5 rules to follow for a hassle-free island- Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Hey, Gamers! ACNH has been out for nearly a year now, and it has been a lot of people’s saving grace during the pandemic. I got it recently… but I wasn’t the first one on my switch, which means I am a villager! This is a list of rules that we all try to follow to make sure everyone is happy.

Just a quick disclaimer, there are 3 of us on the switch, and the island representative is a 4-year-old. All three of us are autistic, so some rules that are on this list might be a little catered to that.

  1. Make sure you check with your island representative before setting your home, planting or chopping down any trees or doing anything that might have a permanent effect on the island.

I feel like this is self-explanatory. The person who played the game first is the island representative. That usually means they were either the most excited for the game, or it was bought for them. Just check-in and make sure what you’re going is okay. 

  • Check your mail.

This is the one I feel is catered to our little group, because it is very much a sensory thing. The noise that the mailbox makes hurts our ears, so we have to make sure that the mail is checked as soon as possible so no one is upset or has a hard time playing the game.

  • Discuss how you are going to contribute to the island.

This is one I learnt from my partner’s past experience of playing Animal Crossing. If you have someone who really cares about the museum and wants to contribute to that as much as possible, it’s going to be very frustrating for them if you donate one thing, and only that one thing. For us, we’ve decided that everyone contributes to everything. That means if our island representative needs iron nuggets to build the campsite, we help her get the iron nuggets by leaving any we have by her house.

  • Have your own ‘spots’ so that no one gets upset.

So there’s only three of us, so it’s pretty easy to divide the island up. This isn’t a hard-set rule or anything, but we try to only bash rocks or shake trees if they’re in our area. At the very least, we don’t touch anything close to someone else’s house.

  • Share nicely.

If you know someone needs or wants something, help them out. For example, my partner wanted the Nintendo Switch the other day but he had just paid his loan off and it was past 10 PM so the shop was closed, so he didn’t have enough bells. Our island representative knew this and bought him one because “he contributed to our island’s culture”. It’s just nice. Another thing she did was send me a letter in the mail because I was stressed and she thought it would cheer me up (it did). Just share things. Keep discussing what’s going on. And remember, you might not take it as seriously as someone else, but it is important to them (especially kids).

I hope this list helps! Let me know what villagers you have on your island below, and don’t forget to like, follow and check out my social media pages. See you next time, Gamers!

Published by eleanorreeswriting

Hi, I am an autistic gamer in my 20's who loves to share my experiences and thoughts about games, characters and everything about gaming.

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