Stardew Valley has taken over my life…

Hey, Gamers! So this week we are talking about Stardew Valley, a game that is available on pretty much anything. Now, I didn’t think I’d like this game very much but I wanted something different and it was pretty cheap so I got it for the Switch (I swear my main console is the switch now). I think I got it about a month ago and, keep in mind that I am in my last few weeks of a history undergrad, I’m nearly at the end of the 2nd year with over 50 hours. This game has taken over my life.

I think a lot of people experienced a similar thing with Animal Crossing when that first came out because of the pandemic, but this game has been wonderful for calming my anxiety. Obviously without the pandemic, I do have several mental illnesses and a lot of things have been happening recently to cause me a lot of anxiety. I’m not going to sit here and say that this game is calming because it’s probably one of the most stressful games I have ever played… but it does calm my anxiety and takes my mind off the things that I can’t seem to stop thinking about. So I’m going to talk a little about my experience with the characters, the farming aspect of the game and the mining aspect of the game.

So I married Shane. I kind of wish I hadn’t but he reminded me a lot of Josh when we first got together so I felt it was right. Other early options were Maru, Abigail and Alex. I ended up not liking Alex because he seems to be a bit of a jerk and very judgemental. I stopped talking to Maru after spending some time with Sebastian and deciding that he deserves more attention and for someone to prefer him to Maru. I think the main issue with Abigail was finding her. She’d often just wander off and I ran out of time looking for her.

The farming aspect of the game is the most stressful. I’ve cried over how long it has taken me to water my crops. I know I can eventually get sprinklers but I’m not quite there yet. I have one normal sprinkler and it isn’t very useful. I have 7 chickens and 2 cows and that’s stressful too because I always seem to run out of hay when I need it the most and my chickens never all seem to lay eggs. Who knew being a farmer was this hard?

Lastly, mining. At first, mining was terrifying for me. Honestly, I still don’t like it now. But after getting past level 20, it’s pretty chill. I actually have rearranged my tools to make mining easier. It’s still very stressful and I am on edge the whole time, but it’s better now.

So that’s it for today’s post, Gamers! Have you played Stardew Valley? Leave your thoughts in the comments section, don’t forget to like this post if you liked it, and follow me for more gaming content. See you next time!


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Hi, I am an autistic gamer in my 20's who loves to share my experiences and thoughts about games, characters and everything about gaming.

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