Gaming Progress: August

Hey, Gamers! So this is the monthly gaming update that I’ve recently started doing. It’s for both me and Josh (my partner), so yeah. Let’s get into it!

The first thing I wanted to say is that I haven’t played any Yakuza Kiwami 2 or Fallout 4. I think both of us have been focusing more on Dark Souls recently, as you’ll see later. I just wanted to throw that out there quickly in case someone wanted an update for those games. I do fully intend to play them, I just haven’t had as much time recently.

I did Joshua last in the last post because he didn’t really do much last month. He is sleeping as I write this so if there is anything else, I’ll add it to the end of the post but I know he wanted me to write about this particular thing and he was desperate to do it before September so that I could write about it. Joshua has officially got the Platinum trophy in Dark Souls Remastered. It was a team effort so I made him give me humanity because I picked up some souls, but he did so well. So, for those who do not follow us on Twitch (you should, btw), Josh realised that he was only like 4 trophies away from the Platinum but he needed a few boss souls. So he decided to do a ‘Jonathan Joest’ run (because Jonathan Joestar wouldn’t fit soooo). He did this fun on stream, and I believe he completed it in like 16 hours, which puts me to shame. So he completed it, summoned me to give me the souls he needed, sent me back and then I summoned him on his main character file so I could give him the souls back (because I really did not want Sif’s soul), then he did some stuff- crafting maybe – and he got it! I was – and still am – super proud of him.

Okay so since we’re on the topic of Dark Souls, I might as well do my progress here too. So you’ll see that Dark Souls and Stardew Valley took up most of my time this month. I want to preface this by saying that Joshua has been calling Sen’s fortress ‘Sen’s funhouse’ since I started playing so I was actually looking forward to a place where there might be some puzzles and like, fun stuff. Just wanted to let you guys know that now before you witness the betrayal that I felt. So, I beat the Gaping Dragon. It nearly burnt me out, to be honest, but I got so mad at the stupid cutscene (yes I know you can skip it) and the stupid flying move that I just killed it. I was so, so mad. And I did it, so that’s cool. I did it without Josh too, which I was happy with. I then went through Blighttown which I did need help with because I didn’t have any anti-toxin stuff. And of course, the love of my life who I completely trusted led me straight to Quelaag despite me saying multiple times “I think I’m under levelled so I’m going to grind before Quelagg”. For those who do not know, I am an arachnophobe so I was very anxious about this fight. It wasn’t too bad, though. Josh came with me and died within like, seconds and I got her down to under 1/3 health before dying. We successfully squashed her within a minute (it felt like) the second attempt. I then beat Ceaseless Discharge by cheesing him but I’m not too bothered, like, it was really easy and it didn’t even feel like a cheese.

I should have mentioned this before and I don’t think I mentioned it last week, but I originally had a dex build, but I could barely use any weapon. So, over time I have been building up my strength and can now officially 2 hand my Black Knight Halberd that I got a while ago from Undead Berg. It does mean I am fat-rolling and I don’t feel too comfortable without a shield so I’m just sticking with my Estoc for now.
And now I have to do Sen’s fortress. Usually, I summon Josh to guide me places but I can’t even do that without triggering the snake people so half the time I tell him it’s not worth it. Sen’s fortress is literally hell and I’d be surprised if I have any Dark Souls updates for you next month because I have no idea how I am going to do this.

They blocked me in

And to end our little Dark Souls section of this post, Josh has completed Dark Souls 3 and I have started it. I beat the first boss and then summoned Josh and his brothers (I call them the golden trio) and they just did everything for me without me asking. I think for me, this playthrough of Dark Souls 3 is more about spending time with them than it is to actually play the game, if that makes sense. After I finish Dark Souls Remastered, I’ll probably make a new character and stuff so I can actually play the game by myself (which I am also going to do with Dark Souls Remastered because although Josh doesn’t just do everything for me, he does sometimes goes a little too far so I want to experience it myself).

Let’s talk about JoJo: Eyes of Heaven. Have I ever talked about this game on my blog? I have no idea but I have always intended to (I just wanted to finish it first). For anyone who doesn’t know us in real life, JoJo is Josh’s special interest right now. I eventually started watching it in… January time and I adored it. We literally started watching Part 5 last night, if anyone wants to know where we’re at anime wise (Josh has watched it all but he’s rewatching it in English with me). So, I have been stuck on this one fight for months. Literal months. It’s not a game I tend to go on a lot, so the time has just built up. I hadn’t watched Part 4 when I first got to the fight but we finished that this month and I realised that watching and understanding the characters helps me fight, so I tried the fight again. I finally did it, which is cool. Josh noticed that I was extremely under levelled so I am going to try to grind a little before doing any other story fights. I have also played a little with Josh, and Josh has played a little with his brother so that’s been nice.

