Gaming Progress: September

Hey, Gamers! Ah, September… the month of new beginnings, of starting university again and already feeling behind, and the month of decent gaming progress. Here are my previous two progress reports, and without further ado, this is what Josh and I got up to in September!

Let’s start off with The Witcher, but not for reasons you might expect. I wasn’t sure whether or not to write this here, but Josh encouraged me to do so, so yeah. When I first played The Witcher 3, I had just been diagnosed with Dyslexia. It was a huge thing for me, and completely unexpected. I was an avid bookworm as a kid and I’ve wanted to be an author since I was 12. I really, really didn’t expect it and I fell out of love with reading almost immediately. I had absolutely no interest in it. But when I played The Witcher 3, I adored the story. Josh told me there were books and after I expressed interest in them, he got them for me almost immediately. Although Josh isn’t really a reader, he’s been nothing but encouraging when it comes to me reading. This was in 2018. This month, I finished the first book. This was such a huge thing for me, as it’s the first book I had finished since being diagnosed. I am writing this on the first of October… I am about 50 pages away from finishing the second book. I read every single day now (I read instead of playing on the switch before bed), and I think it’s safe to say that the love for reading that I used to feel has come back. And why am I talking about reading on a gaming blog? Because all of this reading about Geralt made me want to play the game again. I’d like to remind everyone that I wasn’t always confidant in my gaming ability, so I actually played The Witcher 3 on easy. So, I’m going through it on normal… and then I’m going to do Death March, because I am going to go for the plat. I haven’t gotten very far into it (I don’t think I’ve met Yen yet), but I’m excited.

Something else that I’ve started playing is Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight! So, I got this game for Christmas and played it for a while until Strikers came out. I have been very focused on Strikers since it came out, so Dancing became just a game that I wasn’t good at but tried. Since we worked out how I could play digital games on my PS4 (it’s a long story), I recently decided to start over again. This is a very recent thing (maybe like, two days), but I’m determined to get that plat, too. I will perfect this game, in spite of my dyslexia and dyscalculia (they throw off my coordination).

Speaking of Persona 5… I haven’t got the plat in Strikers. I have, however, started playing on Merciless. I’m trying my best. The tutorial really threw me off, but I eventually am getting the hang of things again. I have Alice so everything feels easy apart from the fact that enemies can one-shot me. I’m having a little issue with understanding that LVL 99 is the highest I can get, so I should just focus on other teammates. All that I can improve now is my skill at the game, since I can’t get a higher LVL for Joker. I’m just trying to get my head wrapped around that, but we only have two trophies to go.

Moving on to my Persona 5 Royal AI route… I beat Madarame first try when I went back to do it again. I don’t think I actually levelled up or anything, so I’m thinking I was just having a bad day and was making silly mistakes the more frustrated I got. A few people messaged to ask if I’m playing on Merciless, which I am not. It’s a completely new playthrough on hard difficulty. I tried to focus on social stats and confidants between the time of beating Madarame and him confessing, but the best thing to come out of it was I ranked up to 3 in Intelligence, Proficiency and Guts. I’ve decided to basically completely ignore Iwai for this playthrough because he’s a difficult one to get up to 10 in a new game. I feel like between palaces two and three is just a face slap of plot, which makes it difficult to work on confidants. I believe I’m on rank 6 with Ryuji, which is exciting because he learns the insta-kill move at rank 7 and that’s going to make grinding so much less stressful during this particular playthrough. Obviously, most people find grinding tedious but the AI isn’t the most predictable anymore so I’m excited to take the stress off for grinding.

Speaking of grinding, let’s talk about Dark Souls! Of course, I’m using that as an umbrella term for all three Dark Souls games. I did get through Sen’s fortress but then Josh kept dying in Anor Londo (and then for some reason kept getting annoyed at me when I tried to avenge him and died a lot). We then tried to play together in a room that’s guarded by rhino things, who were not very happy with me and therefore would not let me light the bonfire even when I quit out the game and they reset. And then, gamers, it took us about an hour until Josh remembered he couldn’t actually be summoned until I tried to fight Seath myself. Actually, I’d say it was more than an hour. That hour (+) was filled with me getting mad at him because he obviously hasn’t put his summon sign down where he said he did, him getting mad at me because I clearly wasn’t looking in the right place, and lots of dying. So much death.

