Persona 5 Strikers (2021)- Game Review

Hey, Gamers! It’s the time you’ve all been waiting for – Persona 5 Strikers review time! For anyone who doesn’t read my blog regularly, Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal are my favourite games. Persona 5 takes up around 70% of my daily thoughts. I love these characters and their stories. I didn’t go into this thinking I would love it, though, so this might be a little different from what you expected.

So, Persona 5 Strikers is the sequel to the original Persona 5 game. Persona 5 came out in 2017 worldwide, with Persona 5 Royal coming out in 2020 worldwide (literally around the time the pandemic became huge). Persona 5 Strikers came out in February 2021 worldwide. It’s important to note that any characters or storylines from Persona 5 Royal were not carried over into Persona 5 Strikers, making the game a direct sequel to the original Persona 5 game. A huge difference between Persona 5 and Persona 5 Strikers – the biggest difference – is that turn-based combat is no more. This game was marketed as a hack and slash. For a long time, Western audiences were not sure whether or not we were even going to get this game. But we did, it’s here and I’ve finished it, so let’s get into the review! 

I will forever use this image at the start of posts


The original Persona 5 soundtrack has been highly praised since its release and Persona 5 Strikers did not disappoint. It has twists on the music from the original game and new music for new situations. It definitely carries on the whole music getting better as the game progresses thing that the original game had. The music grows with the player, and it’s honestly fitting. The music matches the themes of the game perfectly while linking back to the original game to make fans happy.

In terms of voice acting, there are pros and cons here. A significant amount of lines are voiced, including a scene where Ryuji lets the f word slip which was a game highlight for a lot of people. Having so much of the game voiced was a treat for Persona 5 fans who are used to text only lines. However, there is a downside to this that could not be avoided during the pandemic- voice actors had to film at home, and therefore the quality is not always the best. Sometimes the lines are quieter than usual or quiet in comparison to the music. This wouldn’t have happened if the world hadn’t shut down, but the show must go on and fans wanted this game in the West, therefore compromises were made. Considering the amount of spoken dialogue we do get, the voice actors did an amazing job with the situation they were in.


The game itself isn’t the best looking, but it’s pretty much what you would expect with a Persona game. On the whole, the graphics match the original Persona 5 game. There were quite a few anime scenes, which was nice because it is a short game so the little change between gameplay cutscenes and anime scenes really emphasise the point of the scene, and they did a great job at picking when to put that point across.

I am going to talk about the design here because all of my reviews follow this template (I might change it since my blog has changed a lot from first starting it) so I’m not sure where else to put it.

Obviously, as a Persona 5 game, this game was going to be very visually pleasing. If Persona 5 is best known for its music and the way it looks after all. But things are a little different because this is a new game, and things are meant to be different. However, they are not so different that you can’t recognise what’s going on.

So when you go into a jail, it does the same warpy red and back thing as it did in the original games whenever entering the metaverse- but in reverse. I always found this more fascinating than I probably should have considering I am 21, but nonetheless, it is cool.

To be completely honest, I prefer a lot of the jail designs compared to the palaces. My favourite was Kyoto, which was Phantom Thief themed. I felt like there were more little details in the design that linked to the jail’s themes. There was obviously a lot of area to cover as the jails were the city rather than a confined area like the bank or a castle, so I felt like they wouldn’t have paid as much attention to the little details but I really feel like they paid more attention to it and it’s just nice and consistent.

Can you tell I don’t have access to the playstation with my Strikers screenshots?


I have quite a bit to say about this. I didn’t want to rush this game just to review it, I played it on stream and took my time. I was so anxious about the change from turn-based combat to hack and slash. I was really worried that I wouldn’t like it. A huge benefit of Persona 5 being a turn-based combat game was that I could take my time and it flowed smoothly. They miraculously carried that smoothness across to Strikers in a way that I didn’t think they could. It’s difficult to explain, but the combat in this game just feels right. Although something that does need touching on is the fact that multiple hit attacks did not transfer over very well, and they were pretty much obsolete until the end of the game.

Something that was difficult to deal with was that shadows would just spawn out of nowhere. This wouldn’t be an issue if there weren’t requests that automatically get cancelled as soon as you get spotted. You would sneak around, think that you were safe and suddenly there’s a shadow that has decided to spawn in randomly. This was, in all honesty, the worst thing about this game. It happened time and time again, at the worst times. It was always when you thought you should be safe and came out of hiding.

