The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia (2018)- Game Review

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights Of Britannia is a PS4 exclusive action game which walks the player through the events of The Seven Deadly Sins manga and anime. It came out in January 2017 in Japan, and February 2018 in the European Union and North America. This game is a fighting type and can be played in two modes: adventure – which tells the story – or duel – which is where you can play against an AI or a friend.  


The music of this game is good. It is very reminiscent of the series and fits in well with the overall theme. The characters are voiced by their Japanese voice actors from the anime, which adds familiarity. The sound effects when fighting is also fitting for the game. There is nothing that really stands out as being fantastic in terms of sound and nothing that stands out as being awful either.

Rate: 6/10


One of the only issues I have with this game is the glitches. During fights, enemies often glitch into houses or behind the barrier so you cannot hit them. This is typically not a big deal, but a lot of the fights are timed, which makes the few seconds an enemy glitches for vital to the overall battle, and you may have to start the fight again.

Apart from that little issue, the game looks good. It is not a game you go into thinking it will look amazing like Red Dead Redemption 2, and you should not. It is a game that you go in expecting a similar story to the anime, and that is what you get. There are locations that are familiar, nothing looks bad.

Rate: 5/10


The gameplay element of this game is exactly what you would expect it to be. It is an anime-style fighting game. You can use combos to gain the upper hand and a super special move when your character gets hit enough times.

There are certain characters (Merlin and King) who are at a disadvantage because all of their moves are magic, yet they have the same about of magic as other characters such as Ban and Meliodas. This makes them harder to play as because you cannot just button mash. It means that the player has to think more strategically while playing as these characters.

There is one character in particular which is overpowered: Hawk. Yes, the pig. It sounds ridiculous, but Hawk’s special move, in particular, is completely overpowered (and incredibly fun to use). Going into this game, you would not expect Hawk to be overpowered because, well, he is a pig. But with some bizarre side quests, the player soon finds out that the pig is not to be messed with, especially when it comes to scraps!

There is an element of the game in which you can upgrade characters. You gain items as rewards through side quests, and use them – with the crystals obtained through battle and on the map – to improve your characters (even Hawk’s mom!). This is a nice element, especially for the co-op mode, as it gives you a chance to gain an advantage over your opponent.

Rate: 7/10

Replay Value:

This game has a ranking system. S is the best, and the worst is C. This encourages players to replay battles to get a better score. Replaying the battles is a fun way to improve your skills and to gain gossip points. However, as for playing the whole game again, it is a very long game. It may be best just to stick with replaying the battles.

Rate: 9/10


The story follows the anime quite firmly, although some things are omitted, and some things are added. The fighting festival, for example, would have been so fun to do. However, this was not included properly, so you cannot actually fight.

There are so many side quests, many of them including Hawk and Elizabeth. The pacing of the story is weak, as there are so many side quests. However, as for the actual story itself, it is good. The side quests are fun and mostly optional.

They give more insight into the characters that people love. Another way that this is done is by the characters interacting while travelling from place to place. This happens quickly, so you have to be a quick reader! However, this game is primarily for people who already love this story.

Rate: 8/10


I love The Seven Deadly Sins anime. As I have Dyslexia, I watch the dub, which made this game a little harder for me to play as I am slow at reading, and the only voice acting is in Japanese. This game is the type to play when you want to take your aggression out on something. The team fights are my favourite, and I always pick Ban and Hawk because they are my favourite team.

In conclusion, this is a fun game to play when you are not in the mood to play a serious game. The story and surroundings are familiar to anyone who has watched the anime, which adds to the whole, not taking it seriously vibe. I would recommend this game to anyone who already likes The Seven Deadly Sins and is waiting for the next season on Netflix!

TLDR; This game is great for fans of The Seven Deadly Sins!

Overall Rate: 7/10

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