The problem with Shane- Stardew Valley

Hey, Gamers! So, this week we will be talking about Stardew Valley, focusing mainly on Shane. Shane is a datable character who is… not the nicest to you when you first move in. Of course, I decided I would make him like me and now I’m married to him. Only, I regret it so much. Some of his dialogue is… not the best. Let’s look into it!

So, when you first move into Stardew Valley, you meet all the villagers. You can usually find Shane at the saloon most nights. He usually asks why you are talking to him or just tells you to go away. Even as you gain hearts with him, his attitude towards you doesn’t immediately change. This makes the difference between him being hostile towards you and him being nice to you very sudden. The other characters warm up to you. You’re a stranger to them, at the end of the day. With the other characters, you get a real sense of them beginning to trust you, taking a liking to you, all that good stuff. The only time you get this with Shane is during his heart events.

Shane is an alcoholic. He literally has to get his stomach pumped and he goes to a specialised councillor due to his poor mental health. His 14-heart event is literally the player and Marnie (his aunt) worrying about him as they see him exit the saloon because of his alcoholism. So, you’d think that his everyday dialogue would reflect this…

But no. I actually forgot to screenshot the line of dialogue that made me want to write this post, but then I found out that this type of thing is a common occurrence. Here is some of the worrying dialogue that Shane says after marriage (from the wiki, will link at the end of the post):

‘If I don’t order a cold one now and then, Gus will go out of business. I’m just doing my civic duty. I’ll head home around 10’

‘I’m just gonna have a couple more beers before closing my eyes for the night’

‘What are your plans for the fall? I’m going to try and incorporate more wine into my diet’

If you’ve had to have a treatment for your alcoholism, you shouldn’t be having a single drink of alcohol. That can easily make you relapse. That’s why I find what Shane says so troubling. It’s said so nonchalantly like he never had a problem with alcohol.

Even his room is troubling. It’s basically a smaller version of his room in Marnie’s house. Now, this would be fine if he didn’t have a problem with alcohol. I cannot stress this enough. He shouldn’t be having any alcohol because it can make him relapse.

But as I’ve said, him potentially relapsing has been addressed (in the 14-heart event) and he gets upset that the player and Marnie thought he had relapsed because he’s stronger than that now. But he still drinks alcohol? This makes no sense.

So, that’s it for today’s post, Gamers! What do you guys think? Remember to leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments below and check out my social medias if you want to stay updated and have a say in what I post! Also, if you’re interested in streamers, my partner and I stream every day! We stream Stardew Valley on Friday, and we’ve only just started the game this past week so check out 2nerds_1game on Twitch! See you next post!

PS: There’s two Stardew Valley wikis, so this is the one that I use almost daily:
I don’t use this page daily, but I’ve found the fandom wiki very helpful.


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