In The Eyes Of A Girlfriend- The Outer Worlds

DISCLAIMER: This post is more about a casual gamer watching a more experienced player play a game they do not know much about, rather than it being exclusively a ‘girlfriend’.

So, if you guys did not know, there is a massive sale on right now on the PlayStation Store. Like, amazing deals. If you did not know, check it out as soon as you’re done here.

Anyway, while I was sleeping off all the food from Easter Sunday, my fiancé (Josh) decided he wanted a new game so that he would not be tempted to go on Persona 5 Royal and overtake me and spoil it because he really cannot keep his mouth shut when he’s waiting for me to get to a part he’s excited to see my reaction for. So, the result of that is that we now have The Outer Worlds and he is hyped for it. All I know about this game is that it is similar to Fallout, but in space. I think it is good for him but not for me, because I am not particularly interested in any of those things. However, I do like watching him, so the first time he booted it up, I sat in on his gaming sesh to avoid my very real adult responsibilities.

So while it was being booted up, Josh (my fiancé) gave me a rundown of the whole Obsidian being the people who made the first two Fallout games. Then they went bankrupt (not the actual people who made Obsidian but the original company) and then came together to make Obsidian. They’re the people who made Fallout: New Vegas which is a Fallout game that a lot of people think is the best (at this point, he points out that although it may be the best, it is not his favourite and that is okay).

Difficulty settings should not be this hard. He reads the entire thing aloud. Supernova sounds like the Frost or regular Fallout 4 survival mode, and Josh tells me these components first made their way into the Fallout series in Fallout: New Vegas, so it makes sense for something like this to be in a game made by the same people. And after all of that, he picks normal because he has never played it before.

The text size can be increased and decreased which, as someone who is sight impaired, I appreciate. After a brief pause to put batteries in the TV remote, we continued, but he had to do all the options again. He did it a lot quicker this time.

I discover that he pays a lot more attention to the opening cut scene than he does to me whenever I have important things to tell him. He pointed out that it takes place in 2320 (because I have dyscalculia, he just points out dates for me). He called the first guy who was on the screen a ‘dirty fugitive’, and I am a bit confused as to why but oh well.

The little comments made by who I assume is that ‘dirty fugitive’ had us both laughing a few times. He explained the attributes in Persona 5 terms so that I understand. He puts a bunch of points into Charm because he wants to convince people to do bad things. He drops his strength to below average “just to see what will happen” and the guy tells us that muscle atrophy is practically a hobby in that colony, which reminded us about a joke on Mock The Week that we both repeated because it was just a funny joke. You can probably tell that I usually avoid my adult responsibilities by doing things other than watching Josh play games because I distract him quite a bit.

He flicks through the different options, and I am not too sure about what is going on, but when he gets to fancy jobs, it makes us laugh. They have fancy names for jobs like bartenders. I wonder how much these jobs are actually going to impact the game.

The player character is a female by default. That is awesome. Actually, I am pretty sure that this is the first time I have seen that, and it is fairly refreshing. He picks a guy because he is a guy. He then gets to customisation. This leads us on to joke about 1) the first time I played Skyrim, I put the eyes too far apart (I thought they looked fine) and 2) Joker in Persona 5 because my life is ruled by that game and when we got the mask from the Phantom Thieves Edition of Royal, we realised that Joker’s eyes are very far apart. He continued on with his customisation, and I do not really know what he is going for here. The character does not look like him. I ask, and he does not know what he is going for, so that is that, really. I tell him all the really long hairstyles are like his hair because he really needs a haircut (pandemic problems, am I right?). And then he yells “what the heck?!” at the 34 different eyebrow styles. There is not much lag when creating the character, which is impressive because most of the games I’ve played have lag at this part so yeah, I am impressed. He then jokes about Rocky Horror and I silently vow to make him watch it soon. He then makes another jab at my OG Skyrim character for no apparent reason. She was great. RIP Octavia.

It takes a ridiculously long time for him to make his character. He then “zooms through time” a few times to change his age, does an ‘old man’ voice and finally, we are on to names. He tries to call his character Josh, but I tell him he needs to be more creative, so he calls him Joffrey, and apparently, that tells me all I need to know about the character, but I have not watched Game Of Thrones, so I do not fully understand, but I hope you guys do.

After that, he looks at all his skills for a bit. He is impressed by the cowering in fear bit that comes with persuasion. Because he has scramble, he has a 15% of fleeing to the metaverse- oh wait that’s a joke apparently. He got me excited for a second. He likes that he can unlock the ability to sell goods at vending machines.

Me: are you a criminal or?
Josh: I have no idea… I mean I will be, but I think I’m just being abducted

So the ship the character is on was called the hope and you were in cryogenic storage, like every game ever. There’s a smuggler too, that is apparently meant to help him on a mission to get more chemicals to make more serum to save the other people from the Hope. Wait no the smuggler is dead. I think Josh killed him. By accident, of course. There’s a first time for everything, I guess.

The outside kind of reminds me of No Man’s Sky which can technically be expected because they both take place in space. We find that failed quests are not called failed but botched instead, which we laughed at because we are the most mature people on earth, clearly. There are awareness meters on the top of enemies’ heads to tell you if they know about you or not, which is a pretty useful feature to have. Everything gets all wibbly-wobbly because he had been frozen for so long, it is apparently a side effect. He finds a person. Neither of us really know what is going on. I think he might be a drug dealer. He is definitely more experienced in the whole space thing. He says that being dead and as good as dead is two different things. That is pretty cool. Okay so Josh said that he is probably some kind of space police, so he intimidated him, and it worked.   

And suddenly he does a bunch of stuff, and I am very confused. He says he is like Starlord (Marvel fans will know) but without the whole ruining everything. Then we had a break from gaming to eat lunch and then we got back to it. He fiddled around a little and found the idle camera, which we both think is cool. He also worked out how to dodge, which reminded me (again) of No Man’s Sky. He found another dead person (but he killed them on purpose this time). Then I realised he was still in the tutorial stage, which made me feel like this game is a little too complicated for my tiny brain, so I called it a day and started on my usual adult responsibilities.

It does seem like a fun game to play, so I may try it myself someday because I do enjoy No Man’s Sky. And we may even do another sesh when I sit in and distract him later on when the plot is a bit more advanced.

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