Persona 5 Royal- Week 3 Play Update

 This week was a slow one gameplay-wise because I had an assignment due in today. So, for reference, Makoto had just awakened to her Persona when I wrote last week’s update. For this week’s update, Makoto has met Sojiro, and that’s pretty much as far as I’ve got. So, I’ve beaten Kaneshiro. There are a few things I wish to discuss, but this week’s post will be significantly shorter than the last. That being said, in a few weeks, I am hoping to make some good progress because University is nearly over with for the year. WARNING: I am going to be talking about what I think is going to lead to major Kasumi spoilers, so proceed with care.

Ryuji wants you to be careful, because spoilers are ahead!

First thing I wish to discuss is the batting cages. I think I’ve mentioned them briefly before, but now that I actually had some time after finishing Kaneshiro’s palace in one day (my biggest gaming flex right now), I figured, you know what? Let’s go batting. And batting I did. 6 home runs and 40 hits. Yeah, I was there for a while. While this feature is not the most rewarding thing on the planet, obviously giving you proficiency and a free batting ticket if you get 3 home runs, it is good practice. I think I will soon have the chance to come here with the team, so I’m getting my training in now while I can.

Moving on to the Thieves Den again, it is fun. I said that before but the point still stands, so I am repeating it. However, what is not fun (*gasp* am I really about to say something slightly negative about Persona 5 Royal?) is spending half an hour trying to get the combination of people that you want, getting it and then accidentally skipping over it out of frustration. It should not be this hard to pick people to play against in Tycoon. I love the game, but this part is frustrating.

Playing Tycoon is fun!

Next, Futaba. I do not believe I have ever stressed enough about how much I love Futaba because I genuinely – painfully – relate to her. I will, one day, do a whole post on her, but that won’t be for a while because I think people are hoping I stop talking about Persona after posting pretty much only Persona content for like three weeks straight. But I digress, Futaba has been introduced slowly into my game, but she does have a few more clips before she is officially introduced. Just last night, I was playing it, and both I and my partner noticed that there are more scenes of her in her room. It is not particularly useful, but rather quite enjoyable. I think it does make more sense, and it gives more of an insight into how she works out everything.

Speaking of there being more of a character, I am pretty sure that Makoto is more violent in this game than the original. Or am I just missing it? Regardless, it is still hilarious.

Makoto being scary outside the palace
Makoto being both suggestive and scary at the same time
Makoto being scary inside a palace with her motorcycle Persona
Makoto being scary at school

Okay so let us just have a chat about Maruki, because I am mad. He does not want to hang out with me anymore, but he thinks it is okay to just call me in for a chat. Basically, I got Maruki up to rank 5 and can no longer go any further with him until completing Futaba’s palace, which is interesting but frustrating.

Moving on to Kasumi, and we certainly have what I class as major developments. We hung out with her, alongside best boy 4, Goro Akechi, and found out that she actually does not like the Phantom Thieves. She believes that by stealing someone’s heart, we are not allowing them to grow. This led to me thinking a lot, because I really believe that people are never the same, people change, but whether or not they change in a positive or negative way is up to them. I should by all means, agree with Kasumi in this instance. However, I know from playing the game that a person who is bad is bad for a reason, and it is very difficult to change that. I do not believe that by changing their hearts, we are no longer letting them grow. I believe it is like pressing a reset button, to allow them to choose their path again. For example, how was Kaneshiro going to grow out of being the person he was? He needed that reset button, because there was almost no more room for him to grow. Second development was after the summer festival. We find out that she did not win her meet, and that she had a sister who died whom she used to do gymnastics with. Aside from rushing to text my partner to tell him he must not come upstairs because spoilers, I really thought hard about this. So, for the past few weeks, since I got Royal since I saw the super cool new opening, I have been trying to work out what Kasumi’s palace is going to be, and when it is. If you already know, please do not tell me! This is just a fun little game for me, and obviously, spoilers are bad. So, here is what I have so far:

  1. She awakens to her Persona before Sae’s palace
  2. She is a gymnast
  3. Her sister died in an accident and was also a gymnast
  4. She does not believe the Phantom Thieves are in the right by stealing people’s hearts
  5. She is not a member of the Phantom Thieves in Sae’s palace

So, my original thoughts were that her palace was between the second and third, pushing Makoto’s back into the summer. However, now I believe that her palace is in the new semester and that she actually awakens to her Persona before the palace she is attached to. This could come about in one of two ways in my opinion. In essence, she could awaken in someone else’s palace, my thoughts are Futaba’s or at the start of Sae’s, or alternatively, she could awaken to her Persona off-screen, like Akechi. Since the two are connected in the story, this one seems more likely. However, another scenario may be just Igor trying to mess around with Joker, if that makes sense.

And I think that is all for this week! Come back next week to see how far I get when I have an exam coming up, and an assignment due in, and work experience. Hint: It’s going to go one of two ways- I either avoid my responsibilities to play this game, or I actually get a right work-play balance going on. I think it will be the first one. See you then!

As usual, here are some funny screenshots from my week! Enjoy!

This made me laugh for half an hour. Yes, that is Akechi wearing Joker’s glasses.
Ryuji pointing out how scary Makoto is
Yusuke being slightly demanding
And lastly, the twins.

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