Blog Update: Where I’m heading, what I’m doing, what I’m planning etc

Hey, Gamers! So I thought I would put out a post that talks a little about what I’m planning for this blog in the future, any schedule changes and just general housekeeping stuff. So that’s this post! I know it’s not directly gaming related but it’s important to keep you guys in the loop!

How many posts do I start with this picture? Probably like 80%

So, a lot of you know that April/May was a very stressful time for me because I was in the last year of university and I had my dissertation, and then my father got rushed into hospital on top of that. I’ve partly addressed this on social media but I think overall I’ve been disappointed in myself and didn’t want to share what happened. I am now resitting some of my modules that were compromised due to my father’s illness, and I thought that meant I would resit them in the next academic year (because that would make sense) but apparently, it means I have to write a dissertation and another assignment within about three weeks, as well as preparing for an exam. Basically, I’m really unsure what is going on in terms of education right now, which is stressful because I am living in student accommodation and I can’t go back to my parents’ places for several reasons. I thought that this was all sorted but it’s not.

Spider… because… stress

I was going to go back to posting twice a week, but my education is so important so I would much rather get that all sorted and have a place to live etc rather than rush around trying to post a post that I only thought of the day before if you get what I mean.

I have changed my schedule a little. I’ve been posting on Sundays since I’ve had this blog, but I’ve changed it to Monday because Sunday is usually the main day of the week that I’m rushing around all over the place. I figured it’s best to change it to Monday than the post always be late.

In terms of games, I am trying a lot to expand my gaming experience. Fallout 4 is currently downloading as I write this. I’ve got a new game for the switch, I just need everything to calm down a little in my personal life before I throw myself into another new game if that makes sense.

Josh and I in Dauntless

A post type that Josh suggested is like, monthly updates in what I’ve (or even both of us) been doing in games. Like, I’m doing an AI playthrough of Persona 5 Royal and Josh is doing a kill everything playthrough of Dishonored right now. It’ll just be talking about everything we’ve done in games that month, a more informal, not too deep post. I know I’ve done something similar to this in the past, but I was thinking of not restricting it to just one game per post, and with the updates being monthly it’ll keep everyone updated rather than doing ‘my experience playing [game] since the last post a couple of months ago’. I think I’ll probably start this in August or September, depending on when things calm down in my personal life.

One of my personal favourite pictures of us

Bringing up Josh, I know that a whole lot of you are wondering when a part two to ‘things my partner said while gaming that I never thought I’d ever hear anyone say’ post is coming. I’m not sure if I mentioned it during that post, but I have mentioned it on Instagram. That post was months in the making. Granted, it’s been my best posts in terms of reception and views, but it took a long time. I had to work with him, make sure I had his consent to publish each one, I had to spend more time with him (which sounds bad but we literally spend almost every second together), I had to listen out when I was downstairs and he was gaming. It was literally just sat there on my phone for months. We never expected it to do that well, we just thought it would be a funny post. I am working on part two (if not for you guys, but just so I have more funny things to recite at our wedding), but it will take a while. I am also working on a similar post which is about conversations that we’ve had about gaming because sometimes we just have funny conversations. But believe me when I say part two is coming. If you want to stay updated, check out my social media because I might post little updates or sneak peeks there. But so far, he’s only played Judgement and Yakuza 7 since I started the new list… because he’s still obsessed with the Yakuza series.

Something else I’ve been thinking about is PC Gaming. I want to build my own gaming PC and have no clue where to start, despite looking online. So I might do like a monthly ‘what I’ve learnt about gaming PCs this month’ post, and then at the end maybe make a ‘building a gaming PC for dummies’ post because I feel like that’s needed… for me, because I’m clearly the dummy in this situation.

Okay, so we need to talk about Persona 6 because a few people have messaged me about it. I will write about Persona 6 when there is enough information to write about Persona 6. I might do a ‘my hopes for Persona 6’ post in a couple of months, but I want everyone to keep in mind that Persona 5 and Persona 6 are two separate games. I’ve never claimed to be a superfan of the persona series, just Persona 5. Yes, I am going to play it. But I will be looking at it as its own thing which I think a lot of people may struggle to do. I’ve tried several times to play Persona 3 and I wasn’t half as engrossed as I was with Persona 5, and I think it might be the same thing with Persona 6. I do feel really bad for Atlus, having to top Persona 5 and with how toxic the fanbase is, they can never make everyone happy. I hope that they stick to what they want over what the fans want.

Now, this is the one that I really wanted to address: editing. I started this blog over a year ago now, and it is slowly approaching a full year of near consistent posts (I believe it was October or November when I came back from my long break). Through this, I’ve been battling my own demons in terms of mental illness and also I’ve been trying to get better at managing my learning difficulties (dyslexia and dyscalculia). I also had a degree to do. I know a lot of my posts are not up to scratch in terms of grammar, spelling and overall some of them could be better. As soon as things get sorted (I am really hoping we have a better understanding of what’s going on this week) in my personal life, I am slowly going to be editing all of my old posts. You guys deserve better and, more importantly, I know that I can provide that better service for you. What I will probably do is edit them, and I don’t think it’ll send an email when a post is edited so I’ll post on my social medias (I’m more active on Twitter and Instagram but I’m trying to get better at Facebook too!). I’ll make it clear which posts have been edited, and I might even do a little editor’s note at the end of the post if a lot has changed.

Lastly, something exciting that I’m working on: a discord! I am in several discords for streamers but I am yet to have my own and completely understand it… but I thought I would let you all know that because of how much support I’ve received recently, I am 100% working on a discord. I just want to understand it completely first. I hope for it to be a safe place where we can all talk about games without people rolling their eyes or being purposely aggressive. This might take a while because obviously the personal stuff I have going on right now needs a lot of my attention and discord is a little overwhelming for me right now, but I promise I am working on it (and yes, Joshua will probably be there too).

Just thought this post needed some Makoto and Haru tbh

And with that, I think that’s all for this post, Gamers! I know this wasn’t directly about gaming but I wanted to put my plans out there in hopes of holding myself accountable and maybe making some of you guys excited! Thank you so much for your continued support over the past year. Watching this blog grow and getting to interact with you guys is often the highlight of my day. See you in the next post, Gamers!

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