In regards to the ‘no confidants’ situation, confidants are essentially replaced with bonds. Bonds are benefits you can get by… bonding. This really suited the game and the Phantom Thieves in general, because they had spent some time away from each other and suddenly they’re cramped up together in this little caravan for the summer. They really have nothing better to do than bond, and bonding is obviously going to make their skills as Phantom Thieves better. It emphasises that they’re a group – a family – and it goes so well with the story.

A really cool feature that they added in (because the time is much more limited than in the original game) is that you can go back into the jail on the same day. If you leave and go back into the jail, SP is restored which was a really useful part of the game. It does have a downside, however, because you do the jails and don’t bother with SP items… and then you have a boss fight to do and suddenly the whole party has no SP and oh no you’re dead.

Something that they either took out or I didn’t work out that was missed throughout my playthrough is the ability to switch out members of the party during battle. Obviously, you have two new members of the team and a smaller time slot so sometimes you do want to switch party members out mid-battle (especially with the dire shadows).

Speaking of dire shadows, that was a brilliant addition to the game. I was lucky enough to realise it was too strong when I came across the first one, and then an hour or two later I read something on social media that stated that the recommended level for them was 70. The thing I will say is they’re kind of spoken about like they’re all-powerful and stuff like that… but the blue butterfly requests are significantly harder.

Similarly, the boss fights are not as challenging as they probably should be. I feel like once you’ve defeated Alice, you’re good for the rest of them. The first set of painful past requests (where you have to fight them again) aren’t much of a challenge either. It’s painful past + where the challenge lies after you’ve completed the game… and it is a huge challenge.

There are sneaking side questions, which were challenging at some points, but what was not fun was sneaking around in the Kyoto jail as Zenkichi. It felt much more tedious than fun. You’re used to Joker at this point (I mean, this is probably your second or third game with Joker) and he’s so smooth and slick with his movements, so switching randomly to a 30+-year-old man in a suit was not it for me, especially the sneaking part.

Speaking of Kyoto- the warp system was probably my least favourite part of the gameplay. I absolutely adored the design of the Kyoto jail but barely went (and therefore was underleveled for the next jail) because of the warp system, which I would relate to the airlock puzzle in vanilla or the new palace’s puzzle in Royal. Very frustrating, and I’m yet to work out if there was any logic behind it.

Speaking of post-game, the addition of it in Persona 5 Strikers is very welcomed. It allows players to complete leftover requests from the main game, as well as additional new requests! The chance to fight the reaper is in post-game, and it is… the post-game requests are such a huge jump from the main game requests. It really is a huge gap that I felt like could have been filled with some grinding before the last boss fight. But the fact that post-game is even a thing in a Persona game is huge and it suggests that Atlus might be looking to do similar stuff in future games.

Replay Value:

This is difficult because I’m someone who has played Persona 5/ Persona 5 Royal at least 5 times. I know realistically, this game might become boring to some. It does have less replay value than Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal purely because there are no confidants and the fact that at the end of the game, you can go back and finish any requests you need to do. It doesn’t take a whole other playthrough to complete all the requests or even get the platinum trophy.

That being said, it is a good game and new game plus is always fun to experience when you’ve enjoyed a game.


So this part will have major spoilers for the plot so if you do not want that spoiled, skip this section.

Being a direct sequel to the original Persona 5 game, Persona 5 Strikers starts in the summer that the original game ends. Joker returns to Leblanc to be thrown a sort of ‘welcome home’ party which is super sweet. Despite constantly playing either Royal or the original game, it was nice to return to the group in the timeline, if that makes sense. I’ve said before that the group are much more than friends, and this reflects that. They’re family, and that continues.

The story starts as the police department are in a meeting about some dodgy activity that definitely sounds like the work of the Phantom Thieves… or Akechi. I’m putting it out there now in case someone is getting hopeful- Akechi is not in this game. This part of the game is when we’re introduced to Zenkichi Hasegawa, a detective for Public Security. He’s tasked with checking out what the leader of the Phantom Thieves is up to because of the suspicious activity.

