Gaming quote of the Week #5

“The darkness may destroy my body, but it can’t touch my heart. My heart will stay with my friends. It’ll never die!”- Sora, Kingdom Hearts (2002)

There’s no funny quote this time, no jokes or a funny story to tell. The heartless in Kingdom Hearts equate, for me at least, to depression. The darkness that comes with it, sweeping your brain and making you feel not enough. I thought this was a nice quote in case you guys needed reminding that mental illness can’t touch your heart (no matter how much you may think it can and is). Remember that you have friends and family that love you, that you have people who are worth fighting for. Please seek help if you’re able to, reach out and talk to friends.

I hope you’re all okay, or at least as okay as you can be.

Published by eleanorreeswriting

Hi, I am an autistic gamer in my 20's who loves to share my experiences and thoughts about games, characters and everything about gaming.

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