How I am using Fallout 4 to better myself as a gamer

Hey, Gamers! So this post is going to be discussing my weakness when it comes to games, and how I’m using Fallout 4 to try to get better and therefore enabling me to play more games! Josh loves Fallout 4 (it’s not his favourite, nor is it the best Fallout and we know that), so he has been pretty excited since I’ve installed it. So, let’s get on with the post!

Josh took this screenshot because the character has my name

I’ve been pretty open about not being able to play shooting games. It’s mainly because I get sick from playing in First Person (or just playing Minecraft), so I don’t have a ton of experience. The other issue is that I have very bad reflexes. However, that is something I need to fix for non-video game reasons (driving. The reason is driving), so I figured that if I can try to make my reflexes better by playing shooters, then I can have fun while trying to better myself in order to drive!

I’ve tried to play Fallout 4 before. It’s never been very successful. However, this time was different. I was determined. And I surprised myself with how not terrible I was. I’ve always been a looter when it comes to games, so I would pick up everything I could. But that’s great for Fallout 4, because crafting is a big part of the game (or at least the way I play it).

I do really like getting trophies…

That actually leads me to another cool thing: Josh and I have two completely different playstyles. I think we saw it most in Yakuza 0 and now with Fallout 4. As I said, he’s excited that I’m playing the game so he likes sitting in the room to watch me play (or if he just wants to stay in the room he’s in, we do Share Play). There have been so many times when he’s been like “no you’re meant to do ____” and I argue back that I’m playing the game in my own way. He often plays it in a chaotic, bad guy way, but I play it the complete opposite. I did all the Sanctuary quests one after the other, whereas he’s level 11 in his current (stream) playthrough and they still only have one bed in Sanctuary.

I love Dogmeat. So much. I took Codsworth out once and the entire time I was missing Dogmeat. Dogmeat is the best thing about Fallout 4 for me. Dogmeat is love, Dogmeat is life.

Okay so in terms of the actual shooting part of the game, like I said, I am not terrible and that is surprising. I am not good either, but each time I go on the game I see improvements. I’m much more comfortable with using the gun normally rather than just using VATS. I do sometimes forget that VATS exist, and I don’t fully understand AP and how you regain that yet, but I can use Critical execution pretty well. Apparently (according to Josh), I do use the Critical thing at the wrong time but I don’t completely understand why. I just use it when I notice I can and when I feel comfortable too. I am surprised at how much better I already am not just shooting normally. I can even get headshots without VATS!

Joshua seemed particularly proud of this picture so I felt like I had to include it…

I am advancing very slowly. I’ve been playing for about a week or two, and I’ve not long got to Diamond City (yesterday I got Nick from Vault 114). I’m understanding the SPECIAL stats a lot more now, and I know that I can change my clothing to get better stats for things like speech checks or bartering. I’m taking my time but honestly, it’s getting better. More importantly, I’m slowly gaining confidence in games that aren’t my forte. I’m even going to try GTA V soon!

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! Do you have any recommendations for bettering myself in terms of gaming? Let me know in the comments below! See you next time, Gamers!      

Editing note: Sorry this post is late (technology issues), and I am super sorry for not posting on Thursday. The Strikers review didn’t sit right with me and I didn’t want to put out content that I didn’t think was good enough. I’m past that now. I’d rather not post than give you guys sub-par content.    


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