In Animal Crossing, we often had to time travel to witness the fireworks, but they were fun. Our island is a mess but is somehow 5 stars, so that’s cool. We’re going to try to tidy it up and do an island tour thing sometime soon. We just have random flowers everywhere, things just laying around. It’s a mess, but it’s our mess. We kicked Kidd out but one of my alters really wanted Judy. We then found Erik, and we fell in love with him so he’s staying for a while. That one spot hasn’t had a permanent villager in for a long time so I do hope he fits in well.

Okay, Stardew Valley time! I’m spending a lot of time on Ginger Island lately. I am desperate to get into Mr Qi’s room to see how far I am with completion. Josh and I played Stardew Valley together for a little bit but I don’t think he’s as bothered about it as I am, so I doubt we’ll spend much time on the farm together. The first half of the month was definitely focused on Skull Cavern, and the latter half was focused on Ginger Island and walnut hunting. In terms of Skull Cavern, I’m slowly getting more confidant. I’m getting used to using bombs, different food items, things that are just really needed for Skull Cavern which wasn’t really needed for the mines. I’m getting used to the enemies and the amount of damage they do, getting used to not fighting them and just looking for shafts. I am feeling much more confidant going into it. I do have a chest just outside so that I can store things like coffee and truffles (things that I really don’t want to lose), as well as any tools that I won’t need. On one Skull Cavern trip, I found a Dino Egg and a Prismatic Shard. I thought my luck must have been high but when I checked, it was low. I put the Dino Egg in the incubator and took the Shard to the missing bundle. I got some Sturgeon Roe the next day, which I put in the jar place to make Caviar. My Dino was hatched, grew up and suddenly I had Dino Mayonnaise for the missing bundle, which was the last thing I needed! I was so happy to finally finish it. Lastly, I caught my first legendary fish in the sewers. I had a taste of another one but didn’t manage to catch it as I had no trap bobbers.

Moving on to Persona 5 (as an umbrella term): Ann ruined my life. Remember when I was like all “oh the challenge isn’t the fighting it’s the time management, the AI is so good” yeah I was stupid and I’m so mad I said that. Why would she cast a hit all skill when there are only 2 enemies? Why? Why if it’s not just her trying to ruin my life? Oh my gosh, she did this so much that I actually had to take her out of my team, and I have never had Morgana in my team during the 2nd palace (after I got Yusuke, obviously). Guys, you have no idea how mad this has made me. I’ve legit raged over this because it’s ruining the whole run. I did keep dying to little enemies despite being over the recommended level to do the boss fight (which tends to be 18, by the way). I tried the boss fight and it did not go well, so I’ve had to pull out and grind in Mementos but obviously not a lot of that is unlocked, so it’s not the best situation overall. But I’m getting there. I plan to try the fight again when everyone is a little stronger. My main worry right now is confidants, so it’s very frustrating that the boss fight isn’t over with as my plan was to get it over with and focus on confidants.

Something I didn’t expect to be able to talk about here is Persona 5 Strikers! So, my mental health hasn’t been the best this past month and with the whole having to full out and grind thing… I didn’t want to stream Royal. I really, really didn’t. So I was looking at what else I had installed and I realised that I only had 4 trophies to get for the Platinum in Strikers. Now, for anyone who doesn’t know, I had a very bad experience the last time I played Strikers. I accidentally did Painful Past + instead of normal Painful Past for the very last fight. The issue is I didn’t accept the Painful Past + fight because I didn’t intend on doing it. I used so many items that I had stocked up on throughout the whole game, and it was all for nothing. So, yeah, bad experience. But I decided to just do it. I wanted to get used to the combat again, do the Painful Past / Painful Past + requests and fight the Reaper. And I did it. I beat the Reaper first try. Now, I’m grinding to get enough bond points to max out all of the bond skills and then I have to complete the inmate registry. Hopefully, the biggest update next month will be that I got the Strikers plat.

Lastly, I tried Genshin Impact again. When I tried it before, the controls of the menu threw me off a little. I get overwhelmed with things like that. But I clearly value the way a game looks over the controls because I wanted to play it again because it was pretty (I’ve never said a sentence that’s more traditionally feminine in my life). I got on with it a whole lot better, but Dark Souls was prioritised. I hope to be able to play it more during September.

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! Big month for Dark Souls, not too much for anything else. What have you guys been up to this month? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, give it a like! Give this blog a follow if you want more gaming content (I’ve planned for this month to be a big Persona 5 month), and check out 2nerds_1game for some cool streaming stuff (the stuff being streaming, and the cool being me and Josh thinking we’re funny). See you next post, Gamers!


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