve beaten them” so I went into the room and I was locked into fighting the Elite 4 all over again without any preparation what so ever. I mean, I did it. Really don’t know how I did it, it was close a couple of times. Only one of my Pokemon survived the ghost battle, and that was because Blastoise loves me so much. It was extra tough because I didn’t have many potions, super potions or hyper potions. But I did it, and I guess that’s all that matters now. I am currently going around all the gyms again to beat them in order to get some exp.
Speaking of other Pokemon games, we got Pokemon Shining Pearl! Why? Because even though Josh had Diamond, I really wanted my own Pokemon game. Now we can play together (we got a Switch Lite as well) and trade and everything. My starter is a Piplup called Pippy and he likes bitter food. He has won some cuteness contests and now he won’t eat anymore Poffins. I have 4 gym badges. I struggled the most with the 3rd due to Lucario being awful and barely giving my team a chance to breathe. I am enjoying this game so much. Like, a ridiculous amount. Josh is still trying to catch em all in Brilliant Diamond. I helped him by doing the trading evolution things for a few of them.
In Pokemon Sword, Josh got 5 gym badges this month (which brings him to a total of 5). Most of his gameplay was during January on account of me playing Let’s Go Eevee from Christmas Day to the 30th of December, giving him one day in December to play. He got a bit distracted, though…
Because we also got Legends Arceus this month. This is the first Pokemon game that I got the day it came out, so I was hyped. However, I am streaming it and the first stream on the first day it came out did not go well. It actually had to be 3 separate streams, our internet did not want to work at all. So, I’m trying to get through it but I can only play it on stream now (which we’ve now decided that I will be streaming it twice a week). Josh, however, is not restricted by this (I’m starting to think that this is the reason who wanted me to be the one to stream it), and has been enjoying it a ton. As I’m writing this in February, I’m struggling to differentiate how far he got while January was still on, but he really has been playing it a lot. He told me that I could get all the Eeveelutions which is super cool, because so far the only games I’ve played do not include my favourite Eeveelution (feel free to guess which is my favourite in the comments) so I’m excited. I think this game is one of (if not his favourite) Pokemon games.

Reminder: My Geralt is the cutest and I love him so much

A quick side note before the big reveal: I started playing Roblox this month. “El, you’re 22, why are you playing Roblox?” I hear you ask. Family, that’s why. I have a niece and two nephews who I adore with all of my heart. My niece wanted me to play Roblox, and I was like ‘hey, it’s a game, how bad can it be?’ and I am bloody awful at it but we have so much fun together. I don’t talk about them a lot here because we live so far away from each other that it’s hard to keep in contact and kids grow up so fast, but it’s just so nice to have a way of connecting with them that we can all appreciate. I remember hating it as a kid when I was made to stand there and talk to grown-ups who barely knew me, so I hope that they know that I want to know them and that I’m willing to change the way we do things for them to be happy and comfortable. I love all three of them so much and this whole experience has made me feel so much closer to them.

Okay, drum roll!
I did it. I beat A Plague Tale: Innocence. I did it.
For anyone that’s new, I was really struggling with a boss fight – the last boss fight – because my reflexes were just too slow. I just couldn’t do it and then I was getting so frustrated and upset because I felt like there was nothing I could do. I have several disabilities and I felt like it was because of those that I couldn’t finish this game, which is something no one should feel, especially when you’re 30+ hours into the game. But after taking a break, having a lovely day out where Josh and I talked about it a little, I came back and I did it. I think it was the first try, too. It just happened. I honestly didn’t realise how close I was to finishing the fight in all of my attempts, because I was literally like one hit away for most of my attempts. But I did it and now I’m happy.

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! Did you do anything special during January? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out my socials to stay updated and check out 2nerds_1game on Twitch to watch Josh and I stream games. See you next post! 

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