Does picking a console have an effect on how you play the game?

So, this post is a little different to my usual content again (being adventurous this week!). Today, I felt the need to discuss the difference a console makes to your overall gaming experience. I do not intend to state that one console is better than another. If you have read my ‘About Me’ page, you know that I when I was younger, I had an Xbox and now I play PlayStation. However, I am going to be adding Nintendo Switch into the mix this week, because mine got fixed.

So, first is a little storytime that I feel like I need to include for all of this to make sense. Skyrim came out a long time ago. Way back when I was in high school. I remember not hearing much about it, though, until I got to college (A levels, so 16-18 for all my international readers). My ex-boyfriend and my ex-best friend played it a lot. They would talk about it for hours, and to be honest, I never really paid attention because the conversation was never really directed at me. I heard a few bits and bobs. For example, I knew not to kill the chicken. I told my ex that I wanted to play it and he laughed. When I became friends with my current partner, he let me play it straight away because it was his favourite game. It’s the game he always seems to go back to. Over the course of a few months, I tried playing Skyrim a lot. I also broke the game a ridiculous amount without actually ever knowing what exactly I did wrong.

I just did not get it. It was just a lot of wandering around, a lot of being confused. It was not for me. I tried it on my current partner’s PS4. I then asked my dad to get it for me on my Xbox 360 to see if that would be any better. The furthest I got was reaching the Greybeard place.

But we have a Nintendo Switch. And Skyrim was his favourite game, so we have Skyrim on the Switch. Now, this Switch had been broken since January last year. We recently sent it off to get fixed, and now it is back! Hurray! But while my partner was excited he would finally be able to finish Let’s Go Pikachu, I was not really excited to play any of our games on the Switch. I, as I am sure we are all aware by this point, which much rather just play Persona 5 Royal on the PlayStation and let him have fun playing Pokemon. But he was playing on the PlayStation, and despite not being excited to play any particular game, I was excited to have the Switch back in working condition. So I tried to play Skyrim again because since the last time I tried to play it, I have played about ¾ of the Witcher 3 so I thought it might be better now.

And boy was I right.

I believe wholeheartedly that if I had tried to play Skyrim on the PlayStation again, I still would not have enjoyed it. But this led me to think – what else have I been missing out on because I tried it on the wrong console?

Now, this is not me saying “you need to get every single console that comes out in order to enjoy every game ever” because that would be ridiculous. I know how expensive consoles are (I am already saving up for the PS5, and I know I probably won’t be able to afford it for a long time after it comes out). Not just that, but I also know how expensive games are. Sales are the way to go in that regard, but even then, it can still be pricey. The worst thing is paying £50 for a game you have already got on another console, and that you did not exactly enjoy.

What I am saying is that if you find yourself not enjoying a game that the majority of people do enjoy, maybe ask yourself why. Is there anything about another console that would make that experience better for you? For example, I have bad eyesight anyway, and since Skyrim is kind of grey, I do not tend to pick up on things as easy on the TV (especially with the glare of the light). The Switch made this less of a problem as I can have the screen significantly closer to my face so that I can pick up on a lot more. I can see the full screen at once instead of my eyes having to flicker all over the place.

Different consoles have different pros and cons. You know in your heart what console is best for you. What I am putting forward today is that that console may not be best for you for every game. I was set on Xbox until I was with my partner. Now I am PlayStation all the way. But that does not exactly mean that other consoles do not benefit me.

Keeping an open mind when playing a new game is essential. However, when it is a big game, you have certain expectations. If those expectations are not met, you feel dissatisfied and frustrated. My advice is to try it on a new console. Sell it to a secondhand shop to get some money back, then just try it on another console. Your experience, like mine, might be completely different.

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