Why I love Celeste- Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Hey, Gamers! This post will be all about everyone’s favourite adorable owl! I know a lot of people who don’t like Celeste get bombarded with her cuteness and it’s clearly not cutting it for them, so I figured I would try to explain why I love Celeste so much in a bit more detail so that people who may not like her due to the craze get a different answer than “just because” (which is the original answer I gave my partner, so just know I’ve thought long and hard about this).

So, let’s get her appearance out of the way first. I think a lot of people like the way Celeste looks because she is wearing a pink bow. I know a lot of people associate the colour pink with little girls, and a bow is something that a lot of little girls like to wear. Celeste’s bow makes her seem more childlike and innocent, which goes hand in hand with her being a younger sibling. A lot of adults playing the game have younger siblings who they may still see as youthful and innocent like Celeste. Therefore, Celeste could represent a younger sibling to some people, or even just the idea of childhood and youth. For me, I am the younger sister. I have two older sisters who I haven’t really spoken about much here. But with me being the younger sister, I relate to Celeste a little in that way. I feel more connected to her. Another thing is with the whole childhood and innocence vibe that Celeste gives off, I didn’t have the best childhood due to trauma so it is almost like she makes me feel that innocence again. It’s just a nice feeling. Her overall appearance is comforting for these reasons.

Going into the more practical stuff, compared to the other visitors who appear around the time I go on Animal Crossing (usually 1 am), Celeste is low maintenance. She doesn’t ask for anything. She just shows up, it’s a lovely surprise, she gives you a new DIY and that’s that. You don’t have to do anything for her. You don’t even have to wish on shooting stars every single time she shows up. Compared to everyone else, she’s easy-going and it’s just nice to have her there. It’s also nice to be given a new DIY because my villagers apparently don’t know how to do that. With Flick or CJ, you have to spend a while catching stuff to make it worthwhile. With Gulliver and Gullivaaar (I think that’s how you spell it? I mean the pirate one), you have to dig or dive for stuff. It just feels like a lot when you just want to chill out before going to sleep, y’know? But with Celeste, you just talk to her, get a DIY and maybe wish on some stars. It’s nice and slow and not demanding at all.

Another thing I love about Celeste is her personality and passion. I wish – with all my heart – that you could ask her questions and just talk to her more about the stars because she is so passionate about them and I can tell that what she has to say is interesting. Her eyes twinkle when she talks about the stars, and it’s that passion that draws me to her.

Her passion is something that links back to her brother because Blathers is very clearly passionate about… museum stuff. They likely bounced their passions off of each other when they were children, which led to them both being even more passionate and knowledgeable about their respective fields. I like when siblings have common traits like this because you can imagine what it was like for them growing up together. They would have encouraged each other so much, and it fills my heart with joy to think about it.

Lastly, and this is a very personal one, I love owls. I got into Percy Jackson, decided I’d be a daughter of Athena, owls symbolise wisdom and then I went back to Wales and went to see my mother’s godfather, who also loves owls. I felt a strong connection with him and we spent a long time talking about owls that day. Since then, I’ve loved owls. I got a pillow that year that is shaped like an owl and I’ve slept with her every single night for the past 8 years. When my mother’s godfather passed away the year before last, I felt lucky that I had that opportunity to bond with him over something that we both loved. It felt like a part of him would always be with me as long as I still love owls. Like I said, this is a very personal reason but it’s a driving factor. If Celeste wasn’t in the game, Blathers would be my favourite for this reason.

So, that’s it for this post, Gamers! I hope it helped explain things a little better. Do you like Celeste? Who is your favourite character in Animal Crossing? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, give it a ‘like’ and don’t forget to hit follow for more gaming content. If you’re looking for a new streaming channel to watch, Josh and I stream almost every day at 2nerds_1game on Twitch. See you next time!

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