Meanwhile, as I said, Joker returns (with Morgana) to Leblanc! There’s a really cute scene where the whole group is there to welcome him home, and it’s really touching. We are quickly back in the attic and discussing our camping trip. Futaba makes everyone download this app called Emma. Emma is like Siri or Alexa, but better. It’s much higher tech and specially designed for the convenience of people. You can add friends on Emma, which is relevant because the next day, Joker, Morgana and Ryuji are out shopping for supplies for their upcoming trip when they notice an event happening. This event caused a lot of hype in Shibuya, and the boys quickly find out that it was a celebrity that was causing all the hype- Alice. Alice hands out cards that give out her friend code for Emma. When the boys enter this code (because their teenage boys with hormones and this is a pretty lady), they’re transported into another world… not dissimilar to the metaverse that they had fought in so many times before.

After seeing Alice’s shadow, the group gets thrown into the dumpster and ends up below ground. As they try to escape, they come into contact with Sophia- humanity’s companion! Sophia is the best addition to this game, and her journey is beautiful. Sophia is the type of character that was always good. Her journey is much more about finding things out, understanding things and just generally learning new things about her role as humanity’s companion. Sophia, despite her child-like appearance and demeanour, is very good at combat against shadows, which is good considering that none of the boys have used their personas for months. They all work together to get out of the jail, and they end up in Shibuya- with Sophia on Joker’s phone!

Something I do want to add is that I really didn’t like that the group only had their original personas. It took away from the original game and had an effect on the story in my opinion.

The group – Joker, Ryuji, Morgana and Sophia – work out that you can access the metaverse via the Emma app, in a similar way to the metaverse navigation app from the previous game. They head back to Leblanc, tell the group and the Phantom Thieves are re-established.

The leaders of the palaces – now called Jails – are called Monarchs. It is very obvious from early on that this isn’t just the natural metaverse like the team were used to months before as they had destroyed that metaverse. This was something that someone manufactured, and they need to get to the bottom of it as it was affecting people’s behaviour. People – mainly males – were absolutely obsessed with Alice and spent all of their money (even their savings) on Alice merchandise. This was then affecting their relationships and jobs as all they could think about was Alice.

Another thing that we learn very early on that becomes a trend is that the Jail Monarchs have trauma. This trauma is like something that drives them. For Alice, this was when she was bullied at school. This made her want to be loved by all of the boys and to make other girls jealous. The group got help from Zenkichi (who was just hanging around Shibuya, definitely not stalking them) and find out that Alice went to Shujin, so they went there to fight the trauma warden in order to get to the final place to fight Alice and steal back the desires. With the thieves all going through their own trauma, they understand how painful it is. They all resonate with the Monarchs, but they also understand that what they’re doing is bad. Instead of just going down hard on the Monarchs, the thieves always try to help them heal over just defeating them.

Ann had some emotional ties with the Alice case, and it’s clear that she really cares about Alice and wants her to get better and heal from her trauma so that she can be the best version of herself. This probably comes from them having similar trauma; although Ann was also sexually harassed by her teacher, she was also bullied like hell for the way that she looked, so she likely understood what Alice was going through.

After defeating Alice, the group agree to team up with Zenkichi to get to the bottom of who is creating the jails and Monarchs. They find out (they being Futaba, obviously) that someone had tampered with Alice’s phone, but they can’t work out who did it or what they actually did.

The group head over to Sendai, which Yusuke was really excited about because of a statue. They find the Monarch, who is a writer! The thieves actually attended an event where they overheard the guy basically saying that the Sayuri is useless without Madarame’s name attached to it. Yusuke went up to talk to him and handled it pretty well. However, this was very upsetting (obviously) and the group decide that something needs to be done about it.

There were similar trends in Sendai as there were in Shibuya- people obsessing over the Monarch, spending lots of money on the Monarch, a lot of the same stuff. As I said, this guy was a writer so a lot of people were spending a lot of money on several copies of his book. The trauma behind this was that this guy was basically living in his family’s shadow; the people around him just saw him as a way of earning money because of his family’s history in the literature world. He never received criticism for his work, therefore he was never given the chance to better his pretty awful writing. The group get help again from Zenkichi to send the calling card, and they fight a dragon. Things then go from 0 to 100 real fast when the group arrive in Sapporo.

But before we get to Sapporo, I need to talk about someone the group met- the creator of EMMA: Kuon Ichinose. She quickly learns that the group are the Phantom Thieves and they work together to find out all that they can about EMMA and her role in the creation of the jails and monarchs. Meanwhile, the CEO of EMMA’s parent company, Maddice, was giving a speech at a university that the group attended to try to gain a better understanding of EMMA.

