Why I haven’t pre-ordered Persona 5 Strikers yet…

A/N- Hi guys, just wanted to do a quick apology for not uploading this yesterday. There has been a change in my medication so my mental health hasn’t been too great for the past week or so. I promise it wasn’t because of burn out or anything, I’ve just been quite disorientated the past few days. Anyway, on with the post…

Hey, Gamers! So, for those who don’t know, Persona 5 Royal is my favourite game. I love it, so much. I loved the original, I loved the ‘upgraded’ version… so with the upcoming Persona 5 Strikers coming on the 23rd of next month (February)… why haven’t I pre-ordered it already?

So my autism is going to come into play here (it’s almost as if it affects my day-to-day life) so if you are not a regular reader, I got diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in September 2020. I remember telling you guys that I was worried that I wouldn’t like the changes in Royal, but I was pleasantly surprised. Then again, I pre-ordered Royal the second I had the chance to. This is different.

As far as I can tell, Strikers is a direct sequel to the original version of Persona 5. I think it came out before Royal in Japan, but they switched it while bringing it to the West for some reason. I think that’s the first thing that makes me hesitant. You all know how much I love Sumi, and how amazing I found the writing of Akechi’s confidant. I was under the impression, as were the rest of the fandom as far as I can tell, that when Royal was brought out, it became canon. So bringing out a direct sequel that will not include characters that are considered canon is just… not sitting right with me. I would have been completely fine with this if they had brought Strikers out before Royal, but since Royal overtakes the original as canon, it just seems weird to me.

The second thing, and I think this is the most important thing, is that it’s a different type of game. It’s a hack and slash. It doesn’t have the turn-based combat that I love. And I am terrified that this will be the thing that ruins the game for me. As far as I know, I have never played a hack and slash so I am worried that it’s going to get too overwhelming for me.

Yet another thing is… I can’t decide what console to get it on. We actually broke our switch not long after getting it, and I got it fixed with the sole reason that I wanted a Persona game on the switch. But now the time is here, I think I would prefer to have it on the PlayStation. But I can’t get the steel book version with the PlayStation. And I’m not too happy that there isn’t a collector’s edition (that pin that you can only get at GAME doesn’t cut it for me, especially with all the bad reviews that GAME has got recently).

I know this sounds stupid because ultimately, I am going to get the game because it’s Persona 5 and before it was officially announced, I was so hyped for it. I think I’m just scared. I love Persona 5 so much (as evidenced by the amount that I write about it) and I don’t want that love to face because of a sequel that I struggled to get through. That being said, Dancing! Is hard but I’m still enjoying the story of that…

As you can tell, this is a very hot topic for my brain right now. Your thoughts and feelings would be much appreciated in the comments section, and don’t forget to like and follow for when I inevitably get this game.

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Hi, I am an autistic gamer in my 20's who loves to share my experiences and thoughts about games, characters and everything about gaming.

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