About me

Hi! I am Eleanor Rees. Firstly, thank you for viewing my blog. I am a 20-something year old from the UK. I am autistic and have always had special interests. Throughout my whole life, I have been told “it’s just a book” or “it’s just a TV show” or even “it’s just a celebrity” and now, I get told “it’s just a game” a lot. My original intention of this blog was to educate. My intention now is to create a safe place for gamers who get told “it’s just a game” whenever they talk about their interests, or a cool theory they came up with, or a character they wish had a better life. I’m here to share that I also feel that way, and that it’s okay for you to, too. Sometimes I shed light on how gaming has changed my life; sometimes I share what I do to shop for my partner (who’s also a gamer); sometimes I share silly lists of silly things we say while gaming. This is a safe place for everyone, always.

What games are covered?

Persona 5 Royal

Any game can be covered! If you want to see me cover a game, want to know my opinion on a game or character or if you want to see someone else ramble about the same things you are- let me know! I am willing to at the very least give it a try.

For reference though, my favourite games are Pokemon, Persona 5 Royal and The Witcher 3. I’m trying to try a bit of everything, and I even play a randomly chosen game every month.

Posting Days

I plan to post every Monday and Thursday.

My posts are between 500 words and 3000 words.

Monthly, I post a big update of what I’ve been doing each month (as well as what my partner, Josh, has been doing). I try to keep things informal with my posts- that’s just how my brain works. If I’m doing a serious post or a post not directed to my usual audience, my tone usually changes but I try my best to be as consistent as I can be.

Gaming is our cultural bogeyman – we blame it for everything from child obesity to violence to short attention spans. But any explanation that fits every situation ultimately explains nothing.

Naomi Alderman