I played Yakuza 0 and I’m worried

So, on this week’s episode of ‘does Eleanor actually like video games or does she just like things from Japan?’, we have Yakuza 0. I finished it last night so I’m still a little raw, so let’s discuss these emotions and why I am so worried about playing the other Yakuza games. Spoilers for Yakuza 0.

A little bit of backstory for those who are not regular readers: games with good story are like… my jam. I get emotionally attached to characters way, way too much. I also get overwhelmed if things move too quickly. But, this is where my regular readers should jump back in, Josh (my fiancé) bought the Yakuza series when it was on sale. I think that included Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 3, 4, 5 (which he had already), and maybe 6 too. He came downstairs and told me and to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed because he had university work he needed to do and I knew he would hyperfixate on these games. But then he told me about Yakuza 0, said that it wasn’t on sale, but it was the prequel and he knows I’m down for prequels. So, I rolled my eyes and just “just get it” and then spent the following week hating the game because that was all he was playing.

I’m sure my regular readers know where this is going, because it’s exactly how I got into my favourite game, Persona 5. And that is exactly what happened. And I loved it.

The story, which seems like two different stories at first, ties together beautifully. The characters are written wonderfully. The gameplay is (mostly) not overwhelming, while still being exciting. It’s simple and fun and I loved every second of the game. The side quests were brilliant, entertaining and touching at the same time. I just- it’s brilliant. It’s actually up there with Persona 5.

So why am I worried? Because I much, much, much preferred playing as Majima.

I want to love the Yakuza series. I want to play every game, because I’m sure that they’re all great and that they all have equally as good stories. But I’m not sure if I want to play as Kiryu during all of those games. I know there’s some games where there’s several protagonists, and there are two side games without Kiryu as the protagonist… but I just- don’t know if I can be without Majima’s fighting style for that long.

Of course I am going to move on to Yakuza Kiwami (mainly because Joshua hasn’t uninstalled it and he’s on the third one so he’ll nag at me otherwise) but I’m just… hesitant. I still have things to complete in Yakuza 0 and I actually like it enough to attempt to platinum it but… I don’t know how to explain it. I feel like I’ve started with the best and it’s only going to go downhill from here, so why bother? Does that make sense?

My best part of playing Yakuza 0 for me was probably the Cabaret Club Czar mini game thing that you have to do as Majima. My proudest part of playing Yakuza 0 was not dying at all in the final chapter. Something that I’ve learnt from Yakuza 0 is that I actually don’t get overwhelmed as easily as I thought I did. My worst part of playing Yakuza 0 was thinking that Tachibana was the person who sold Makoto, deciding never to trust anyone, trusting Oda again because he’s a good friend and then Oda being the person who actually sold Makoto.

So, yeah. You should probably expect a lot more on the Yakuza series very soon! Don’t forget to like this post, follow this blog, check me out on my social medias and if you’re looking for more streamers to watch, me and my partner stream nearly everyday on Twitch at 2nerds_1game. See you next time, Gamers!

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