Does Time Travelling ruin Animal Crossing?

Hey, Gamers! So, uh, you all know that I’m not the smartest person. So we avoided Time Travelling in Animal Crossing for the longest time. It actually wasn’t until… November, I think, that we started Time Travelling, and we got it in January. I was so scared of messing things up, or corrupting my game file or making my villagers mad at me. There were so many worries, so here I am, ready to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about in the best way I can: by explaining it the way it makes sense to me. So, let’s go!
AC will be occasionally used for Animal Crossing and TT will be used for Time Travelling.

Animal Crossing only moves forward. If a tree is planted and you TT back to the day before you planted the tree, the tree is still going to be planted. If a villager moves in and you TT to the day before, they’ll still be there! It will always continue to move forward, focussing on progression rather than deletion. I think the only downside to this is in the older games when villagers would move out without your consent, they’ll be gone no matter what (although people will probably also find other issues, too).

Time Travelling is a completely valid way to play AC, especially ACNH. In a Washington Post article from 2020, the current directors of AC have stated that it’s not cheating. They purposely made the game so that if you wanted to TT, there’s very limited consequences. The only issue I can think of is your turnips may rot. Josh and I may have come up with a solution to that but uh, we’ll test before we tell it. To me, this consequence isn’t big at all. I barely get up before 12 pm to get the turnips in the first place, but when I do it just causes so much stress for me. Of course, if turnips are your thing then you do you, but for me it’s meh. I can live with no/ rotten turnips in exchange for fast stuff.

So what can TT help? Say, for example, when you started your island you had no idea about anything. Just randomly put houses wherever and now you’re living on a scattered island and you don’t know how everyone else’s islands are so great when you can’t do anything with yours because there are houses everywhere. I’ve been there. Save all the bells you can. Then, slowly, move the houses one by one so you have a little village or whatever you want. TT means that you can do this all in one day! Granted, it still takes a while to individually move each house but it’s so much better than waiting the full day just to move on with another one. Then when you’re done, you can just reset the time by turning the sync thing back on and bob’s your teapot, you’ve just potentially unlocked so much for your island! TT is great for just redoing your island in general. Things take so long to move and you just don’t want to wait that long when creativity strikes!

Another way TT can help is when you want a new villager to move in via amiibos. I did this with Ione. If you didn’t know, you can get amiibos of (I think) any AC character and if they’re a villager, they can come to stay at your campsite. It takes three visits for them to move in, which would mean working on this for 3 separate days if it wasn’t for TT. I did it within an hour because I was super excited and the lot had been empty for a few days so I was worried it would fill up soon. TT makes this so much easier! It saves a lot of stress if you want a particular villager and you have an empty lot ready. It can also help with getting rid of villagers but uh I tried this for a solid hour but Ken wouldn’t budge.

I’m not saying that I’m an expert on this (I would never). That isn’t the point of this post. I’m just here to say… Time Travelling isn’t bad. It’s not a moral thing. You’re not cheating. It’s okay. You’re not going to ruin your game by Time Travelling if you’re getting frustrated, tired or impatient. Play this game your own way, that’s how you’ll get the most out of it. I was afraid and anxious too, but it was okay in the end and we got so much done (island tour coming fairly soon).

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! I just feel like there are so many games that have strict rules and sometimes you automatically follow them in other games that don’t have those rules. With this post, I hope to have alleviated someone’s anxieties about Time Travelling. Of course, to a lot of people, it is just a game, but sometimes when you get emotionally attached to games it’s so much more than that and it’s just nice for people to tell you that things are okay without pushing the thing on you. So, see you in the next post, Gamers!

This is the article that I referenced:

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2 thoughts on “Does Time Travelling ruin Animal Crossing?

  1. It did ruin the game for me….being able to get anything took a lot of the shine off, especially when you get to the point where you’re frustrated when you can’t get anything new about 8 months before everyone else you know. I believe with my entire being if I never time travelled, I would still be playing it.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, and sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! I actually had a similar conversation with my fiancé about this. He’s been playing AC a lot longer than me (I think he got into it with WW) and has the same opinion that you do! That’s why when he got his own ACNH, he refused to TT! But I totally understand your point, and I hope my point of TT not being a moral thing came across well. I guess it’s like they say- everything is good in moderation! 🙂


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