Sapporo is the place that Zenkichi needed their help with originally (they had to make a pit-stop in Sendai when Sophia smelt the jail). The person suspected to be the Monarch was none other than the Mayor, who was an old family friend of Haru!

The trauma behind this one involves a child’s death, which is much darker than the previous two jails. I’ve written a post about this so I won’t go too deep into it, but it’s so much darker because it involves the death of a literal child. It’s kind of foreshadowed when the group first get to the city, but it’s confirmed at the end of the arch. This arch was so much more personal because Haru had previous ties to the Monarch, and with her father being dead, any comfort that she can get, she’s going to try to cling to that. At the end of the arch, the dead child’s mother encourages the Mayor to not just resign as that would be running from the problem. The child’s death wasn’t directly her fault, so there was some kind of unspoken forgiveness between the two.

The group then find out about a research centre in Okinawa, where this games’ beach scene happens! The beach scene is very wholesome and one of the rare moments when the group are hanging out to do something other than Phantom Thieves work or prep, which is always really nice and a valuable time to see how they bond and how the dynamics of the group carry over to their little family rather than just their team. Okinawa is an island rather than mainland Japan, so they have to take a boat. They go to investigate the research centre, but they’re closed until the next day. As the group head back to their van after a day at the beach, they get pulled into the bushes as people were acting suspiciously around their van. They even broke in!

The group head into the jail in order to escape the murderous raiders coming after them and Makoto is immediately spooked by the creepiness of the jail. This jail is much shorter and has a completely different vibe. I think every aspect of this particular jail is a puzzle, and even when you finish the jail, there’s still parts of the puzzle missing. Overall, this jail feels off. Almost anti-climactic. See, even saying that doesn’t really make sense to me because the ‘boss’ fight of this jail (plot-wise) is one of my favourites in the whole game (the lead-up to it is when Ryuji drops the now-infamous voiced f-bomb). The story behind that revolves around Sophia, which is great because she’s one of my favourite characters and she’s such a huge part of the overall plot. Up until now, you sort of have two ‘boss’ fights per jail, but you don’t get that here which is likely why it feels incomplete. But here you learn that Madicce (EMMA’s parent company) was basically conducting human trials for the jail and sent it to Okinawa to learn about cognitive pscience, and as a result of this, the ‘monarch’ of this jail committed suicide (important plot point for later). The group decide to leave Okinawa because someone was dead, it was a big deal, and they got the information that they went there for. Zenkichi was with them during this trip, rather than just showing up when he was needed.

So, they head back to mainland Japan. Zenkichi goes to work more on the case and the group get back on the road. During this time, they’re branded as terrorists by Akira Konoe (you know it’s serious when I remember their full name), the CEO of Madicce that was mentioned previously. When relaxing in a hotel, the group almost get caught by the police (which, at this point in Persona 5, like, why do they even try it’s like they’re a joke) when Zenkichi gets arrested instead because he’s a ‘gud un’ as I’d say 5 years ago when I was trying to be more Yorkshire than I care to remember. Let me clarify because I realise that this may be a big jump here-

So, Zenkichi works for Public Security as previously mentioned. I’ll talk more later about my feelings towards him earlier on in the game but I think it’s clear by now if you’re reading this, he’s spent a lot of time with our favourite group of justice-fighting teens (and Haru and Makoto, who are technically adults). Basically, long story short (I’m aware this review is very long), he’s grown attached to these kids. He sees them try to do good in the world, he sees them with his daughter and he realises that in all of this mess… he’d missed what mattered to him the most: justice. Justice for his wife, who I didn’t mention earlier but she got murdered in a hit and run and their daughter – Akane, lover of all things Phantom Thieves – witnessed it. She told her father who had killed her mother, but it was out of his hands. Akane, being a kid, couldn’t understand that. Getting justice for her mother was the most important thing to her, and she resented her father for not doing anything. Akane didn’t know that the thieves were the thieves when they met (she probably would have passed out, she loves them as much as I do, if not more) but she’s about to find out because she gets kidnapped in order to trap the group in a jail. Not a prison jail, a metaverse jail. Yeah, I figured that distinction was needed considering there’s a warrant out for their arrest.

