My Top 10 Favourite Personas

This list is more personal than I would have liked my first top 10 to be, but since I have been playing Persona 5 for *checks game file* 279 hours and counting, I thought I might as well share my current top 10 Personas with my lovely readers. This is mainly because I have a super-secret Persona 5 project in the works but still wanted to post about my favourite game. So, without further ado, here of my top 10 personal favourite Personas, with a few honourable mentions. WARNING: This includes spoilers for Persona 5 boss fights, palaces and confidants (namely the Strength confidant), so please proceed with caution.

So, without further ado, here are my top 10 favourite Personas from Persona 5!

10) Nue. LV 24
Weak: Fire
Null: Curse
Strong: Ice
Moves: Maeiha, Skull Cracker, Garula, Life Drain, Regenerate 1, Makajama, Mamudo, Pulinpa

Nue is one of those Personas that I struggle to realise that they are under level because I love them so much. It is one that I do not necessarily use a lot, but Nue is in my active persona list until at least Okumura’s palace. That’s usually the point where I have to make room for Personas that just do the job more efficiently. I do not know why I love this Persona so much. I do not particularly like the arcana, so it is not like I associate it with a character that I am fond of. I thought I would include it on this list because I always struggle to get rid of it.

9) Lachesis. LV 53
Weak: Electricity
Null: Ice
Strong: Wind
Moves: Tetraja, Elec Wall, Growth 2, Sharp Student, Trigger Happy, Maeiha, Makouga, Mabufula

Lachesis is a persona I was not very fond of during my first playthrough; although back then, I did not use much of the curse or bless skills. However, in my second playthrough, I used Lachesis more than I perhaps care to admit. Lachesis is the type of Persona that you use to get a quick and easy All-Out Attack. She stayed in my active persona list until close to the very end of the game, because if anything, she is convenient. I was heavily Curse/Bless based in my second playthrough (as I am sure you will be able to tell by the rest of this list), so it was often more efficient to use Lachesis to get All-Out Attacks, rather than using a stronger Persona and wasting SP to get virtually the same effect.

8) Unicorn. LV 51
Weak: Curse
Null: Bless, Ice
Strong: Psychokinesis
Moves: Garula, Hamaon, Dekunda, Maragion, Matarunda, Fire Boost, Samarecarm, Kouga

I worked hard to fuse Unicorn as soon as possible in my first playthrough. It was possibly the only Persona that I saw in the Velvet Room and got excited about. I actually grinded for the first time just to make Unicorn, which is the main reason that it is on this list. Unicorn made me excited to fuse Personas, which is vital for the next few Personas.

7) Black Frost. LV 75
Repel: Curse, Fire
Nul: Nuclear
Drains: Ice
Moves: Mabufudyne. One-Shot Kill, Miracle Punch, Diamond Dust, Life Drain, Megaton Raid, Freeze Boost, Ice Amp

So, a little backstory: Persona 5 was the first JRPG I completed, and the first game that I finished that had New Game Plus. My partner had completed it a while before me, but as soon as I started my New Game Plus file, he asked what Personas I was going to bring back. I was beyond excited for this and thought of two instantly. Black Frost was one of them. You see, in Shido’s palace, King Frost made my life a living hell. I am pretty sure that I cried because King Frost killed me multiple times. Fusing Black Frost was so satisfying because I had to get King Frost and destroy it for Black Frost. Black Frost just worked well for me. It was cute and strong, and I just liked having it on my active Persona list.

6) Kali. LV 77
Null: Fire
Strong: Curse
Repel: Psychokinesis
Moves: Vorpal Blade, Psiodyne, Tentarafoo, Agidyne, One-Shot Kill, Heat Wave, Cripple, Matarukaja

Kali is one of the creepiest looking Personas, in my opinion. I initially created it because I know someone called Cali, and she wanted me to do it. But Kali is strong and powerful. During the last fight of the game, Kali was actually one of my strongest Personas; it was not through hard work either, because I created Kali very close to the end of the game. Kali also looks interesting. Looks are not usually important in regards to a Persona, but usually when a Persona looks interesting, it makes me want to try it out to see what it can do.

5) Seth. LV 66
Weak: Bless
Null: Wind
Repel: Fire
Moves: One-Shot Kill, Agidyne, High Counter, Kougaon, Megido, Spirit Drain, Psiodyne, Cripple

Seth. Seth is beautiful. I love Seth so much. At first, I was excited because Seth reminded me of Red-Eyes Black Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh, which is a card played by one of my favourite characters in the original show. However, I use Seth a ridiculous amount considering other Personas could probably do the same thing for less SP (or at least early on in my New Game + playthrough). Seth is obviously all well and good during your first playthrough when you have a decent amount of SP to use the moves that require SP. New Game + hit me hard when I used Agidyne once in Kamoshida’s palace and instantly ran out of SP. I learnt quickly that for me, Seth’s best moves are Spirit Drain (I live by that move, and no one can convince me that it is not useful) and One-Shot Kill. Both of these can be used throughout all of the game in New Game +, so it is super helpful. And yes, Spirit Drain is probably the main reason Seth is so good in my eyes but oh well.

