Persona 5 Royal- Week 4 Play Update

What a week! We have quite a bit to talk about, so let’s get straight into it! For reference, before writing last week’s post, Makoto had just met Sojiro. This week, Joker had gone out to Sushi with Futaba and Sojiro. Again, I did the palace in one day. I thought I would mention as well, for this playthrough, I am actually taking notes for a future blog post, so rather than doing what needed to be done, I did what would be most interesting to read.

So, last week I completely forgot to talk about a new aspect of the game that I enjoy so much- Showtime Attacks! I have unlocked three so far- Ann’s and Morgana’s (which is funny and sweet), Makoto’s and Ryuji’s (which is my favourite by far), and Ryuji’s and Yusuke’s (which disappointed me because I really wanted Art Runner but at the same time, it is so damn ridiculous I can’t help but laugh each time). These attacks are great and even work on Bosses (my Kaneshiro fight ended with a Makoto/Ryuji showtime attack, it was pretty satisfying). It does not cost SP or HP, and it is so entertaining. I am excited to see the rest. I hope that Ann and Ryuji have one (although I doubt it).

Fusion alarms have been both the bane of my existence and the best thing ever to happen. So, I managed to fuse two of the DLC personas by accident, which is always great because they are powerful and have fantastic moves. However, my persona line up is a little all over the place right now. That stresses me out. I like having designated Personas, and despite what I just said, the fusion alarm actually helped me with this. So, for those who do not know me, I am scared of bugs, or anything that resembles a bug. This includes moths. You can imagine how freaked out I got when I tried to make Matador and got Mothman during a fusion alarm. But it is one heck of a Mothman.

I now have a persona that I make sure is equipped at the start of the battle. This deals with dealing Joker’s HP and SP, and I actually managed to do Futaba’s palace when Joker had most of his SP left at the end. Another fun little thing that I did in a fusion alarm is turn my level 12 Arsene into a level 27 Arsene with Megidolaon. Yeah, that severe all-mighty move. I am pretty chuffed with it, to be honest.

I plan on using skill cards to make Arsene better, but I am still unsure about which direction I want to go with him. I definitely do not want to go down the insta-kill route, because I want to keep Alice for that when I get further in the game. I think I might just try to get a strong physical and curse move right now. Hopefully, I will do that by next week.

Moving on to confidants, I managed to max out Kasumi. Kind of, at least. She only has 5 ranks, and her ‘max’ thing is different from normal (unless they’ve changed it, but I doubt it).

I hung out with Kasumi quite a bit this week, choosing her over the Phantom Thieves because I really want that third semester. I have decided to romance her (I made a deal with my partner because he loved Makoto and was having trouble picking between them as he wanted to see what Kasumi’s romance route was like). I said last week that I think she will awaken to her persona off-screen, but now I am not so sure. I think she might find the metaverse herself, but will need Joker to be there before she awakens to her persona. I am so excited to advance her story. I assume that the other ranks are locked behind the third semester.

But the third-semester idea has lead me to question a lot- like, how will it happen? Do the Phantom Thieves not defeat Yaldabaoth? Do they not go to the depths of Mementos? There are so many questions rolling around in my head that I want answering, but I refuse to look at spoilers. I am so excited to find out what happens.

The jazz club is a great addition to the game, although I do prefer darts over everything else as it is more interactive. I like how you can make your teammate’s personas stronger. It makes me feel like I have more control over the whole team as a whole. I think billiards would have been so much better if it was more interactive, and I think it could have been done easily too. However, I still appreciate it the way it is.

In terms of stats, I am a little behind (same with confidants) because as I said in the beginning, I am trying to make my playthrough entertaining for a future post. I have everything but kindness at 4, which is frustrating because Futaba and Sojiro are some of my favourite confidant storylines. I keep on meaning to go do the next step of the Big Bang Burger Challenge, but something else always seems to pop up. I have over 60% of the trophies now. I am feeling pretty confidant that I will get the third semester, even if I had to sacrifice my Hawaii date for it.

That’s all for this week, folks! I did want to include that in a few weeks, my partner and I are going to be streaming Persona 5 Royal on either Twitch or YouTube. We can’t stream all of it unfortunately as we can only use the Playstation Share thing, but anything is better than nothing. I am hoping to have Okumura’s palace over by next week, but at the same time, I have university work to do. See you next week!

Weekly screenshot of the twins:

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