Persona 5 Royal- First Impressions

This post almost did not get written today. I expected to get Persona 5 Royal on yesterday, so I had a full day to play it and then write this. But unfortunately, it arrived today. Luckily, it arrived in the morning so I’ve had a few hours to play and here is my thoughts and feelings. There are limited spoilers for Royal, but a few spoilers for Persona 5, if that makes sense.

I want to make it clear that I had high expectations for this game. Persona 5 has been my favourite game for about a year, and I have fallen in love with the story and the characters. I wanted things to be different because paying for a full game, obviously, there has to be differences. However, I wanted a little change. Maybe a few big ones but not a lot. I am very picky when it comes to things I love being changed, so much so that I was initially hesitant to get this game in the first place. I am happy I got it.

High expectations are usually met with disappointment, but not in this game. It seems like whatever expectations I put in place for Persona 5, they get met. There are some dialogue changes, some changes in tone, and they fit perfectly with what I have played so far. For example, Sojiro and Principle Kobayakawa are a lot harsher, whereas Sae seems softer. The pictures that show up when the characters talk change more so that they are more diverse and expressive. As far as I can tell, when shadows speak, their speech is in a different type of box. I love the explanation of the ammo reloading (a decision that my partner does not like but I think was needed), it fits in so well, much more so than running out of ammo.

Okay, so I know you are all here for one character and one character only: Kasumi Yoshizawa. For the longest time, I fully expected to dislike this girl. I do not like change. I did not like Haru because she changed the Phantom Thieves too late in the game (I love her now, don’t worry!). Something last night just told me, I might like her. I was still hesitant when the game was installing. That changed the second she came on the screen. I instantly loved her. I am still a little hesitant, but that is mainly because of the opening; it’s confusing. However, that is not a bad thing. It builds up anticipation because now I want to know everything.

Overall, I am very much enjoying the game. It seems to be the perfect balance of change and the same. I am very satisfied with the whole thing. Hopefully, I will provide more of an insight into the game over the next couple of weeks. Feel free to ask any questions. I am considering adding a third posting day as I play Persona 5 Royal, just to voice my thoughts and feelings.

PS: If you have bought Persona 5 Royal, please take the survey. Near the end, it asks if you would be interested in bringing Persona 5 Scramble to the West, and the more Phantom Thieves stories, the better!

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4 thoughts on “Persona 5 Royal- First Impressions

  1. Glad you are enjoying it. I decided not to get it at this point as I almost never replay games with big stories, but am still intrigued to find out what’s new! I’m hoping they give Royal its own anime series like they did with p4 Golden so I can experience it. And yes… they HAVE to bring Scramble to the west, after watching those trailers I really feel like I need it in my life 😅

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    1. That’s fair, it is a really long game! I really home they bring out an anime too, especially since many people disliked the original anime. Scramble looks so good and it’s a continuation of the story so I’m so excited for it!

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