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So I thought I would take this time to get everyone familiar with some types of blog posts that you can expect to come along within the next couple of months. These differ (in some cases, drastically) and I do not want to have to put an explanation of a type of post at the top of each post.

Topical Posts: These will be (hopefully) at least 3000 words, and go into detail about something a game teaches you about. An example of this would be Until Dawn and mental illness.

Top 10 Lists: These, I feel, are pretty self explanatory. All opinions are my own; the order of which things are put are opinion based.

Dear Diary: This is the post series that I am probably most excited to do. This will start with Persona 5 Royal. I will be taking notes throughout my playthrough and then after an hour or so, writing diary entries from the perspective of the protagonist. This works well with games like Persona 5, as they have dates (and saving is literally just Joker writing in his diary). After time, this may move on to secondary characters (such as Ryuji and Makoto). This type of post shows my fictional writing skills, and allows me to reflect on my playthrough.

In The Eyes Of A Girlfriend: This is the one that will be much more personal. It doesn’t have to be ‘girlfriend’, it’s more a casual gamer watching a more intense, experience player play a game from the beginning and the whole experience of not completely understanding what is going on but still being interested.

Game Reviews: Again, I believe this is self explanatory. I play a game a little, review what it was like and give you my opinion at the end, with a rating at the end of each section and an overall rating at the end.

I hope this guide was useful for you. There may be more types of posts over time, but these are the ones that are planned as of right now.


Published by eleanorreeswriting

Hi, I am an autistic gamer in my 20's who loves to share my experiences and thoughts about games, characters and everything about gaming.

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