Okay so Akane’s jail is all Phantom Thief themed (pretty cool if you ask me), but it has the worst warp system I’ve ever played. I still do not know how it works. I don’t know if there’s any logic behind it- this is the plot part so I’ll stop but anyway, the main group – the party, I mean, all party members of the group – get trapped in Akane’s jail. Literally trapped. To be honest, I felt like they should have gotten out of it… it’s not the worst situation they’ve been in and I felt it was a bit cheap of them to trap Joker like that when he even managed to get away from that laser trap in Madarame’s palace in the original game. It felt… uncharacteristically naive of them… sure, one of them alone maybe, but not all of them and certainly not Joker.

ANWAY, did you notice how I emphasised all party members? Do you guys remember who is not in your party? Who you literally cannot make fight? If your answer was Futaba, have a virtual cookie! Futaba… uncharacteristically, I felt, leaves the jail and then Zenkichi comes and Futaba brings him into the jail but he doesn’t have a persona. That means there’s a sneak level. This was probably the worst part of the game for me because I’m characteristically bad at sneaking, and I was fine with the side quests (eventually) but Zenkichi sneaking was awful. But it worked, we got everyone free and guess what?

The best persona arrives.

Blue because I took this picture on my phone to show my best friend who loves Les Mis as much as I do

Now when I say ‘the best persona’, I say this because 1) I already knew the character the persona is based on, 2) history nerd, French revolution, 3) I love persona awakenings and I felt like this was deserved, 4) guys, the more I think about the links between Zenkichi and his persona, the more I have to write a post on it because- it- words. They’re perfect for each other. Every single little detail. It makes my nerd brain so happy.

Okay, so Zenkichi awakens to his persona, Valjean. Super cool awakening, if you haven’t played this game I recommend you watch it on youtube or something because I loved it. As I said, the persona itself is very well tied to Zenkichi. If they had the persona in mind before the character then he is a very well written character, right to the little details but that’s for another post.

Akane’s boss fight is different because the thieves go 1 V 1 with… themselves, but Akane’s version of them. I have written a post on that, which will be linked at the end. I just thought it was cool because boss fights are usually where you can make sure your whole team is good to go to the next area and with this boss fight being lacking and the next jail being the big bad guy… it’s scary because it’s like there’s no test to pass. But I guess that’s more gameplay than plot.

Next, we head to Osaka! I was super hyped about this because I was playing Yakuza 0 at the time and Majima is my favourite character. Like I said, this jail was set up to be the big guy, Akira Konoe. Konoe’s trauma… I was genuinely triggered by his trauma. He was abused by his father as a child, and ended up killing him and claimed the murder was committed by a burglar. For me, the way it was revealed felt a bit harsh. Like, with the other traumas, it was typically obvious or there had been a few hints. I felt like this wasn’t the case with Konoe, and I don’t know if that’s because I was underleveled and struggled in general in this jail (also this jail had spider shadows so I feel like I might have missed something important out of fear of being jumped on by a massive crawling robot spider), or if it’s because it genuinely wasn’t there. The writers might have wanted it to be a shock, but as someone who went through similar abuse as a child (and I was streaming), it had a… not good effect on me.

This jail felt much more like a palace than the other jails did, which was oddly comforting (it was odd because of the spider shadows because I really did not want to get comforted in a spider-infested place). The group’s reaction to Konoe’s trauma was uncharacteristically harsh in my opinion. They were just like “that’s not a reason to do this” whereas, with the other people, they showed a lot of sympathies. I’m struggling to be unbiased when talking about this jail because it did affect me mentally, so I’ll skim. The main thing to add is Konoe gave me major Tony Stark vibes throughout the whole game, and to me, it was confirmed by his boss fight that he was based on the Marvel character. I half expected him to die for the greater good, to be completely honest.

So Konoe is in jail, so is Owada (the person who actually killed Zenkichi’s wife). EMMA was set to be shut off. Everything was good.

… this is a persona game, so obviously with no ‘god’ fight, that is clearly not the case.

So the creator of EMMA, who I mentioned before, Kuon Ichinose… yeah she’s the next boss. But, there is a mini-boss: Sophia. Literally my least favourite part of the game. Sophia is the type of character that you want to protect at all costs and her turning against us hurt. But, dear reader, why would she turn against the Phantom Thieves, I hear you ask? Well, Ichinose actually created Sophia! Sophia was created before EMMA, but she was thrown away after hurting Ichinose’s feelings. They tried really hard to give Ichinose redemption but it didn’t cut it for me. She turned Sophia against the people that loved her the most for the sake of EMMA. That’s like a mother using her oldest child for the benefit of the youngest. It felt dirty. But overall, this jail gives me Mementos vibes. It’s chill.

