Persona 5 Royal- Week 5 Play Update

This week was a short one because my procrastination has really come back to bite me in the butt. However, it has also been one hell of a Persona 5 Royal week. So, for reference, before I wrote last week’s post, Sojiro took Joker and Futaba out for sushi. This week, the school festival just happened. I have officially hit the 100 hours mark, and my social stats are 5 for knowledge, charm and proficiency; and then 4 for kindness and guts. So this might be all jumbled up timeline wise but trust me, there is a very good reason for that.

Hawaiianized is now an official word in my own personal dictionary and I think it should be part of yours too!

This week I finally went to the Maid Café. I actually went a few times because it is honestly so comical that I get a stitch from laughing so hard. I have spent 22000 yen there (gaining 22 stamps), and I will definitely go again. 10/10 recommend, even if the maids are sometimes clumsy. It is a great way to get charm up, and also you get a little bit of kindness/guts depending on how you treat the maid that is serving you.

I went here way too much this week

Moving on to Goro Akechi, I am at the point of the story where I miss hanging out with him because I know he is going to go bad again soon and that breaks my heart. I cannot believe that I actually like him now. It is difficult for me to contemplate his redemption to be honest. Please do not misunderstand this; I like Akechi as a character. I like his arc, it is very interesting and I have always said that he is a very well written villain. Only, I know he is not going to stay as a villain and that confuses me. I truly hope that his redemption arc is good and not just fan service. That would be an injustice to his character, and we all know how much Akechi hates injustice.

Friends who go to the bathhouse together do not shoot each other… right, Akechi?

Maruki reached rank 9 this week and I, unfortunately, cannot continue (I assume I am blocked by some date but spoiler territory so I am not going to look it up for a change). The last few ranks of his confidant were not the best, and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. After Hawaii, he seemed like he grew significantly more serious. He is no longer his goofy self, which is something I originally loved about him. I guess as he gets closer to finishing his research, his eyes metaphorically narrow and it becomes one of the only things he is able to focus on, and therefore other aspects of his personality are shoved deep down. I hope that this changes, maybe in the third semester. What I have really enjoyed, however, is seeing him interact more with the Phantom Thieves- in particular, Futaba. That was a really sweet moment in which I was rooting for both of them as they both clearly have a passion for the subject but are not the best socially.

Precious moment

So, Kasumi. Wow. I did not expect this. So, for background, when the Hawaii trip happened, we ran into Kasumi (obviously) and she showed us a sort of lucky charm that she got for an upcoming meet. She got third place (which is amazing, go Kasumi!) but it was not good enough for the school. They are threatening to take away her honour student status, which means that she won’t be able to focus as much on gymnastics. She dropped her charm when she ran into Joker, clearly upset, so after school, Joker went to meet her at the stadium to take her charm back to her and comfort her the best he could. However, the nav activated. How? Kasumi. She awakened to her persona (which uses bless, which I called months ago) but does not join the Phantom Thieves. Now, from the opening and previous conversations, I assumed she had something against the Phantom Thieves. However, that is not really the case. She just wants to focus on gymnastics, which I completely understand. I mean, being a Phantom Thief is very time-consuming. But I digress; the nav activates and it is a completely new palace. I think it might be the vice principal’s, since there were voices saying how Kasumi needs to do better. It looked so clean, I cannot explain it in anyway other than like a freshly built building. I am excited to see how this progresses.

This face always just reminds me of Makoto but this is her direct follow up to telling Joker that she would not join the Phantom Thieves. She’s too precious.
Kasumi being 100% relatable

Moving on to the last thing- Okumura’s palace and boss fight. I actually thought that the small improvements made in the palace were very well done. They clearly knew that this was (in general) people’s least favourite palace, and I think that they worked hard to make it better whilst still keeping the iconic parts there. For example, I felt like everything was significantly easier to work through. The airlock puzzle that literally made me cry the first time I tried it barely phased me now (although I am unsure if it is because it was easier or if it is because I became less anxious and better at the game, but I highly doubt the last one). The part where you have to talk to the higher-ups is so much better, because you get told by the lower robots what the higher-ups are weak to. I really enjoyed the improvements, and it was nice to see that they took the things that the fans did not like into consideration.

Nice to see that people directly tell Haru that she is directly responsible for her father’s death

Do you know what I do not like? Staying up until 7 am because I keep either dying in a boss fight or running out of time. I really do not like that. The Okumura boss fight got me hard. I typically do not ask my partner for help in video games (unless it is something to do with spelling or math because I suck at those), but honestly, I woke him up because I was in tears. This boss fight frustrated the hell out of me. But that is not me saying that it is bad, because it is not. I liked the addition of robot Haru, because previously I thought that Okumura did not even regard Haru well enough to have a cognitive version of her.

Now, I am going to go into detail (kind of) about how I handled the boss fight. The first time, I just ran out of time at the ones that are weak to wind (second to last group). I used Morgana, I tried everything but they always ran. But then I remembered, my Arsene is pretty damn good and he has an Almighty move that will attack them all. So I made Morgana attack with wind, baton pass to me and then Arsene used Megidolaon. So for around 3 turns, I did that tactic. However, it still was not working. There was always one with a little bit of health left. And then I had a revelation.
I worked out that if Morgana only hit one of them down, baton passed to Makoto, used an item to knock another down, baton passed to Haru to use another item to finish them off essentially, and then baton pass to Joker (who’s attack was also still up from Ryuji) then use Megidolaon. In his first turn, Joker also used Megidolaon. And that is how I finally did it! It was tough, real tough, and there were many, many tears shred. But I did it. And now I am ready for Akechi to break my heart all over again. Fun.

I will likely have Sae’s palace finished by the time I write the post next week, but that being said, I do have several assignments due in so I guess you’ll just have to come back next week to find out! See you then!

Lastly, here are your weekly funny screenshots:

Ha. Yeah.
I will forever include this moment
Morgana was clearly confused
Futaba got owned
It is nice to see Joker getting the same treatment as everyone else with glasses
Maruki being Maruki

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