Akane’s Joker

Hey, Gamers! This post will immediately have spoilers for the end of the 5th jail (Kyoto), so if you haven’t played that far, you might want to skip this one out.

This post is going to talk a little bit about the boss fight in the Kyoto jail… I mean, the almost boss fight. Like the last jail, there was no actual boss fight. However, the person you do fight is very… interesting because it’s Akane’s cognitive version of Joker.

So, for anyone who’s here just because they like me, first of all thank you, second of all, Akane is the daughter of Zenkitchi who is ‘Pub-Sec’ and looking into the Phantom Thieves due to the change of heart epidemic that is currently happening all across Japan. He’s working alongside the group and is trying not to get attached. After meeting a very angry Akane, you find out that her mother (Zenkichi’s wife), Aoi was murdered and Akane is angry at her father because… Akane saw it happen (it was a hit and run) and knew who did it, and she told everyone. And no one did anything, because this guy was a powerful person (I assume it’s a similar kind of situation of what happened with Shido). Akane and Gramps’ (that’s what the group lovingly call him and it’s a lot easier to spell) relationship has deteriorated massively because of this, seeming almost beyond repair. But when the group steps in and befriends Akane, things start getting a bit better.

Akane is a huge fan of the Phantom Thieves (like, my level of obsessed) and when she gets kidnapped and made into a monarch (I mean, she has serious trauma so it wasn’t that shocking), her whole jail is Phantom Thief themed. When the group come to save her, she claims time and time again that they are imposters. After her dad literally joins the group after awakening to the best Persona in the game (at least what he’s based on is my favourite because I’m also a musical and history nerd but that’s for another day), she again claims that the group are imposters and makes them fight her cognitive version of the group.

The team decide to take them on individually so the only one you get to play as is Joker, which is to be expected (although it would be cool to have used the other thieves). Cognitive Joker looks exactly like Joker, apart from being red. He’s just a cognition. That is important to note, because I’ve been a few people asking questions about it.

Akane’s cognitive Joker doesn’t have a persona. Why? Akane doesn’t know about personas. So Akane’s Joker will just use the environment and attack you with his dagger. But he is still really, really strong. And that is, again, to be expected.

Akane idolises the Phantom Thieves. She thinks that they’re the best thing that has ever happened. The cognition of them is obviously going to be very, very strong. And that’s why Akane’s Joker is technically the boss of the jail. Although he is pretty easy to defeat… he’s still pretty strong. He’s as strong as he should be.

So that’s it for this post, Gamers! Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments below, ‘like’ this post if you liked it, don’t forget to check out my socials, and if you’re looking for a stream channel to watch on Twitch, Josh and I stream almost everyday at 2nerds_1game. See you next time!


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