How to beat Alice- Persona 5 Strikers (NO SPOILERS)

Hey, Gamers! So Persona 5 Strikers came out this past week and I am loving it! However, the first boss fight was a little hard and I actually ended up spoiling it for myself trying to look up some tips. So, although I’ve never done anything like this before… it’s needed. So, here are some tips and tricks to beating Alice, with absolutely no spoilers (as long as you’ve at least tried the boss fight)

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Tip 1- Party suggestions

Party 1) Joker, Ann, Ryuji, Morgana
Party 2) Joker, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto
Party 3) Joker, Ann, Makoto, Morgana

So, Alice is weak to 2 things- wind and fire! That usually means Ann and Morgana. However, Joker should have at least one fire and one wind persona, so it’s not a huge deal. I played around with my party a lot and concluded that the most important person is actually Ann. She has fire but the most important thing is that she has a move that lowers the attack of the enemy, which is very much needed in the second part of the fight.

So Ann is important, but so are the other party members. Morgana has wind but tends to die quickly. Makoto brings nuclear which can do technical damage after she’s been set on fire. Ryuji is useful because he has a skill that can boost attack, which is amazing for the second part of the boss fight. Yusuke is strong too, and his triangle attack is pretty good in my opinion.

Tip 2- Grind

Once you have your selected party, grind with them for a bit. Important: You CAN leave the jail, come back and SP/HP is restored! If you played anything like me, you haven’t been using Ann a whole lot so I very much recommend just taking her for a run around the jail. She is so useful for this fight.

Tip 3- Leave the jail

You probably already know that you can leave the jail whenever with no consequences… but it’s a huge deal. This is a Persona game.
I recommend you use this feature a few times. Why? It means you can grind, come out, sell things to Sophia and buy more items! As far as I can tell, items from the shop get restored when you enter the palace. So spend all your yen, grind, sell, buy. It’s worth it, I promise.

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Top 4- Items, protectors, weapons

So, items and stuff can be bought in Sophia’s shop. Remember that you can press R2 (might be R1, so don’t hold me to that) to sell weapons.

So you’re going to want to be careful when it comes to Ann. Make sure she still has burn because that’s going to be vital. Everyone is going to need protectors, so when you’re done with picking your team and grinding, get protectors for your party.

In terms of weapons, it’s pretty obvious (for the rest of the party) which to pick. Just use your best judgement.

Accessories are (I think) important. Equip everyone with low psych damage, because that’s the main damage she does in the first half of the fight.

It’s important to make sure you have at least one recovery item, preferably more.

REMINDER: You can leave Leblanc to get recovery items from vending machines etc. This is important because there is some SP recovery (I just didn’t realise and didn’t have yen when I thought about it)

Persona 5 Strikers_20210227004009

Tip 5- How to use SP, when to use the environment, when to heal and when to recover

SP) Okay, so I feel like it’s harder to recover SP in this game in comparison to Persona 5. So… you’re going to want to save as much SP as possible for the second half of the boss fight. Particularly with Ann, because although she has fire and that’s what she is weak to… that’s not the most important skill in this fight. You are going to want to use a lot of triangle skills, any mastery skills in the first half of the fight.

Environment) So you’re going to want to use the crackers during the first half of the fight because she’s so fast in the second half, there’s the risk that it just won’t hit her. A lot of the times, your teammates will offer to set the cracker off. Either do that or wait until she goes on the pole.  

Healing) Basically, just keep everyone topped up. Try to keep your distance when she’s attacking If you keep on top of it, the 10 HP and 20 HP items can be useful still. Try not to let anyone drop below halfway, because there’s a possibility they can be taken out in one hit.

Recovery) Do not recover anyone until the second phase of the fight, which triggers after you get Alice to half health. This is important because you really need as many people as possible in the second part and if you’ve already used up all of your recovery items by then… you’re a tad screwed.

Tip 5- General tips

So here’s my general advice:

Stay away from her when she’s attacking. Especially in the second half, because she’s a lot stronger and one hit can take you out.

In the second half, lock on to her if you see her to the spinning attack. As far as I can tell, she will always go after the player and there’s no point trying to run away because she’s so fast. What you want to do is make sure you are locked on, stay completely still with your finger hovering over the dodge button, and dodge left or right just before she is about to hit you. It might take you a few times to get the timing right but I promise this works.

Hit her while she’s down, and then dodge. When she is still and sat down, you can get quite a few attacks in. If you’re out of SP by this point, hammer the triangle attack as much as you can. Do as much damage in this short space of time as possible. Ryuji will be helpful here as he has a skill that can boost the attack of an ally.

Persona 5 Strikers_20210223210006

So, that’s all for this post, Gamers! I hope this helped at least someone. I just wanted there to be at least one sort of guide that did not include what happened after you beat Alice, so I thought I might as well put this blog to some good use! Remember to follow my blog for more gaming content, like this post if you liked it, follow me on social media for any updates, and check out 2nerds_1game on Twitch, where me and my partner stream! (I play Persona at least twice a week!)

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