4) Bugs. LV 56
Strong: Psychokinetic
Weak: Nuclear
Moves: Miracle Punch, Masukunda, Psiodyne, Samarecarm, Mabaisudi, Rising Slash, Diamond Dust, Auto Mataru

Confession time, here’s what I’ve got- I’m Welsh. I was beyond terrified of Bugs as a kid. I remember my school teachers telling me stories, and I had literal nightmares about Bugs. So to say I put off making Bugs is a slight understatement. I told myself that I would not finish the Strength confidant because I just could not make myself to make something as revolting as Bugs. Yes, I know I have a problem. But regardless of this problem, I tackled it head-on because I wanted to make Alice when I got Takemi to rank ten and I was nowhere near the level I needed to be, so the only other alternative was getting Justine and Caroline to rank 10, and I was not far off so I said “screw it” and went for it. I am beyond glad that I did. Do you have any idea how good it feels to destroy shadows with something you are afraid of? It feels good. Real good. I love using Bugs now. Bugs also makes me feel more at ease with not having Morgana on my team because it has the move Samarecarm, which is so good, and no one will be able to convince me otherwise.

3) Satanael.

Okay, so this one is a bit of an odd one because obviously, I have not put the moves, but there is a reason for that! Satanael is obviously a fantastic Persona that a lot of people wish to get (let’s pretend it is not just to get that shiny Platinum trophy). However, the main reason I put Satanael on this list is because Joker’s second awakening is impressive, for lack of better words. Considering each and every one of the other phantom thieves can possibly have a second awakening before Joker, it needed to be dramatic and at the right time, as well as more powerful than all the other Personas that Joker can make. It is all of those things. Joker’s second awakening is at the perfect time, and it is precisely what you would expect, but more. I cannot express how perfect Satanael is for Joker’s second awakening. So, Satanael is one of my favourite Personas because of Joker’s second awakening more than because of the Persona itself.

2) Satan. LV 98
Strong: Gunshot
Repel: Ice, Curse
Moves: Diamond Dust, Ice Age, Regenerate 3, Spirit Drain, Makarakarn, Drain Ice, Black Viper, Invigorate 3

Satan is the most terrifying Persona in the compendium, and I love it. Obviously, anything with Black Viper is going to be great, but Satan having Ice Age is even greater, as even Yusuke does not have Ice Age. Using Satan will give you a feeling of all-powerfulness, no matter what level you are. I often combine him with Alice (concentrate) to make Black Viper super effective no matter what enemy you come across. Spirit Drain is always a bonus. I will always, always, always pick to give a Persona Spirit Drain because I just find it so useful. Even when you are going up against powerful enemies, most of the time, Joker can just use Spirit Drain on his turn and have the rest of the party deal with the enemies.

1) Alice. LV 84
Weak: Bless
Strong: Psychokinesis, Nuclear
Repel: Curse
Moves: Megidolaon, Mudo Boost, Dekunda, Eigaon, Concentrate, Curse Amp, Evade Bless, Die For Me!

I was going to put Alice a bit further up the list – number 3, actually – because although useful, her best skill is undoubtedly one that cannot be used against bosses, which is such a shame (but seriously understandable). I actually did not have Alice when I started this list (same for Satan), but when researching, I discovered that I really really wanted them both. Alice was the one Persona that I absolutely needed. Die For Me! Is, what I consider to be, the best move in the game. The animation is amusing, and also creepy if you think about it too much; it hardly ever fails (I don’t believe it has ever entirely failed for me); it’s just fun to use. Whenever I use it, I feel so powerful and evil, and it’s just fun to use. The only major downside is that no matter what level you are, you really cannot justify 44 SP over and over again. Personally, I use it for big groups of Personas or King Frost (see the reason I like Black Frost for clarification). Alice is also useful for getting rid of groups of Personas as she had moves like Megidolaon, which is great but should never be used on one single enemy. Concentrate should not be looked over either. I used it during Shido’s boss fight, and it was beneficial when severe moves were only doing around 190 (it increased it to 500+). I was thinking about putting Alice third on this list because despite her being fun to use, she has her limits. But then I got reminded that this is not ‘Top 10 Best Personas’, it is my Top 10 Favourite Personas. Alice is my favourite Persona to use. This list, in general, changes a lot. Shiisaa, for example, was a Persona that I held on to until the bitter end of my first playthrough. However, Alice has solidly held the top spot since I fused her.

With the release of Persona 5: Royal on the 31st March, it will be interesting to look back and see if this list has drastically changed or not. There may be another list similar to this in a few months, which will be an update from Persona 5: Royal, but I highly doubt that Alice will not be at that number one spot. That being said, that spot was once held by Seth, and he is pretty far up, so I guess we will have to wait and see!

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