Huge News! We got a PS5!

Hey, Gamers! So, first of all, I wanted to quickly apologise for the lack of posting. I’ve been ill recently and haven’t been well enough to write. I have a ton to talk about, though, so I’m going to try to post a lot more over the next few weeks!

Again, I am using this picture when the post has nothing to do with Persona 5 Royal because it universally works.

We have some big news. Josh and I went to get our COVID vaccinations (the second dose) and we decided to call into Game because we did good (I have a phobia of injections and bloodwork) so we were like ‘let’s try to get a cheap game’ because Game have a pre-owned section. We went there, saw a basket full of Animal Crossing plushies and couldn’t find Celeste so I was basically pouting while Josh noticed the Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

There were no games that I wanted, so I was kinda zoning out when I noticed a woman walk in. I overheard her say ‘digital’ and instantly thought of the PlayStation 5.

For those of you who are new, Josh and I have been looking for a PS5 since it came out (as so many people have). We actually gave up at one point because it was making us sick as we were pulling all-nighters, and it wasn’t good for our mental health at all. We figured there were only two games we wanted to play: Demon Souls and Deathloop. They’re the main ones that peaked our interests.

We had gone into Game – the very same shop – a week prior and they didn’t have them. I was anxious about asking at the till because they had told us to check the Facebook page (which I did, by the way, and there was nothing there). I explained my thinking to Josh, that they might have a PS5. He rolled his eyes and continued looking at the cards because there was a deck that he really wanted and he didn’t think it was out yet. I went over to the Animal Crossing toys because I spotted Rover, which is one of my alter’s favourites. I got that, took it back to him and was like, “babe… seriously… please, I can’t stop thinking about it,” and since we were done looking, we went to the till and he asked.

And they had two left.

Granted, it was digital and we have a few hard games (Persona 5 Royal and Strikers being two of them, as well as the Witcher 3 which has really long loading times). We looked at each other expecting the other person to say yes or no. So I did it. I said yes. And then I actually started crying because it feels like we went through hell and back for this.

So, we have a PS5. This post isn’t meant to be to show off, it’s just to announce to someone that I have it because right now the only people I’ve really told are my parents.

As for the games… of course, I’ve played some PS5 exclusives. Josh has been adding the PS5 PS+ game to his library every month (because one of us had to be smart, and it 100% is not me). So, he’s completed Maneater and I’m playing A Plague Tale: Innocence. I’m on the last level of Astro Bot and Josh has platinumed it. I do want to talk about Astro Bot real quick.

Astro Bot is amazing. Just, amazing. It is a beautiful demonstration of what the PS5 and the controller can do and I cannot think of a better way to have demonstrated that. It’s a cute, fun game for everyone. I honestly thought it would be short and childish, but both of us adore it. It’s fun, challenging and – as I put it – it makes my autism happy (which basically means it interacts with my senses in a way that makes my sensory needs happily fulfilled).

Quick note I wanted to jump on- Detroit: Become Human would benefit so much from a PS5 upgrade. So, so much. I feel like the game is so sensory inclusive and it would just really benefit from this new technology.

Moving on quickly, I just wanted to add that we did get Demon Souls and Deathloop. Josh bought them both when I was sleeping one day, basically to be like “hey, I got some money!”. I wish I could say this was an uncommon way for him to tell me when he got paid but uh, the first thing he ever bought with his own money was Life Is Strange 2 for me. It’s always an extra nice surprise. But anyway, Josh is loving Demon Souls. If you follow us on Twitch (2nerds_1game), we stream both games but he is just thriving with Demon Souls right now. It’s nice to see him so happy.
As for Deathloop… I have a feeling someone is going to call me out. I’ve said before that first-person games make me feel sick, and that’s why I can’t play FPS. Turns out, we don’t think that that’s the case. We actually worked this out when we were playing Outlast on stream and while my belly did feel a bit bleh, it’s not the usual sickness I get with Minecraft or that I got with The Unfinished Swan. I’m thinking now that it might be because of the brightness of those games, but I’m not sure. But I’m getting along with Deathloop pretty good considering I’ve never been able to be sneaky or play FPS.

So, yeah. We got a PS5. It’s a huge deal to us and we are so grateful that we could get it. I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with you all through the upcoming weeks. I’ll probably do a review of A Plague Tale: Innocence when I finish it, and I’ll obviously talk in more detail about what we’ve played in the monthly update for October.

But that’s it for this post, Gamers! If you liked this post, give it a ‘like’ for me to do a little happy dance, and follow this blog for more gaming content! Check out our twitch for our streams and follow my socials to stay as updated as possible. See you next post!

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