Speaking of death, Josh beat Dark Souls 2 and the Fume Knight. Josh hated Dark Souls 2 for the longest time, and he’s definitely one of those gamers that is more likely to blame the game than his skill, but he overcame the bad hitboxes and weird stats to beat the game and the hardest boss. He has about 50 hours in Dark Souls 2, which is crazy because he probably has over 100 hours in each of the other SoulsBorne games, but I remember a time when one hour was too much time wasted on this game. It’s so nice to be able to see him grow like this. He kept giving it a chance even though he passionately hated the game, and he completed it.

We have both done some PVP in Dark Souls this month. Josh started doing it in Dark Souls 3, and I started in Dark Souls Remastered. I have beaten Josh a few times, and I’ve gotten pretty good at backstabbing now. Oh, and I can officially one-hand my Black Knight’s halberd. The main issue is that… I’m not sure if I like it, if I’m being completely honest. I mean, it’s cool to have a weapon that does so much damage, and I really had to work to be able to wield it properly because I had barely touched my strength stat, but I’m not sure if it’s for me. I’m sticking with it for now to see how it goes. It’s still very new, and I need to get used to weapons in order for them to feel right.

My fiancé is the best because he cosplays the protagonist of my favourite game in one of his favourite games so I can say I was protected by Joker

Since we’re talking about Dark Souls, it feels like the obvious moving point over to Bloodborne. Oh, guys, I cannot believe I am even talking about this game again. Believe me when I say I was hoping to never play this again. But I decided enough was enough and I had to play it, so I installed it and since Josh’s brother was playing it too, Josh installed it so he didn’t feel left out. So, the first character I made was not the best. But I beat the werewolf with a backstab once I got weapons, and then I got increasingly frustrated and disorientated because I recognised where I was but couldn’t find where I was trying to go. I then made a new character because I decided to stream Bloodborne because if I’m suffering, someone might find it entertaining and then at least someone is enjoying the experience. I beat the werewolf without weapons, the first try. I was super proud of myself. And then, after a ton of grinding for Blood Vials – and a few deaths – I did it. I beat the Cleric Beast. This monster has been haunting my dreams for over a year now, so I am so happy it’s finally over. I know it’s just the start of the game, but this was such a huge accomplishment for me.

We’ve started playing a lot of games this month. Josh started Mochi Mochi Boy and got the plat; he also started playing the Surge and Genshin Impact; I started playing Kingdom Hearts on stream. I also played my Royal file (my personal one with my super cool Mothman who is superior to all other personas) for a little bit, which was fun. I hadn’t been on it since Strikers came out in February because I was so focused on that, and then started my AI route a few days after.

The last things to talk about is Judgement and Yakuza Kiwami 2. Yes, I have come back to it. I didn’t intend to not play it for the entirety of August, time just slipped away. I helped out the orphanage and did the Nishki family fight. It makes me so sad because Nishki just deserved better and Kiryu deserved better and it’s heart-breaking that Nishki’s family thinks of Kiryu negatively. Josh finished Judgement this month, too. It’s the longest it has taken him to finish a Yakuza game, but he says it is one of his favourites.

Did he need sleep? Yes. Did he go to sleep? No.

But I think that’s it for this post, Gamers! What did you get up to in September? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, give it a ‘like’ and follow my blog for more gaming content. If you’re interested in watching some of the above-mentioned content (like my Persona 5 Royal AI route, Bloodborne and Kingdom Hearts), check out 2Nerds_1game over on Twitch, where me and Josh stream most days of the week. See you next post, Gamers!

P.S: This is the 100th post on this blog. Huge deal to me. Thank you for all the support.

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