So, we learn a lot about Sophia here, which is cool. Ichinose created Emma, Sophia can override her coding when she loves people enough, and she has a heart… because she has a peRSONA!!!!!! Okay, I know this was expected but it really, really is a “hell yeah!” moment. Sophia is standing up to her literal creator because she has a heart! I- I was so proud of her.

We learn about Ichinose and that her parents died when she was young, and people called her a doll because she was emotionless. She created Sophia, and then EMMA. Sophia forgave her (I didn’t).

And then we’re onto EMMA, or ‘The Demiurge’ or the Ark. There’s a lot of names for EMMA now. The jail is pretty simple, like the stairs part before the Yaldabaoth fight in the original game. The best thing about this is when you come out, you’re still in Phantom Thieves gear because of course, the metaverse has merged with reality again. But at least you can come out and regain SP again (I appreciated it). The fight is pretty basic plot-wise, nothing special (plot-wise). Just like the Yaldabaoth fight, EMMA thinks it’s a god because that’s what the people desire.

Then when that’s all said and done, they go back to Leblanc late without informing Sojiro. Futaba finds a way to get Sophia out of Joker’s phone… and she chooses to go with Ichinose. Which is heartbreaking for those who fully wanted her to stay with Joker forever (like me), and the group – once again – part ways as a new school term starts.


Obviously, it’s a Persona 5 game. I’m going to love it regardless. My old English teacher once said “they could record 2 hours of a turd and put a Star Wars flag on it and I would watch it” and I honestly feel the same way about Persona 5.

That being said, I had doubts about Strikers. I had a lot of doubts about Strikers. I was worried about so many aspects of this game it would probably worry you that I even think of all these little things. But not one single one of those worries came to fruition.

Persona 5 Strikers was a beautiful story and a great experience for me as a devout Persona 5 fan. The story didn’t slack, but it felt linked enough with the original story that it was comforting. The old characters were, on the whole, their wonderful selves and the new characters were beyond amazingly written. I always say that the writers of these games do an amazing job. I said it mainly with Akechi in the original game, but now I want to draw attention to the writing of Zenkichi.

Okay, I hated this guy. Like, vanilla Akechi level hated this guy. Oh my gosh, I hated him so much I punched my set of draws. Guys, I don’t even know why I hated him other than him being the police and this is a Persona 5 game. If you do watch our streams (we are uploading them to YouTube, as I write this I believe there’s 12 on there for Strikers), you’ll hear how much I hated him. I- ugh I cannot put it into actual words. And then something in me just clicked one day and then he was my favourite. I don’t know what happened, but I realised that the old gramps was growing on me. It was a very slow process and I didn’t realise it was happening until it was too late and I loved him. Nothing he did felt out of character either, which leads me to believe he was a focal point in writing whereas they may have laid back off of the original characters.

Sophia was precious throughout the whole game. I was disappointed in her decision to go with Ichinose because I couldn’t for the life of me forgive that woman, but at the same time, she had witnessed the group forgive people so it makes sense as to why she would forgive so easily. But again, a well-written character who fits so well into the story.

I enjoyed this game so much. It felt so right to play it. The ending felt… good. I don’t really know how else to put it. I felt like if this was the last Persona 5 edition… I would be okay with that. I am so happy that we were lucky enough to get a sequel with my favourite characters. I am getting a little emotional, but you guys know how much Persona 5 means to me. It has had such an impact on my life, going into adulthood myself, it felt like such a nice piece of closure. Of course, I am going to play these games forever, but I think I would be okay with Persona 6 now.

This game is a wonderful thing for Persona 5 fans. It is probably fanservice, but I’ve never seen fanservice as a bad thing to be completely honest. I have done a post on whether or not you can play Strikers without playing the original or Royal first, so check that out if you’re in that position.

But that’s it for today’s post, Gamers! I am sorry it’s a day late, I have university stuff on but I’m learning from my mistakes and I would much rather provide you with edited content over unedited content (especially when it’s over 5000 words). Make sure to follow my socials to keep updated, and if you’re looking for someone to watch stream, check out the twitch link on my homepage (or just follow 2nerds_1game) for some gaming (and persona) streams! See you next post, Gamers!

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