In The Eyes Of A Girlfriend- Fallout 4

First of all, I would like to apologise for this post being up a few hours late. I was a little late deciding what was going to be posted today, and then I made the decision to post something I had yet to write. But we are here now, so let’s go!

Fallout 4 is a game that I have tried to play several times (three or four), but I never get very far. I have stated multiple times before, shooting games like this just are not my cup of tea, and ultimately Fallout 4 was a big deciding factor of that. A year or so ago, my partner explained the plot, and I found it interesting, so I tried and failed to play it. So now, he is going to show me what went wrong for me and how to do it right. Only there will probably be a lot more murder.

So, the first thing he does when he puts the game in complains about the fact that up the top of the screen, they put about Fallout 76. He had a few choice words about that game and made it clear that he is not going to buy it. Now I am considering getting it for him as a joke.

He wanted me to make it clear to you guys that he always makes the bad guys. He says it is more fun as you get to behave in a way that you are not allowed to in real life, which is his biggest reason for gaming. It is why he sometimes plays games like GTA V and other ‘bad guy’ games. It allows people who are good citizens to take their anger and aggression out on fictional characters instead of real life.

He spends a while creating his character. I do not blame him, I have played Sims 4 before so I know how long it can take to make a character. His moustache is… um… very, uh, impractical. He calls it a thing of wonder. According to him, it is like the moustaches from black and white films that have moustache-twirling villains.

So now he walks around his house, and Codsworth ambushes him with ‘good morning’ and the typical Codsworth greetings. Oh okay, apparently they lost a dog? Shaun starts crying and instead of checking on his son, Josh decides to peak out of the window and freaks out because he sees the Vault-Tec guy. He runs to the bathroom but eventually opens the door. He is very mean to the man, but Nora puts her put down.

For the first time in forever, he puts Charisma all the way up to 10; Perception, Agility and Luck are 4; Intelligence is 3; Strength is 2; and lastly, Endurance is 1. He is not happy about this but wants me to make it clear that this is an experimental build.  He calls his character Hamilton, which I could not argue with and rather appreciated. And Codsworth says it!!!! That is pretty cool.

He finally goes to see Sean and give him attention, but Codsworth yells about coming to see something. I’ve played all of this already so I don’t understand why he’s taking so long since I’ve seen him go through this in no time.

So he heads to the Vault as he hints that either Bethesda has lazy writing or the Vault-Tec guy set off the bombs. Once he gets to the Vault, he calls the doctor an idiot, demands his ‘thing’ because “haha I’ve played this game before” and then gets upset because he has to wait for a guy. Then he gets frozen, unfrozen, witnesses the death of his wife and kidnapping of his son, and then refrozen, and then unfrozen again. He then opens Nora’s pod, steals his wedding ring, and then decides between “fisticuffs or batoncuffs” and chooses to take the baton. He then changes the difficulty to hard, and I have to resist rolling my eyes because he is clearly just trying to flex at this point.

And then he plays a game for a while. After he dies in fake Donkey Kong, he uses the overseers terminal to open a door, and there is a lot of roaches there. He heads up to the surface finally and then complains that he did not choose Valt Tec, he was forced. He goes to see Codsworth, and he states that Mr Hamilton needs a distraction. As a result, Mr Hamilton freaks out, and then we find out it has been 210 years. Poor Codsworth. He’s so precious. I do love him. But yeah, Josh was rude to him. Very rude. And I am very disappointed.


Dogmeat is the most precious angel dog in the entire gaming history, apart from Mushroom of course. He’s so precious, oh my gosh.

Josh explains that the Vault-Tec vault suit thing has no resistance, but as you are leaving town, you can pick up a Drifter Outfit, which gives him 5 damage resistance. And then we get to the point where I always die and give up. He starts shooting people and using VATS, and I get very easily confused. He goes back to his jumpsuit and attaches a raider leg that he got from shooting people, so that way, he can pick up more armour from raider’s that he shoots. SOMEONE SHOT DOGMEAT, and then Dogmeat kills them, so it is all good.

He gets asked to help by Preston Garvey so “naturally I am not going to help”. He puts the raider chest piece on and explains that he plans on eventually just letting his character walk around in a suit that gives his character +2 Charisma. He threatens Trash Can Carla, who gives him 50 bottle caps. He goes looking for other opportunities to be evil, so I give up because this is not fun to me at all. Okay, sometimes it is funny. He just extorted a drug dealer, and he tried again, but he literally took all of his money the first time. He explains to me that the drug dealer was threatening someone who’s son bought drugs, but the lady was upset because her son got addicted to drugs. So he basically got money off the both of them, without shooting anyone, and then he levelled up which is always a good thing. He then gets really sad because idiot savant is luck 5, and he has luck 4.

He ends up in Lexington but does not want to be there because of feral ghouls. The ghouls kind of reminds me of the monsters from Until Dawn. He finds a random event where feral ghouls are named because they are his old neighbours that did not get into the Vault, so they turned into feral ghouls.

The thing about Fallout 4 is he makes it look so easy, and the plot is intriguing, but in my opinion, the gameplay is not the best for me. I think that there is not enough plot to match the level of gameplay. And it starts off so slow, and that is probably why I never got too far with it.

Moving on, I shall see you guys on Sunday with another post… maybe about Yu-Gi-Oh, maybe about Seven Deadly Sins. But you know what it won’t be about? Persona 5! Shocking, right? See you then!

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