Persona 5 Royal- Week 8 Play Update

What a week! I’ve had a few depressive episodes so have been playing through a lot of Persona 5 Royal. We are unfortunately at the point in the game where I can no longer screenshot, so what you see from now on is either taken on my phone, from before the cut-off date or in the Thieves Den. This post will contain major spoilers for the third semester, so don’t read it unless you’re that far… or want it spoiled.

Okay, so last week I said I would be in new territory this week. I said that because – for some reason – I assumed that I wouldn’t have to do Mementos. Probably because I knew there was a new palace and that the end of Mementos means no more Metaverse and therefore no more palace. So, I worked through Mementos, collecting stamps (I was down like 20). I levelled up so much by using Ryuji’s Insta-kill ability. It is so much better now that it gives you experience. For those who don’t know (because my partner didn’t know this so I thought I would share it with you guys), in Persona 5 Royal, you activate this by holding L2 to dash and then just run into a shadow. It only works with the green shadows though, so keep that in mind.

Whilst I was doing this, I decided that now was the time to get the trophy I have been dreading. The Reaper. I died three times before I was told to come off of the PlayStation because apparently my behaviour was appalling. I went back on the next day with the mind set of “today is the today”, and let me tell you friends, today was the day. I fought him once and made a little mistake. No biggie, I learnt something from it. Fought him again and he one shotted me which made me a little angry because I was so close. Then, I did it. I defeated The Reaper. I think this is the biggest gaming accomplishment I have ever even tried.

But with the combination of the two above mentioned things, when it actually came to Yaldabaoth, I was a little over-levelled. It did not last very long at all. However, I have noticed that since my defeats with The Reaper, I am thinking over my moves a lot more.

Now, let’s talk about the one and only Mr Goro Akechi. First of all, great re-entrance. I literally said two minutes before that I didn’t think Sae was going to ask us to turn ourselves in. I didn’t have time to question what was going on when she did, because Akechi came in to save the day. It made me realise that I had missed Akechi.

Now, whether or not he was redeemed is another thing. Sure, he’s helping us out, but that’s not really enough in my eyes. Like, he literally murdered two people who were literally the parents of two members of the Phantom Thieves. On one hand, I like his character. He deserves to be himself. However, I just feel a little off by the fact that he’s behaving like a murderous maniac and Futaba and Haru are right there. Like, Futaba actively protects him at times too. I am at a weird in the middle standpoint where I can understand why his behaviour is like he is and why he didn’t have like a huge redemption arc or whatever, but at the same time I think he deserves better. No, scrap that, I think Haru and Futaba deserve better. He has committed murder and he’s just getting to walk away free. That is not fair. But his new All Out Attack is pretty cool.  

Haru being reasonable- he murdered her father

The Christmas scenes were heart-warming. I don’t have a romantic partner yet (holding out for a certain little red head) so it might have gone a little different if I had dated someone before Christmas, but because I hadn’t, Sojiro just told me to come home and me, him and Futaba had turkey and cake. I have no idea where she got a turkey from on Christmas Eve but I take my hat off to her.

The fact that the Phantom Thieves actually spend Christmas Day together reinstates that they are more than just a group of people. They are a family. I really liked that little scene. It was sweet and heart-warming. Same kinda thing for the New Years one, only obviously they invited Kasumi, which was really nice of them. I think that goes to show that they always wanted to be friends with her, but they were afraid that things were too dangerous for her.

Little did she know, she would be one of them soon enough

Moving on to 1st January – I cannot stress this enough about spoilers at this point.

I got serious Life Is Strange vibes from Joker’s dream. It felt like Max’s nightmare all over again. It was so weird and almost out of place, but a nice way of letting the player know that something is going to happen soon.

And that something was the false reality brought to us by no other than Dr Maruki. I realised something was really wrong when Futaba started talking about her mother like she was alive. By the time we saw all the Phantom Thieves again, I worked out that they had gotten their greatest wish granted. The main issue with this reality is something that ‘Kasumi’ herself brought up when we went to the café with her and Akechi, but she said it about the Phantom Thieves. She said something along the lines of “people need to work through their own problems so that they are able to grow as people”. I really felt this. As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’ve personally been through a few traumatic events. But they’ve made me who I am in the sense of working through them and healing from them has made me a stronger, more empathetic and compassionate person. Healing takes time, but the payoff is worth it. So although Maruki has good intentions, and I really do not doubt that one bit, he’s essentially taking away the chance for these people to heal and become better people for it.

So, the Phantom Thieves eventually come around because, I mean, they’re my babies of course they would. Ryuji charges in to protect Joker in what I can only call the best bro moment in the entire game. Truly touching. But they all seem a little bad about going with Maruki’s reality. Futaba is the one who has been hurt by it the most, I think. But so far, Morgana, Ann, Ryuji and Futaba all have their new personas. They were apologetic because we obviously worked super hard to get them all healed up, but they just felt like they chose the other reality for a little bit. Futaba (I love her, okay) broke my heart at this point. It’s difficult, sometimes, to remember that she is a good year or two younger than the rest of the group, and she lost her mother right in front of her eyes. She was always ostracised for being a little different from the other kids, and then she lost the one person who helped her through that more than anyone. All she wants to do is talk to her mother, something that so many people take for granted. She has definitely been affected the most, I think. Makoto’s fake reality was pretty interesting. Her mother was still dead, which I did not expect, but her father was alive and Sae was supportive of her. I think it was less hard on her because Sae had started to be supportive of her by this point. Remember that Maruki left on the 18th November, and Sae found out about this on the 20th November. Joker and Akechi are not affected by this reality because, I think, they never really had counselling. Joker had one session and from then on, he just helped Maruki out. I do not think Akechi actually met Maruki, so Maruki would not know anything about what would make him happy.

Moving on to Kasumi… or Sumire. I do not know how to refer to her. But what the hell. This was a bigger plot twist than Maruki. As this was unfolding, I realised that no one – literally no one – had called her Kasumi in the entire game. I always thought that it was weird in Morgana’s case because Morgana always calls people by their first names. But it was such a cool point.

Thank you for the much needed clarification, Futaba, I’m sure Ryuji needed it.

I’m at the point where Sumire has decided not to run from the truth. This was clearly a very difficult decision for her and therefore I respect her more now than I did previously. The confidant change was pretty cool; I like how I could only go to rank 5 with Kasumi because I could only learn so much about her, as she did not even know the truth about herself. I like how it has been changed to Sumire now, and therefore I can get to know her more.

I am on track to my first Platinum too, which is exciting. I’ve been collecting Mementos requests lately too, through confidants and Mishima. So I am going to head into Mementos soon… I wonder if I will be finished with this palace this week. I have a feeling that it is one of those that keeps kicking you out so I’m very aware of the time limit. But next week may well be the last update.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update! Don’t forget to like and follow me for more content like this, and follow me on social media to keep up to date!

Weekly screenshots/ photos I took on my phone:

Futaba acting like the school was a palace
Kasumi @ing Akechi right there
Sojiro looks so happy that Morgana is back!
You can always rely on Yusuke for the classic puns
So Morgana spends the entire game saying that he is not a cat… only for him to say this. I had to take a photo!

Sorry they’re blue, guys! I do not know why, that’s just how they come out on my phone! See you next week for another update!

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